Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation And Concealer Review + Check Ins

Recently I have been completely obsessed with foundation review videos. I love watching different skin tones and types trying out all these hyped up products and showing us exactly how they perform so we can get a good idea if we would like that product on ourselves. If I was confident enough I would be another Tati or Thataylaa and I would be reviewing things all the time as it is one of my favourite things to watch!

My friend recently gave me her samples of the Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer and I really wanted to do a check in style review, as so many people have loved this foundation, but I have also seen a few people that didn’t like it so I wanted to try it out and share with you my thoughts.

Warning: We’re about to get real up close and personal, i’m talking angles people!  



The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer claims to be:

A foundation-and-concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without clogging pores. Skin breathes comfortably, colour stays true, even through sweat and humidity.Due to the rich pigment level that enhances this flawless coverage makeup, shades may appear deeper when first applied. Leave the foundation to settle just for a few minutes,   this will allow the high pigment in the formula to adapt to your skin tone which is why you get such a flawless perfected finish.Suitable for ALL skin types. The Benefits include: Moisturising formula, 12 hours of wear and slow drying formula for easy blending, oil-free, full coverage, natural – matte finish and it is avaliable in 20 shades.



Now I personally don’t own the full size of this product and only got a sample so I cannot tell you how the packaging feels but I can give you my thoughts on the bottle and I have pinched a photo that you can see above to give you a clear view of what you are getting. I think this foundation has nice packaging but isn’t anything super beautiful. It is very fitting for the brand however as I find their products very clean, simple and fresh and it is nice that they show this through their packaging. What I love the look of however is that giant doe foot applicator. To me, this just seems like a really good idea as you can control how much product you are getting and can easily access more if it’s needed, without having to use a whole other pump which might waste product. I can see some people seeing this as a bacterial issue though as you are smearing it on your face then back in the foundation, but my argument is, if it’s good enough for concealer then why not foundation? I personally love the idea and think it’s a really nice way of making your product stand out.


This foundation retails for £25 GBP, and can be picked up from your local Clinique counter. My local counter is in Boots or you can pick it up online alternatively.



When I first opened the sample, the consistency of the foundation was really nice. It wasn’t really thick, but it wasn’t runny either. I prefer foundations to be more runny than thick for myself personally, but this foundation was a really good in between. I did use both a brush and sponge to apply the foundation, just to see what the finish was like. As usual I did prefer the sponge just because it never fails to give me a flawless finish. I also used this foundation to try and spot concealer and added some under my eyes too. My very first impressions on this foundation once I had finished applying it was so good! It says that it had a natural – matte finish, but I found this to look really nice and dewy on my skin and it had completely set. It felt so lightweight, almost like I wasn’t wearing anything and my skin did look flawless. I tried to get a photo of how dewy my skin looked but it really wasn’t working, but I didn’t own any other foundations that made my skin glow the way this one did. The coverage on this foundation was a lot fuller than what I am used to, I usually gravitate towards medium coverage foundations, but this one was a bit heavier.

Check In #1: After application. Excuse the disaster that is my overgrown brows! Ha!
Time: 8:51am


My first impression was really good on this foundation, but the cracks started to show as I was applying the rest of my makeup. I didn’t set my face with powder as it had fully set and it didn’t need it, besides I only really set my under eyes and t-zone with powder on a usual day so I didn’t change anything here. The second I started to blend anything out, my blush especially as it was around the apples of my cheeks, the foundation turned so cakey and looked really heavy around that area. I managed to fix it by taking my damp sponge and trying to pick up the excess product in that area, but it still looked really heavy. I also found that by the time I had finished doing my makeup, if you looked really closely you could see it clinging to some of my drier areas especially around a couple of breakouts that I had.

Check In #2: After the rest of my makeup was applied.
Time: 9:23am


Even though I felt like I was wearing more makeup than I usually would, I went about my day: shopping as you do! It did feel really light weight but subconsciously I knew it looked heavy on my skin so I felt like I was wearing more than usual. When I got home I done another check in. You can see that it had started to look cakey on my nose, and a little bit on my upper lip. It had also majorly creased under the eyes so I wouldn’t recommend using this as concealer as I also set this with a powder. I didn’t feel like my skin looked great but it wasn’t completely terrible at this stage. Again, it was just a lot heavier than I was used to.

Check In #3: After 3 hours of wear.
Time: 12:27pm


So my last check in was sooner than I thought it would be. At around the 5 hour mark the foundation started to break down along my jaw/lower cheek area. Looking back at the photographs now, I feel like they didn’t really show what I was seeing when I looked in the mirror. It looks a lot better in photographs but you can kind of see what I am talking about. It was clinging to dryer areas and making them stand out, my nose was still cakey but started to bunch up around the edges, my chin looked awful in my opinion. Plus I was still a creasy mess underneath my eyes. There was also an area underneath my eye that looked so cakey it had little lumps which has never happened before.

Check In #4: Final check in, after 5 hours of wear and a cheeky lipstick change.
Time: 2:27pm


Personal Opinion

So as you might be able to tell from above, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this foundation. I absolutely loved how it applied and how it set down when I first applied it. It did look flawless, and had the nicest finish I have ever experienced. It was also really lightweight and stayed lightweight during the day too. It may just be the fact that it was a fuller coverage foundation and I am not used to it, but it just looked far to heavy for me personally. I didn’t like how it broke down on me, and I was just conscious of it throughout the day which isn’t ideal. I want to be able to put my makeup on and not worry about people staring at the cakiness when they are talking to me, and just feel comfortable and this foundation just didn’t do it for me unfortunately. Maybe if they make a lighter foundation with the exact same finish then I would be right on board, but for me this just didn’t work. I think that I have a couple of much better foundations that also aren’t as pricey as this one. I do however love the shade range as they have a good selection of light and deep shades and I love the idea of the giant doe foot applicator too!


I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful! If you have tried this foundation let me know your thoughts and if it worked for you.. if it does tell me how! haha!

Until next time,


14 thoughts on “Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation And Concealer Review + Check Ins

    1. Thank you love! I hate putting bad reviews but I think they help just as much as good reviews! I hope you find an awesome foundation! I hope you enjoy them heheh xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely! A review on a product that may seem appropriate to one before coming across the opinions mentioned can really save them from wastage of money and possible skin reactions.I have two options that I may end up going for.. fingers crossed😑..xx


    1. I love the idea of it! I don’t understand why it’s a hygiene issue if it’s good enough for concealer then it will be fine for foundation!:) xx


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