The Most Beautiful Brushes Ever?!

I have seen some really pretty brushes in my time, so many companies are jazzing up their makeup brushes so that you have something pretty to display on your dressing table. I was recently shopping with my mum and sister when we went into Wilkinsons.. if you are not from the UK then Wilkos is a shop that sells all kinds of home ware goods, but it also has a health and beauty section. This section is the first you see when you walk into my local shop and they have a whole display of makeup brushes…

Now, I have raved about makeup brushes from Wilkinson before as they are really great, sturdy synthetic brushes that feel good quality. I found my holy grail foundation brush from that line and I just love how damn soft these brushes are. When I saw that they vamped up their makeup brushes I had a tunnel vision effect going on and just headed straight over. I picked up 4 of their new brushes to share and review for you! I have been hinting about a collection of brushes that I wanted to review, and that review is still coming but these brushes just caught me by surprise and I couldn’t wait any longer!




As I mentioned these are makeup brushes that have synthetic hair. What is great about synthetic brushes is that they can be used with both liquids and powders but won’t steal any of your product like natural hair would. There isn’t much to say here except they have a full range of 10 brushes, with a good selection of face and eye brushes including a couple of double ended brushes just to impress us further!



Now this is the bit that had me! Can we just take a moment to appreciate these brushes?! The first thing that stands out is the really chic colour and design, they look so sophisticated and sleek. They have a shiny bronze ferrule and then a contrasting matte nude handle which is soft and velvety to the touch. It tapers to a point at the end which gives good leverage when you are applying your makeup, and they also seem slightly longer than other brushes I have which again helps with the leverage.


They are very very comfortable to hold and that is down to the pinch in the handle. I think that the triangular shape that forms in the centre of the handle is what makes these brushes extra special. It is such a unique idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and I think it would be really great for beginners as it is almost like those triangular pens we used to get in primary school to edge you into writing with proper pens. The bristles of the brush also match the nude beige theme and match the rest of the brush perfectly.


For such high quality brushes, that look so sophisticated, you would be expecting to pay for it. The amazing part about these brushes is that the most expensive brush is just £5! They range depending on what brush you purchase, but the face brushes start at £5 and then go down to £3-4 for the eye brushes (baring in mind a couple of them are double ended).


I have talked about how much I love my other Wilko brushes before. I think they are such top quality and so super soft. I love the fact that they are synthetic as it means that they can be used with both powders and liquids without stealing your product.


This flat top brush is my absolute favourite foundation brush, it is actually the only foundation brush I will use other than a beauty sponge as it doesn’t leave streaks in my foundation or any other cream products and just buffs product so gently and beautifully.


The angled brush is slightly different to their original angled brush but I love it just as much. It is more precise that the original and makes contouring so easy. I have been using this to set my under eye area as it gets right into all the awkward areas easily and then I have been applying my bronzer/blush/highlight all with the same brush and it just blends everything beautifully.


The next brush I got was a big fluffy powder brush. I find that this brush is even softer than the original brush but it isn’t as dense. It applies powder lightly but evenly and doesn’t give you a cakey finish. Plus it just smoothes powder over the skin without pulling or being scratchy and uncomfortable.


The final brush that caught my attention is this double sided brush which comes with a blending brush on one end and an angled liner brush on the opposite end. The blending brush is very dense and great for if you want to create a cut crease. You can blow out your eye shadow with this brush but it picks up a lot of product as it is so dense and can take a little longer to blend, but it is such a nice brush. The opposite end is amazing! I have used it to line my lash line with eye shadow, for my eye brows too but I am yet to do a winged liner with it as I don’t tend to wear winged liner. I will say however that the angled end is so so fine so it would be really perfect for gel liner and I will definitely be trying that out very soon!

Personal Opinion

If you haven’t already guessed by the rest of this review. I bloody love these brushes! Who knew you could get such gorgeous brushes for such a reasonable price! It isn’t something you see everyday. It isn’t even like you are just paying for packaging either, the brushes themselves perform really well and I really genuinely love these brushes. I haven’t been reaching for anything else since I have got them and I find that these four brushes are pretty much all I need for my entire face. With the exception of my RT complexion sponge here and there. They feel and look such great quality, whilst being really creative and innovative. If you are a beginner to makeup and are looking for really affordable but amazing brushes, I would definitely recommend these especially as they are multi functional when it comes to powders and liquids.  I just cannot stop looking at them or using them and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to listen! Don’t you just love a hidden gem?! 


I hope you enjoyed this review! Please let me know if you have tried any of the Wilko brushes and what you think of them!

Until next time,


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