Disappointing Products!

Well the disappointing products have been building up and it’s about time I give you a run down of some products that just didn’t do it for me! I had to laugh when I realised how many products I had as it just confirms the fact that I am so bloody fussy with makeup. These products have all been chosen for different reasons, but please don’t get offended if you love something I didn’t, everyone has different preferences after all!

Disclaimer | As you will see in my photo’s, my Christmas tree is up! I know a lot of people will hate on me as it is only November but it’s my first Christmas in my own home and I make the rules! Muhahah.. It’s technically been up since the 2nd and I have no shame! Secondly, I swatch some of these products next to my tattoo which is still quite scabby so even though I wanted my swatches to look pretty, you might be able to see the scabbiness which I apologise in advance for! 


The first product that I couldn’t get along with is the Eve Lom Cleanser Creme. I got a little sample size in my birch box and was so excited to try it as I love trying skin care and I have heard people talking about this brand. I can’t get on with the texture of this cleanser though! It is a thick paste like consistency which turns really oily, although that is good for breaking down makeup, I just can’t stand the feeling of it on my face. Plus I don’t like the scent either!

The next product on the chopping block is the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Mono Eyeshadow in 002 Millionaire. The reason I bought this eyeshadow is because Sam from Pixiwoo raved about it so much, I wanted to try it! I find this eye shadow to be really stiff which is the main reason I am not a fan. The colour is really pretty, but I find I have to build it up to get my desired effect and it is just so stiff. I don’t find myself reaching for this whatsoever and it was very disappointing in my eyes.


Next we have the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. Now, I need to stress this point, I have not actually given this foundation a fair chance as I have barely used it. Why? I cannot for the life of me find my shade. The lightest shade 115 is far too dark and everywhere I go it is the lightest shade they do. I cannot try a foundation if it is too dark as it looks ridiculous so this product is disappointing to me as there are not enough light shades! Which is really annoying as so many people rave about this foundation.

I got so excited about this product when I saw it on display. This is the Collection Precise Contouring Stick – 01 Light. The reason I got excited was because this colour actually looked light enough and cool enough for my skin tone. Of course, for the couple of pounds I took it straight to the checkout and tried it out as soon as I got home. I have used this on 3/4 different occasions and I just cannot get on with it. I love the shade, how creamy it is, the fact that it is a stick form which makes it really easy to apply. The problem is that is blends away to nothing. I applied quite a heavy amount of this and it just disappeared (you might be able to see the blended swatch next to the original swatch on the Right picture)! You can see on my arm that it goes on really pigmented and creamy, but when I blend it you cannot even see it! So disappointed!

The Marcelle Waterproof Eye Liner is another product that I received in my birch box. When I swatched this product I was really looking forward to using it as it was really pigmented and creamy, but when it came to applying it to my waterline it gave me nothing. I was rubbing it along my waterline like a crazy person and no pigment was coming off. I am not sure what the hell happened but it just wasn’t working. It is however nice to use on the lash line but as it is waterproof it seems like it would be a great suit for the water line but it just fell through..

I nearly had a heart attack when James told me that he treated me to a Mac order, but he wouldn’t tell me what he bought me. He actually bought this last year during the Black Friday madness, but didn’t actually realise what he was buying. Of course I appreciate anything he chooses to buy me but this product I just cannot get on with. I have to say however I am so proud because he bought this knowing how much I love a deep vampy lip, it is the Mac Patentpolish Lip Pencil – Berry Black Friday. I love the look of this colour in the pencil but the second I swatch it either on my arm or lip it becomes sheer, bright purple and patchy. Not my thing, but I give James an A++ for effort!


Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am not a winged liner girl. As much as I love the look of winged liner, it just doesn’t work with my extremely hooded eyes. This eyeliner doesn’t work for me as it is way too fat to get precise, it is the Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner. I would love this liner if it was skinny but because it is so fat it is really hard to get a clean line and it can get really messy!

I actually have two mascaras to talk about! This first one is the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara. I bought this as it claimed to tint your lashes gradually over time, I found it didn’t do this which is the only reason I find it disappointing. Otherwise, it is a really nice mascara and the wand is my perfect kind of wand! It gets in a separates the lashes really well.

The second mascara that doesn’t do it for me at all is the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama. This mascara clumps my lashes so badly, it doesn’t give me any lift, separation, length it simply clumps my lashes and the mascara itself leaves my lashes really wet so that they smudge everywhere. As you can see the wand has non existent bristles and I just cannot get on with this mascara at all.


Well there is a whole load of products there that didn’t work for me! I have more but I will save them for another post. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what your thoughts are of these products! I love hearing not only what people love, but what people don’t love so much as it is so helpful when knowing what not to buy when you are shopping. It’s helpful to know why a product doesn’t work for some people.

Until next time,


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