Deer Inspired Halloween Makeup Look

So it’s Halloween tomorrow! It is also the day that I turn 21! I don’t know where the time has gone, but since I won’t be blogging tomorrow I thought I best share my 2nd Halloween look before it’s too late. If you missed my last one, you can click here to see something a little more colourful and super easy! Did I mention I only used 3 products?! 

Today’s look however is a really easy but still fun, you can create this with products that you use on a day to day basis and it is such an easy and quick way to look like you have made an effort for halloween!



So I wanted to start with my foundation to give an even base and give all the other products something to hold onto. You can use a primer if you wish, or just a moisturiser like I did. I just blended this into my skin how I would on the day to day, nothing too special.


Very much like my last look, this deer look can be done using regular techniques that many of us already know and love. Contouring! I used my ABH Cream Contour Kit and went ahead and contoured how I usually would. Once you have contoured and highlighted how you usually would, you then want to add another layer to really over exaggerate it. I didn’t worry too much about perfect blending as part of this look is having that clear boundary between light and dark but I still blended it enough that there weren’t any harsh lines.


The main part that you want to focus on when contouring is the nose. I don’t usually contour my nose so this was an extra step but it is needed to make this look super deer like. If you already contour your nose, make it very exaggerated and further apart. This will give the appearance of a wider, more rectangle nose and will add to the illusion. Then make sure to highlight down the centre to bring attention to the bridge.


The next step is optional, but for me it is necessary. I took my regular face powder and just set underneath my eyes to stop anything creasing. Just like I would in my normal routine. This will just ensure that everything lasts and doesn’t slip anywhere.


Now it is time to add those dots! I used my Body Shop Lightening Drops and took one drop on the back of my hand. The spots should be placed randomly on top of any contoured areas at the edge of the face: the forehead and cheeks.


To do this I used a duo fiber eye shadow brush by Morphe. I trimmed the tips of the white bristles on this brush so that the dots wouldn’t be so perfect, and each would be a different shape. It also means that I can get more product in one area and it wouldn’t look so put together, but more realistic. I accidentally bought an extra, so I thought that this would work well, and it did! 


I wanted to keep the eyes very simple but add a little something to make them pop. You can fill in your brows if you wish like I did. I first used a brown kohl liner and heavily lined my lower lash line and waterline. I extended the liner in the inner corner and also the outer corner to create a better shape. Using that same liner, I drew around my nostrils and the tip of my nose, extended it down the center of my cupids bow and then filled in my top lip only. A great tip is to use a liquid lipstick on the top lip to prevent it transferring to the bottom lip.


I next took a gold glitter liner and lined the top lash line, and winging it out at the ends.


I finished off with a coat of mascara which finished off the eyes nice and easy!



This is the finished look! I hope you enjoyed and I hope you all have a marvelous Halloween! Let me know what you are planning to go as, as I love hearing different ideas!

Until next time,



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