Palette Breakdown | Tarte Show Stopper Palette

First thing’s first… MERRY CHRISTMAS! I cannot believe that Christmas is tomorrow. This year has honestly been the fastest year of my life. Everything has gone at 30000 miles per hour and it has flown by in a blink of an eye. This year has definitely been a strange one, some good things some bad, but honestly I am just looking forward to another year! For now however, I wanted to squeeze in another palette breakdown! This post has been planned ever since I purchased the palette, but I really wanted to get a good solid opinion on it before I gave my review. I have been dying to try tarte makeup, especially the eye shadows as you always hear amazing things about them. Today I will be doing a breakdown of the Tarte Show Stopper Palette and giving you all you need to know about this cute little compact! If you are interested in reading any of my other Palette Breakdowns, then you can click here to find them all in one place!



Let’s start at the top and work our way down! So as you can see this palette comes in a round metallic gold compact with a snake/crocodile print on the top in a deep purple shade. My first issue with this palette is that it doesn’t click shut. It just closes but doesn’t securely shut. I did notice during taking the photos that mine had a little crack where it should click shut so that might be why. I love the shape and design of this compact however and I think it is a really sophisticated palette.


When you open the palette you are greeted with a giant round mirror which is great! I love it when they put in big mirrors in palettes. I also love the convenience of this palette. Everything you need is in one place, your cheek products and eye products all neatly combined to make your makeup application easy and straight forward… perfect! I love the tones in this palette as they are extremely ‘everyday’ friendly and can also be used for more dramatic looks too!


In this palette you get:

  • 1 bronzer (matte)
  • 1 blush (matte)
  • 1 highlight
  • 6 eye shadows (2 matte, 4 shimmers)


I will start with the bronzer, blush and highlight. First off, I love the highlight in this palette! It is very similar to Too Faced Champagne Truffle shadow but is more frosty. For fair skin it is beautiful and has a really nice icey/vanilla tone to it. The blush is also a really lovely colour, it is really wearable for so many skin tones and is super pigmented! I wasn’t expecting anything less from Tarte blushes as you hear amazing things about them. The blush blended beautifully but I was having to be careful as it was that pigmented. As for the bronzer, I feel like I am having a love/hate relationship with it. The shade isn’t bad for fair skin and I can make it work but it is definitely a bronzer and not a contour shade on my skin tone. The main problem I have with this product is that it is too pigmented. I never thought I would be saying that, but this bronzer is so easy to overdo and when you are as fair as me it is so noticeable. You can see in the swatch that it is quite dusty but there is a lot of pigment with one swipe. If I apply to much (which is most times I use this bronzer) I try to blend it out with a clean brush and it just turns muddy and patchy on my skin. If I manage to apply the right amount however it applies beautifully and blends quite nicely too. I just find myself too scared to use it as one dab in the pan is too much pigment for me personally and looks far too muddy on my skin tone.


As for the eye shadows I think that these are amazing, they are super pigmented and so unbelievably blendable. I love the shade selection as they are so wearable and are really flattering on lots of skin tones. I love the transition shade you get in this palette as it is the perfect tone and isn’t too warm toned. The only eye shadow that seems the slightest bit dry is the deep cool toned brown shade (matte).

I personally like this palette, I think the shades are really lovely and flattering on many skin tones. I don’t particularly like to use the bronzer because I have fear of ruining my makeup, and I don’t find myself reaching for this palette as often as I thought I would. The formulas are lovely though and it is a really lovely palette all together. This palette would be great to take travelling as it has everything you need in one place, and it great for 5 minute makeup looks where you need everything in one place and easily accessible.


I hope you enjoyed this palette breakdown and you got a good feel for the palette! Have a very merry Christmas and until next time…



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