My October Favourites!

It’s time for another favourites! Already! What is even crazier is that my birthday is only 4 days away and it still feels like it’s May. Clearly I am no good at time telling, or time is just going far too quickly for me to keep up. Although, if we are on the subject of time, can we all just take a moment to appreciate that this post is coming EARLY?! No, I don’t know what is going on either, but I am just going with it!

On the plus side, if you want to know which products have blown me away this month then you’re in the right place. They haven’t changed much since last month, but there are some definite favourites for me to talk about!



So my first favourite for this month has to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Fair Cream Contour Kit. I thought the contour kits were just an expensive version of so many other palettes out there, but they have hit the nail on the head with this palette. I haven’t yet found a contour kit that is cream and have the perfect shades for someone as fair as myself. The highlight is a highlight, the contour is cool toned perfection, and I can honestly use all of these shades and find a use for them all. My favourite shades are Lustre, Fair and Fawn.

Lustre is that white looking shade in the centre. It acts as a translucent sheen on the skin and is really great for accentuating the skin and can look so natural and beautiful. Fair is the shade on the right of Lustre, and is a yellow toned highlight that is actually light enough to highlight without being white. Fawn is the first of the contour shades. This shade is so so cool and really looks like a shadow and not an orange stripe. This contour kit is all I have been using topped with blush and highlight. I literally have no need for any other contouring products as this is so perfect.


My next favourite is the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation. I was so excited to receive this foundation as I have heard a lot of people talking about it. It is a really nice foundation, very full coverage and smooth. This foundation just likes to stick to my skin and not budge! I have been using this a lot recently and it is almost taking over from my B. Flawless foundation. The only thing about this foundation that I am annoyed with is the shade range. I own 01 Creamy Vanilla. Don’t be fooled. I thought that this would be the perfect shade for us fair girls, but no. This shade is so dark! It’s a good job I have my next favourite to help me out…


The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops have been my saving grace for the last few months. I can’t help that I am just so pale, but these certainly help me. I have raved about these drops before, but I just had to add them into my favourites as I have been using and loving them every single day.


If you are looking for an affordable autumnal eye shadow palette, I have one for you. The Morphe 12NB Eye Shadow Palette contains 12 gorgeous shades that are so perfect for this time of year. The shadows are so buttery and blendable, and I absolutely love all of these shadows. They are so wearable and perfect for every day wear and I haven’t put it down.


I don’t actually have a name for my next favourites, but I purchased them off eBay as I wanted to try them out without splashing the cash. These are the artis style brushes but these are not by the brand Artis. I got a set of 10 from eBay for £19 in this gorgeous rose gold and white form. I honestly love these brushes. I have picked my three favourites that I now use on a day to day basis and wanted to share them with you. The largest brush that I have selected is for powder, the medium sized one I use for foundation and the smallest one I use with my cream contour. I honestly love the softness of these brushes, their ability to blend product so flawlessly without being streaky or heavy or stealing all the product. They are honestly just amazing brushes and I would love to try the Artis ones to see what the difference is, but honestly these brushes are doing it for me so I don’t really see the point. What I have found out however is that as these brushes are so dense they can really sheer out my foundation but they are also great for building product. I use this with my Milani foundation and it gives me a good medium to full coverage but looks like skin. Amazing!


My next favourite is a bit of an impulse buy. I had no plans on purchasing this product but I saw that it was on offer for £2.50 so I thought, why not? This is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara. I have actually really been enjoying this mascara. It doesn’t take a lot of work to make my lashes look good, it is very black and gives me both volume and length. I do think it is comparable to the Bad Gal Lash Mascara by Benefit in the sense that my lashes have the same effect, but I find this one doesn’t take as much building.


We have made it to my final favourite! I think that this product is my new favourite fall lip shade. I am in love with those cool toned 90’s browns right now and the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lip in Posh Spice is pure perfection. I am not going to rant as I have a whole post dedicated to this little guy right here, but it is definitely worth a mention!!


I hope you enjoyed my favourites for the month and I hope you all had a great October! I can’t wait to everyone’s favourites this month as I am looking to treat myself to a little something so I will have to do my research into what everyone is loving!

Until next time my loves,


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    1. They are only the eBay version, but the less expensive eBay version if that makes sense. I would love to try an Artis one just to see if there really was a difference as they are so expensive! x


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