Galaxy Inspired Halloween Makeup Look

So if you haven’t already guessed, it’s Halloween soon! I wasn’t going to post any makeup look that were for Halloween as I wasn’t sure what to do or how to do it without having to splash out on extra products. That is exactly why I created this look. I have seen a couple of galaxy inspired makeup looks floating around, but it doesn’t seem ridiculously overdone.

Want to know the best part? You see the finished look right there? THREE PRODUCTS! Yes, it only took me three products to create this look, all of which are really affordable. I wanted to create this look for anyone who last minute needs an idea for a halloween look. It is so simple to do and so cheap to create. Here’s how…



I wanted to start off with an even base that would give the other products something to hold onto. You can use any foundation you like, but I used the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin. I used a brush to buff this all over my face before moving onto the fun part of this look! It doesn’t have to be perfect! 


 If you love colour, you are going to love this look! To create this galaxy inspired look I needed to use a lot of purples, pinks and blues. I used the Makeup Revolution I <3 Sin Palette as it has all of the shades that I would possibly need.


The key to making this look super super easy is to use well known techniques. Contouring? Everyone has heard of it. I started by taking shade 1, this vibrant purple shade and I applied it to my regular contour areas. The cheekbones, forehead, sides of the nose, crease of the eye. I didn’t use a light hand either, slap that baby on! I blended it out with a big fluffy brush but it really didn’t matter if it wasn’t fully blended as I was going to go in with shade 2, a vibrant neon pink, to blend out the edges of that contour. I applied this in all the same areas but just to blend further and add more dimension. I also added a touch to my chin as it was looking a little bare!

As both of the contour shades were matte, I wanted to start adding some glowy shades and incorporate some blue as well to keep adding to the illusion of a galaxy. I used the shade 3 and 4 mixed, both shimmery blues, and applied this to the highest point of my cheekbones. I blended it down onto the apples of my cheeks and I also applied it to the centre of my forehead and chin. To really add a pop to my cheekbones, and add further dimension I used the shade 5 on the very tops of my cheekbones. I applied this heavily with my finger and balanced it out by adding it to the forehead, centre of the nose, inner corners, brow bone, cupids bow and chin. I love how it turned out. Shade 6, a matte cream shade, was used to just set under my eyes to stop the foundation creasing.


The final product I used to finish off this look was the Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner in 1 Glitz. This is a gorgeous silver shade. I used this to dot over my face to give the illusion of stars and planets. I also used this to create some bigger stars. I thought that something was missing so I decided to go all out and completely fill my lips in with this liner. I am officially in love with glitter lips!



That is the completed look. I am so dissapointed that the blue didn’t really pick up on camera, but if you happen to try this out then you can just add more so that it shows! I am so happy with how easy this is to create, it’s simple yet looks more complex than it is. It is affordable and you only need 3 products! Of course, you can add mascara or lashes, brows etc if you wish, but this was enough for me!

I hope you enjoyed this look, and I also have another super easy one coming very soon. You can guess if you deer ;) Wow, I’m cheesy.

Until next time,




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