My Favourite Christmas Red Lips

I can’t believe that Christmas is next weekend! I swear it was only the other week that we were celebrating Halloween and now Christmas is here?! I think if there is one thing that will never get old on Christmas Day, it would be a bold red lip. Everyone does it, and I love it! Red lips are simply a staple for Christmas day, but with so many tones and finishes it can be a little overwhelming. Do I go deep or bright? Blue toned or orange? Well, I have picked out my ultimate red lip products and I decided to share them with you so that you can get an idea of what you might like to wear this Christmas! If only I could wear them all..



My number one top pick for Christmas Day is Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick. This lipstick is very well known for being a gorgeous blue toned red. I personally gravitate towards blue toned reds as I find them to be brighter and they look really flattering on any skin colour. The reason I tend to go for this particular lipstick on Christmas Day is because of how long wearing it is! This is a matte finish which is my absolute favourite, but this lipstick just stays put on your lips all day and doesn’t just vanish the second a splash of gravy hits your lips. This lipstick can become drying over the course of the day however, so if that is not for you then I have some other creamier lipsticks that you may prefer that will be a little more comfortable! I don’t find myself worrying about touching up as often with this one either which is always a plus for a day when you don’t want to be worrying!


Next up we have Maybelline Pleasure Me Red Lipstick.  First of all, I think the name is a little bit out there but we can look past that as this red is really gorgeous! This one is slightly deeper than Ruby Woo but has a richness to it which I love. This one again will look great on so many skin tones, but for me it’s the comfort of this lipstick that really makes it stand out. Plus is it a gorgeous shade and really affordable!


My next red lip isn’t a lip gloss, but is a lip lacquer instead. The Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer in the shade 402 Across The Universe is a gorgeous product! The lip lacquers are very much like an opaque gloss, but they are extremely rich in pigment and they have the ability to be glossy yet have pretty good lasting powder on the lips. I like to use these over a lip liner just to ensure the colour will hold for longer, and it also prevents bleeding which is great for more mature lips. This is extremely comfortable to wear and is a gorgeous rich classic red. It does look a bit deeper than the rest of the lipsticks, but it still has a vibrancy about it and it is definitely on my list of loves. Be warned however, they smell terrible!


Next we have one of my absolute favourite matte lipstick formulas despite being broken (inserts broken heart emoji), the Collection Red Carpet Matte Lipstick is up there with Ruby Woo for me. This colour is the slightest bit brighter but has more of a orange undertone to it, without being unwearable. It is such a gorgeous lip formula to wear as they are incredibly comfortable and really creamy. I often find orange reds to look very strange against my pale skin tone as I feel they are just too warm, and I often lean towards blue reds, but this one is gorgeous and one I wear often!


Next on my list we have the Bella Pierre Ruby Lipstick. This one was actually a gift that I was given last year for Christmas, and this lipstick is your ultimate cherry red. It has a gorgeous tone to it, it is extremely bright and will pop on any skin tone and it has a very creamy and comfortable formula to wear. If you want a lip colour  that is going to steal the show then this one is definitely it!


Last but definitely not least is the Makeup Forever Rouge 41 Lipstick. This lipstick is so unique compared to all the others as it is the perfect brown/red. It is very deep and rich but looks amazing especially on anyone with warm undertones in your skin. The formula is really lovely to and it is so opaque and pigmented that you barely need any! I love the bullet on this lipstick too as it allows you to get a really precise outline which is very important with red lipsticks as it can become very messy very quickly!



There we have my top picks for red lips this Christmas! I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and spend it with your loved ones, until next time,


9 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Red Lips

  1. It’s crazy how many different tones of red there are. I can’t even decide which one Id like the best, I feel like I’d want to try them all on lol if i had to choose, Id probably go with the collection red carpet only because its a legit solid bold red :)

    xo, JJ


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