Palette Breakdown | Morphe 12NB Eye Shadow Palette

It is time for another palette breakdown! I love doing these breakdowns as it is such an easy way to get a good look at a palette before purchasing them. I have got two other palette breakdowns, the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette and the Zoeva Cocoa Blend. In the spotlight we have a 12 colour eye shadow palette by Morphe, the 12NB. Morphe is quickly becoming a very well known and well loved brand for not just brushes but for palettes too! I will be honest and say that the Morphe palettes don’t look amazing when you are just looking at them, in my opinion. But so many people talk about them so I decided to try one out. This is my first palette from Morphe so if you want a full run down of what I thought including a breakdown of the shades, keep reading…



Let’s start with the packaging, which in my opinion is a little underwhelming. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s what is on the inside that counts, but we all love something that looks pretty! I will say that this palette doesn’t feel cheap, it is plastic but it feels sturdy and reliable. I am not a fan of the all black with just the logo, even though it’s simple and standard packaging, I feel like it could of been prettier. I also think that this palette needs a mirror! Although I am sure that all of their palettes come without one, but it would make such a difference. There is nothing on the back of the palette except the name. When you open it up you get your 12 square pans which is a nice difference to your standard circle pans, I feel like squares don’t waste any space and give you more product although they are probably all the same. The palette opens and clicks shut again which I like, I don’t have to worry about it opening up and getting contaminated or anything and I know it is secure.


This is what the inside of the palette looks like, like mentioned you get 12 eye shadows. You get 5 matte shades, 4 intense shimmers, 2 satin shades and 1 matte with light glitter running throughout it. There is no information online that states what formula each eye shadow is, but this is what I would describe them as. Each pan is 1inch by 1inch and the palette weighs 19.2g in total. It costs between £11 – £14 depending on which retailer you purchase from. I bought mine from BeautyBay for £12 although it has now gone up to £13, it is available on Cult Beauty for £13.25, the Morphe website has it for £11.97 but you can also find it on other beauty retailers such as Beautylish or Amazon also sell Morphe.  These eye shadows also don’t have any names so I have included swatches from the top row to the bottom, going from L-R in each row.


Swatches Left to Right:

  • Light cream highlight in a matte finish
  • Vanilla highlight in a satin finish
  • Light gold in a shimmery finish
  • Rosy transition shade in a matte finish with small amount of glitter
  • Neutral light brown in a satin finish
  • Warm toned bronze in a shimmery finish
  • Warm copper in a shimmery finish
  • Deep chocolate in a shimmery finish
  • Warm medium toned brown in a matte finish
  • Yellow toned brown in a matte finish
  • Cool toned brown in  a matte finish
  • Deep plum brown in a matte finish

As you can see by the swatches these eye shadows are very pigmented and so smooth. I was really impressed with how buttery the shadows felt, they are extremely blendable but still have amazing pigmentation. I have been using these eye shadows pretty much everyday as they are such great shades for fall! The third eye shadow on the 1st row is the perfect gold shade for any fair skin people! It is not too rich or yellow toned and looks so natural but it’s still gold! It is a great affordable price, the quality is second to none, you have the perfect range of mattes, transitions, shimmers to create any look and it can be worn light and natural or intense and smokey depending on your preference. I would definitely recommend this palette for beginners as it would be a great option to start experimenting. I think these are possibly some of the best matte eye shadows I have tried next to Makeup Geek. I can definitely see some similarities between shades but I haven’t side by side tested for dupes as I don’t own that many makeup geek shadows to test. Below I have included a photo of my favourite ‘natural’ day time eye shadow using these eye shadows..


I personally love this eye shadow palette, it is the perfect size for travel, it feels sturdy and let me just tell you that looks can most certainly be decieving! I will definitely be trying more shadows by Morphe and would highly recommend this one. It is that perfect natural palette that can be used every single day so you know you are getting your money worth!


I hope you enjoyed this palette breakdown and all of this information was useful! Let me know if you have tried this palette and what other Morphe palettes you would recommend!

Until next time,



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