Poundland Makeup | Lusts & Busts

Ah Poundland, my old friend. I remember way back when, when my parents used to take me to my favourite bargain shop so I could pick out a gift (a very questionable gift) for each of my family members for Christmas. You just know they would put on a fake ass smile and pretend you’ve just bought them a cruise through the Mediterranean. I actually remember buying my Nan and Granddad this giant plant pot thinking it was the best Christmas present ever, and seeing it in their lounge for years to come. Memories… Not to forget the pack of colourful card I might buy my sister, or the questionable cat nip toy I would get for my kitty.

Who knew that Poundland would spruce up their makeup line though? I mean, good on them for keeping up with the times and all, but what I wanted to find out was ‘does it really work?’. You all know how much I love makeup, especially affordable makeup, and what is more affordable than £1-a-pop bargains? So.. in true Billie fashion, I grabbed handfuls of products to try out! I will just say that they have a really good range of products now, from the face to eyes and lips, they have a really good selection of both products and colours! I will just let you all know that I didn’t actually purchase any face products such as foundation or concealer, simply because none of the shades were light enough for me and were very orange based. I did however pick out a shit tonne of other products so let’s see what I found…


Makeup Gallery Smoothly Does It Pressed Powder

The first product we have is this pressed powder. I am a big fan of setting powders and I love something that will keep my oil at bay during the day but still looks natural and not cakey or over powdery. As soon as your brush hits the pan you get caught up in a big pile of dust.. I am not the biggest fan of this powder as it doesn’t really do a lot and is very powdery, but it isn’t heavy looking which is maybe the only good thing. I think there is definitely better for only a couple of pounds more however and this one just didn’t do it for me.

Lust or Bust? Bust…

Makeup Gallery Plump Up The Volume Mascara

As far as mascaras go, we are all on the hunt for something that is going to do extraordinary things. I love a super voluminous lash but also one that is going to have great separation too. As far as this mascara goes, it’s… ok. If you are looking for your run of the mill mascara then this is the way to go, it isn’t clumpy, it gives your lashes a boost and it is very black. It isn’t amazing though. It is just like any average mascara. My argument is, why settle for less for you know you can get more? I mean, it’s an ok mascara but I know there is better on the market.

Lust Or Bust? For the simple reason that there is better, I would say bust. If you are just looking for your bog standard mascara however, knock yourself out! It’s only £1!

Makeup Gallery All About The Brow Eye Brow Kit

Everybody is after a good brow. This eye brow kit from the poundland line comes with four shades in this nice little compact. What I love about this kit is that the three brow shades will suit many different hair colours and you can mix and match them to suit each and every person. They actually have a shade light enough for blondes and deep enough for black hair, not to mention a nice little highlight in there too! The pigmentation is also really impressive on this brow kit, and I actually love it! I have been using this every day for my brows and it is nice to be able to get that nice fade in my brows that make them look more natural.

Lust Or Bust? Giant lust!

Makeup Gallery Feeling Blush Blusher

This product is a bit of an unexpected one. When I swatched this product it was very disappointing. The texture was more stiff than the other powders but didn’t have as much of a powdery finish, and when swatched on the back of the hand it didn’t look super impressive either. However, once applied on the cheeks I fell in love with this blush, simply because the colour was so pretty and it gave a beautiful flush to my cheeks. You do have to build it up but I actually prefer that as recently I have not been a giant blush person, so I would rather build it up than over do it and try to blend it away.

Lust Or Blush? Lust!

Makeup Gallery Good To Glow Highlighting Powder

The next product we have is a good ole’ highlighter. Highlighters are of course a big love of ours, and I think we all know what we like when it comes down to our glow. This highlighter is the only shade that I saw on display, and is a very pink/lilac tone but it very gorgeous! To look at in the pan it looks like it is a shimmery eye shadow but in a larger compact, to swatch it doesn’t look like much either. When applied to the cheeks however it gives a super subtle but gorgeous glow to the skin. If you are oily and highlighters are too risky, then this could be a gorgeous highlight for you. I originally thought that this highlight was going to be far too dark, so I applied it like a blush topper which worked beautifully, but it also just added a gorgeous glow to my skin. I will say however that the texture of this product is again, very powdery, but once applied it does look beautiful.

Lust or Bust? If you love a strong highlight then you will find this to be a bust, whereas if you just want a soft subtle glow, this will definitely be a lust! Just be weary that it does have a very powdery texture.

Makeup Gallery All About The Pout Colour Moisture Lipstick

The first ever product I bought from poundland was in fact one of these lipsticks in the shade black cherry. I purchased it about a year ago and loved it for what it was, a £1 lipstick! I recently purchased another couple of shades just to try them out further. These lipsticks are actually rather nice! They are very creamy and not fully opaque, but they do have good colour pay off and are very comfortable on the lips. They will need touch ups as any usual lipsticks but they don’t quite last as long. For £1 however these are definitely worth a look and they also have a good range of colours. They could do with some more nudes, but they do have a good selection of shades.

Lust Or Bust? Lust!

Makeup Gallery Colour Story Eye Shadow

I purchased three eye shadows as they had such a good range of shades I wanted to get a feel for some different finishes and shades. The first shade I purchased was the shade Cappuccino which is a gorgeous taupe shade with a cooler undertone. I used this both as a crease colour in my eye and also as a contour and it worked so well in both ways. I am super impressed with this eyeshadow and think it one of the better things from this range! I love how it can also double up as my perfect contour shade without being too deep. I would highly recommend this one! They have it written on the back that these eye shadows have a crease proof formula, and I don’t find them to crease on me personally. The next shade I bought was the shade Carbon Black. I think this was the least impressive out of the three shades I picked. It wasn’t really black as much as it was a deep grey, but when packed on the outer corner and attempted to blend it pretty much dissapeared to a light grey. You could build this up but to me this one wasn’t as pigmented as the others, it wasn’t horrendous either though. I saved the final shade for last. If you had to pick up one shade then pick up Bronze. This one caught me off guard! Even though it says bronze, it is a gorgeous metallic copper shade, which is completely on trend this time of year! This one surprised me with it’s intense pigmented and beautiful creamy texture. I bloody love this one!

Lust or Bust? Lust lust lust!!

Makeup Gallery Blending Sponge


I am always on the hunt for a cheap beauty blender type sponge, so many companies are making their own version and it is hard to not want to try them all. After all my RT sponge is my favourite thing to apply makeup with, and if you can find something for £1, then why not? This sponge however was an epic fail. As soon as I took it out of the packaging I knew that I wasn’t going to like it. It is so rock solid, it has no bounce to it and even when I tried to dampen it, it didn’t really expand or get any softer. I was drawn in to this sponge as it had that flat edge just like the RT one, but this unfortunately was a big no no.

Lust  or Bust? Bust!

Makeup Gallery Pout Matters Matt Lip Colour

So I am going to straight up admit that I have left the best until last. Everyone loves the Nyx Matte Lip Creams and this is pretty much the exact same thing, except it is £1. One bloody pound!!! This is the only shade that I found in my local poundland and it doesn’t have a shade name so I am questioning if this is the only shade that they have. I am not at all complaining about the shade however as this is possibly the best beige toned nude shade that I have found for my complexion that is actually nude and will go with every single look I create. It goes on really creamy, exactly the same as the Nyx ones or the Collection ones and dries down fully matte but is completely comfortable. I cannot hype this one up enough and highly recommend that you grab this if you see it as it is really beautiful!

Lust or Bust? Giant lust!


So there we have all my thoughts on the Poundland makeup line ‘Makeup Gallery’. I hope you enjoyed! As an added extra, I used all of these products to show you how they look on the face, something quick and simple but it just shows you pigmentation etc.


Have you tried Makeup Gallery? What did you think of their products? What would you recommend? 

Until next time,


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