Job Interview Makeup | Tips & Tricks

Job interviews are tricky when it comes to appearance. You are expected to look good and put together but you have to make sure that you don’t cross that ‘overdone’ boundary. It completely depends on what job you are going for, if you want a job in makeup artistry then it is okay to be a bit more done up, for a front of house job (or any job where you are communicating directly with people) then many companies will prefer your makeup to be a little more wearable. I recently had an interview and came up with my version of ‘Job Interview Makeup’. Something simple and put together but not too much! Of course you can wear what ever makeup you like, this look is also great for work in general or every day ‘on the go’ makeup. Here it is…



I start with fully prepped and primed skin and go straight into foundation. I used the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation in 150 Buff. I always use a damp beauty sponge and bring it down my neck even just a little bit to make sure everything is blended.


Top Tip: Use a foundation that is closest matched to your skin tone to avoid that line of demarcation, if it isn’t the desired coverage that you prefer you can use either a brush or damp beauty sponge and stipple it to get more coverage. If you want less coverage use a damp beauty sponge and swipe it over the skin for a lighter look. 



The next step is under eye concealer. We all want to look bright and awake so for this specific look I used the LA Girl Pro Concealer as it has really nice coverage but doesn’t look heavy.


Top Tip: Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone for underneath the eyes. It will help to brighten the area and ensure you look bright and awake. 



I set my whole face with my favourite face powder, the Maybelline The Matte Maker Pressed Powder as it is my favourite, but any powder would do.


Top Tip: Always set your makeup in place with powder to ensure the longevity of your makeup. It will also help to reduce shine in case you get oily or sweaty. Job interviews can be nerve racking so this tip is great to help your makeup hold up better. To then reduce a powdery finish, spritz your face with a setting spray. 



I wanted to add some light definition to my face just so that I looked more alive. I used the Tarte Show Stopper Clay Palette which is such a nice palette. It has everything you need and is especially great for when you are in a rush or want something easy. I used the bronzer, blush and highlight very lightly just to add some definition. I then took the shade marked with a * and applied that through my crease and lightly over my eye lid to add some definition to the eyes.


Top Tip: apply more blusher than bronzer to give a fresher and more natural look. I am more of a bronzer girl, but for these occasions I try to use less bronzer and more blush. 



I wanted to keep my eye brows very light, but still looking like they have been groomed. I used my Nyx Micro Brow Pencil to fill out the tail of my brow as that is the area that needs the most help. Natural brows are always best as they are a big feature on your face and you don’t want to direct the attention of the interviewer. Have you ever caught sight of someones eye brows across the room and been distracted. Same scenario!


I then gave my lashes a coat of Mac Extended Play Mascara and moved onto my lips. I will say that I purchased the Mac mascara a long time ago and only used it a couple of times, I have started using it again and it actually isn’t all that bad. Not amazing but gives a nice lift and adds a bit of fluffiness. It just adds a lot of separation which keeps things natural.


My favourite tip for this kind of look is to do with the lips. I want to keep the lips looking moisturised and not dry. You want to look healthy and like you look after yourself even if you don’t. I took the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner – You’re All Mine which is a really nice pink shade.


Top Tip: Remove all foundation from your lips so that the natural colour comes through. Only line around the cupids bow and the middle of the lower lips. this will add shape to your lips but look really natural.



I then went in with the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Balm which is my possibly my favourite lip product of the moment. It gives the lips a really nice sheen and feels so moisturising. It also makes your lips look really plump which I love. This will also help to blend the lip liner to your lips so there is no clear line.



There we have all my tips and tricks for a job interview! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in some way…

Until next time,



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