Glamorous Autumn Makeup | Two Lip Options

I am on a roll recently! I did warn you I had plenty of looks to share and here is another one! I wanted to do something a little different but still more on the glamorous side. I didn’t use a bold berry lip as much as I wanted too, but I did use lots of warm tones with a couple of lip options. I just want to point out that this look has both liner AND lashes! are you impressed?  If you want to see everything I have been loving for my face makeup, you can click here and see my entire routine (including brows!), otherwise here is the eye and lip look!



To begin with I used my Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Light & Shade Palette. I have a whole review on this little guy which you can find here. I wanted to keep the shadows matte and simple, as I was being creative with my eye liner.


I wanted a gradient from cool to warm tones so I started my transition with shade 1. I then took shade 2 lower in my crease and packed it on the outer corners. I then took shade 3 all over the lid to keep the focus on those warm tones. Warmer tones are also really great for blue eyes so I love to use them in pretty much every look. To brighten up the inner corners and brow bone, I took shade 4. On the lower lash line I took the exact same shades and buffed them out so it looked nice and smokey, but not too heavy.


For the waterline I wanted to keep with the theme of warm tones, like in my Edgy Autumn Makeup Look so I took another one of the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners this time in the shade 064 Obsession which is a deep burgundy/wine shade. These lip liners work amazing in the waterline and are so pigmented but do not budge. They don’t irritate my eyes at all and just add a really cool pop of colour.


The next step is the winged liner! As you may know already, I am not a fan of winged liner on myself as I have very hooded eyes. I wanted to mix it up a little bit and go for something softer but still keep the look dramatic and different. I used  Makeup Geek Grand Stand Foiled Eye Shadow and used an angled brush to create a winged liner. I actually love how it turned out in the end.


Finally for the eyes I used my favourite eyelashes of all time, the Ardell Wispies. I know a lot of people rave about the Demi Wispies, but after trying them I don’t think they look right on my eyes, and I definitely prefer the normal wispie lashes. When using lashes I use any ole mascara after I apply them just to merge the false lashes to my natural lashes.


I don’t think I have ever shared which glue I use for my lashes, but in case you were interested I use the Duo Lash Adhesive Clear-White. I really love this eye lash glue as it doesn’t budge and makes lashes so easy to apply!


For the lips I have two separate lip options! I love a deep lip for autumm, but as the eyes were pretty dramatic I wanted to add that same tone but in a more wearable way. The first lip colour I used was the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick – 08.  This is the overall effect with the deeper lip…

It is a really nice nude/mauve with a little bit of depth to it. It is definitely more on the mauve/purple side but works really well with this eye look.


The second lip option is the Lipstick Queen Hang Ten Lipstick. I am sure that this is from their summer collection but it is such a great nude that can be worn with ANY look, and if the mauve is a little too much, this is another great option. This is the second lip option with the rest of the makeup…


I hope you enjoyed this look and you like the two lip options! Let me know which lip you prefer! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and until next time,



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