The Best Of Beauty 2016 | Face Products

I have been in two minds about these posts, one part of me cannot wait to share my absolute saviors for the year of 2016, and the other part of me is dreading trying to pick my favourites whilst keeping this post short and sweet. I simply had to get stuck in however and even though I have a few products to get through, I am going to share with you my absolute favourites in each category e.g. foundations, mascaras etc. I have also decided to split this up in three posts: Face Products, Eye Products and Lip Products just to keep everything from being a complete mess! If you want to know my top face products for the year of 2016 then keep on scrolling…


Skin Care

Skin care is a very personal topic for every beauty lover out there. I can only share with you what has worked for me with my combo/oily skin (which is always bloody changing btw) and what I have been using this year and loving! I will also say that my skin is quite sensitive especially in the last few months and I have been breaking out quite a bit so it has been really hard to find products that really work.


As many of you know, my absolute favourite skin care brand is Nspa! My first favourite is definitely the Nspa Deep Cleaning Face Wash. This face wash has a pump and comes out as a foam, it is amazing at making my skin baby soft and it really feels like all the dirt and grime has been removed. I still continue to use and love this one!


I have discovered Nip + Fab this year also, and I am most definitely never looking back. My next favourite is the Nip + Fab Gylcolic Fix Scrub & Glycolic Fix Serum.  The scrub is amazing at exfoliating my skin as it is packed with grains that help remove all the dead skin, plus is smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling lovely and not irritated! The serum has also become a holy grail of mine as again, it smells amazing, but has just smoothed out my skin and really hydrates it. I am just obsessed with both of these products.


My next favourite comes in the form of a sheet mask. If I was only aloud one skin care product to use for the rest of my life it would be this next product. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask is so damn good. I have never seen my face look so radiant and hydrated. When I touched my skin it felt amazing, like I have never felt it before and you can see the results for days afterwards. It smells great, leaves me feeling refreshed and pampered and it is so affordable too. I would happily use these sheet masks day and night in replacement of all my other skin care products. This is the product that has probably helped my skin the most!


The last favourite skin care item of mine is my favourite moisturiser. I tried originally to just keep this skin care section small and just talk about a moisturiser and a primer but honestly, all of these product needed to be mentioned just as much as this next product. Now, my moisturiser is pretty basic but it just holds a special place in my heart. The Nspa Oil-Free Moisturiser is by far my favourite run of the mill moisturiser. It is such a basic product but there is something about the formula that does something for me. It is super light weight so when I apply it, it just sinks into my skin and doesn’t leave a film or any residue on my skin. It is oil-free at the moment which is important for me as my skin has been producing a lot of oil and this moisturiser helps to minimize that by keeping my skin hydrated and doesn’t add any extra oiliness. It also sits well under anything! Whether I am slapping on a little bit of powder foundation or going the full shibang this moisturiser is just perfect for everything. It doesn’t break me out, it doesn’t leave any horrible feel to my skin or any residue and just sinks right in whilst helping my skin glow. It’s just the perfect everyday moisturiser!



So there is definitely a couple of foundations that I could pick for this category, but the one foundation I would have to choose as my number one foundation is the B. Flawless Complete Coverage Foundation. There are a few reasons that this foundation has topped my list. First of all, it is completely affordable and vegan and all that good stuff in case you’re interested. I will say that this foundation is too dark for me so I have to mix it with a lightener but it gives me the smoothest, most even finish and just makes my skin look so good without being heavy or cakey. For a higher coverage it feels so lightweight and is so comfortable to wear. I find that it doesn’t break down throughout the day as much as my other foundations, it doesn’t separate or wear off either. It is just a bloody good foundation and everytime I wear it I feel like I am having a really good skin day!


Now this next product isn’t a foundation, but it is definitely my savior for this year! The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops would have to be one of my most used and loved products this year. As a pale girl, it is so hard to find foundations to match. They are either too dark or the wrong undertone. I love these drops as I can buy a shade darker to find my right undertone in a foundation and then use these drops to adjust the shade to my skin. I hate that a lot of fair foundations have pink undertones as they do not look good on my skin, but this product allows me to properly match any foundation to my skin and I love it! I have found that they do not alter the formula of my foundations, if they do they simply just sheer it out ever so slightly (you wouldn’t be able to notice!). I find that I still get the same finish whether that be matte or dewy, and it has just been one of those products that I will never be able to live without. Not to mention that these little 15ml bottles last ages!



It is no secret that concealer is one of my favourite products, I still don’t know why as concealer is just concealer, but I tend to hoard them for no reason! This year there is one clear favourite for me and that is the Urban Decay Naked Skin Complete Coverage Concealer. Now, a lot of people are raving about the shape tape, and I am dying to try that concealer! For me however, this concealer is still the best. It doesn’t crease on me, it looks very lightweight and natural on the skin but the tone is also so perfect for my skin. It blends like a dream and just makes my makeup come together everytime I apply it! I literally love everything about this concealer and I am so gutted as I have finally worked my way through my 2nd tube and I need to replace it!

Face Powder


There are so many face powders that I actually really enjoy using, so this one was hard for me. I knew deep down that there was one clear winner but because I do really enjoy others I was struggling as to whether to include them all or just talk about the one that I use religiously. I will keep this short however and just pick my top powder which is the Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder. I have mine in the shade Classic Ivory which is the first ever face powder I personally have found which is pale enough for me and has a YELLOW undertone. Hallelujah!! I love how well it sets my makeup whilst adding the tiniest bit of coverage. I notice that my foundation and everything look really flawless every time I use this powder and it has been my go to. I have now gone through 3 of these powders and just had to open a fresh one because I love it so much! It is also amazing at setting my under eye concealer as it is so brightening and just makes my face look awake and alive.


So I don’t really use bronzers so much as I do contour powders for the simple reason that my skin is so fair that bronzers tend to look straight up orange on my skin. I love using a good contour powder to add warmth and sculpt my features, kind of like a 2in1. I have picked two products to share with you, one cream and one powder!


So my favourite cream bronzers (and highlights) of 2016 have to be the Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Fair. The just banged the nail on the head with the tones of these creams. They are so perfect for fair skin, the perfect undertone and depth to them. When I use this cream contour I feel like I shaved a good couple of pounds of my face but it is untraceable as it looks so natual and just like a shadow. They blend beautifully and have great pigmentation to them.


I have already hit pan on my favourite contour shade and my favourite highlight shade as I love them so much!


My next favourite contour shade comes in the P.S Love Contour Kit. This is the little kit you can pick up at primark, but I am only talking about the contour shade as I am not a huge fan of the bronzer or highlight for my skin tone personally.


I love the tone of this contour shade as it is cool toned but not too purple and is just a great colour for fair skin! I love using this to stop my makeup from looking muddy like it does with bronzers and it just blends so well on the skin to look like an actual shadow. The pigment is really nice but not too over the top and I have been using this non stop throughout the year, it is a really great little find!


Now, this is where it gets interesting as blushes are so personal to everyone and there are so many different shades out there. I tried to pick formulas compared to shades as we could be here for a long time!


My first favourite of the year is still the Gosh Natural Blushes. The one I have here is called Rose Whisper and is a beautiful subtle mauve pink shade.


These blushes are gorgeous for just a flush of colour but nothing too intense. They are great for everyday wear and blend and look so gorgeous on the skin.


My second favourite blushes are the Essence Silky Touch Blushes. I have talked about these so much here on my blog, but they are truely amazing. They have a gorgeous satin finish to them which allows the skin to glow without being shimmery or chunky.


The shades are beautiful and these blushes in general last a really long time. They are just gorgeous in both formula and shades and I just cannot put the bloody things down!



Ah, the part I have been waiting for. I thought that this section was going to be a little bit difficult, as we all know I love a good highlight. It actually turned out to be pretty easy actually as even deep down in my own heart I knew there was a certain highlight that needed to be spoken about. You guessed it… Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecters  have done it for me again this year.


We all know that I am obsessed with Champagne pop, who wouldn’t be?! But this year I also purchased Pearl and I was just as impressed. I am definitely going to be purchasing more of these babies because they are so worth the money and are just gorgeous!


I do also have a second highlight to talk about and even though I didn’t receive these until the end of the year, I couldn’t not mention them as I am head over heels in love already and I am using them every single day! I am talking about the ColourPop Super Shock Cheek Highlighters. Now, these are more of a cream highlight but they are so bloody gorgeous.


I have a whole review on them right here so I won’t bore you with the details all over again, but just know that these highlights are going to be showing there faces plenty more times in 2017.. okay? Okay!


That is it for my face favourites for the year! I was going to add a section for my favourite setting spray of the year, but honestly every time I need to get a new setting spray I have been changing them up and trying out new ones so I don’t have a #1 favourite of the year, but at the minute I am really enjoying the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Spray! I also really love the Fix+ but I haven’t used that in months so I cannot say it has been a top for me this year as I haven’t repurchased it… YET!

I hope you enjoyed my best of beauty and I will be back soon to share with you my favourite eye and lip products! Until next time…


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