ColourPop Cookies Highlighter Trio Review

So I mentioned recently that I put in quite a large order for ColourPop, a brand I have wanted to try for so long but never got the chance to! They have now started to ship internationally and on Black Friday they gave us free international shipping plus a few discounts just to make things even better. I ordered a few items, and I was originally going to do one big post on everything I purchased but instead of being really vague I wanted to go into a bit more detail on what I think of their products and their service as a whole. Today I wanted to share with you possibly my favourite part of everything I purchased, and that was the highlighters! So let’s get to the review…




So ColourPop are known for having a really unique formula and are mostly known for their eye shadows. They have recently been coming out with lots of new products, but their highlighters have been around for quite some time. Of course, highlighter is all the range right now, so I thought it would be the perfect place to start! Usually their highlights are sold individually and they have around 23 shades if I counted right. They have shade ranges for pretty much every skin tone and also have a couple of out there shades like magenta, green and an icy blue. ColourPop have selected three shades and put them in categories for fair, medium and deeper skin. I believe the other names are Ice Cream and Cake, but I purchased Cookies which is the lightest collection of all three. ColourPop have described this product on their website as:

This long-wearing crème powder cheek formula is the BFF of our infamous Super Shock Shadow; it shares the shadows unique buoyant texture and feels super silky. Cheeks will look healthy and flawless!


Individually these highlighters retail for $8 USD which converts to £6.35 GBP. These are extremely affordable but just bare in mind that if you want to order from the ColourPop website then you need to spend $50(£39.71) to get free shipping, or you can spend $9.99(£7.23) for international shipping under $50. The Highlighter Trio’s retails for $20(£15.93) which allows you to save a little bit of money!  Also be aware that you will be charged upon delivery for custom charges. I actually didn’t read the little section about this and that was entirely my fault, but in order to get my parcel I had to pay £18.33 in custom charges. I did put in a pretty big order however, so that might be why I had bigger charges. This is all to be considered if you do require international shipping, and if you happen to live in the US then just to let you know that I am extremely jealous haha! Plus you have nothing to worry about! 



ColourPop packaging is pretty well known and different from what we are used to in your basic pans. They come in quite chunky packaging, and is all white with screw lids and a holographic ColourPop logo on top. I personally like the packaging as it is different and something that we haven’t seen before. The only thing I don’t like for storage reasons is that it is quite bulky for the amount of product you are getting. It is almost like false advertisement as you see this chunky almost jar looking packaging, so you think you are getting a good amount of product, but then the pan is the same as any eyeshadow and it is in fact all packaging.


I will just add in here as well that I did have a couple of items damaged when it was being shipped to me. One of those items was my ‘Smoke N Whistles’ highlight shade which looked like it had shrunk so it was too small for the pan, and had broken as well. In this photo the product has been spread out as I have been using it, but you can clearly see that it still doesn’t fit the pan like my other highlights do.


So these highlights feel extremely soft and velvety. I have no doubts that these products are creams and not powders but they don’t feel wet. They do set on the skin however and they don’t transfer like a cream would. I love the texture of these highlights however, they have the same formula as the Super Shock Shadows which I would say is the most popular products that ColourPop sell. They are very movable and have a really super soft texture alongside some super pigment! Being a highlight, these are really gorgeous on the skin. They are not chunky or glittery, but just look really natural on the skin. You can easily build these highlights up to be really shocking and in your face, but it is nice that you can control them to suit your own personal preference. I would highly recommend that you use these underneath powders, but even still I find that they can bunch up slightly. I tried to use them on top of powders but they don’t build very well and end up removing or smearing any product underneath, even if you are patting. I would also recommend using these with your fingers, you can of course use a brush but I find the finish to be a lot smoother when using your fingers and it just melts the product to the skin.


The Collection ‘Cookies’ is so perfect for anyone who has super fair skin. I often find that the lightest shade does not suit me, and these highlights give me such a good range depending on what mood I am in. You can see here on the swatches that they are all really light but all so different. Stole The Show is the first swatched shade that is a very white shade but with gold tones. It also has a little bit of pink running through it but is still very wearable and natural. Lunch Money is possibly my favourite shade, it isn’t quite white but it extremely light but so gorgeous. Finally we have the deepest of the three which is Smoke N Whistles. It is more of a pink highlight but is still light enough to act as a highlight or even as a flush of colour depending on how light your skin is. Personally I find that all three of these shades are a great match to anyone with fair/light skin and I can get use out of all three to the point where I struggle each day trying to decide which to wear!

Personal Opinion

I love these highlighters! I feel like the shades selected in the Cookies Collection is perfect for anyone with porcelain – light skin tones, they have this lovely buttery texture that looks really natural when applied to the skin. I like the packaging however I do not like how the packaging doesn’t show just how much product you get so you get the impression you are getting more (you get 4.2g). I do like how you can see what each colour is without having to open them up. I will mention also that ColourPop advise that whenever you are not using them that you make sure that the lids are screwed on nice and tight to prevent them drying out. I love how affordable these highlights are and I have been reaching for them every single day. They look good with natural 5 minute makeup or with a full face of slap. They have such a unique formula and I would definitely recommend that you try them out for yourself! I am going to put up a photo on Instagram of the ‘All Nighter’ eye shadow quad for you to see some swatches. I don’t feel like I need to do a full post on this as they have the same pigmented formula as these highlights so you know that I love them too! All of my Instagram info is on the sidebar if you are interested!


I hope you enjoyed this review! If you have tried this trio or any of the other trio’s please let me know your thoughts!

Until next time,


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