The Best Of Beauty 2016 | Eye Products

I completely underestimated just how many eye products I would have for my best in beauty! I had originally planned to do eyes and lips in one single post, but I simply had way too many eye products and we would have been here forever! If you missed my best of face products post you can find that right here,  where I talked about all my favourite skin care items and makeup products for the face. Today however I wanted to share with you all the products that I have been using for the eyes from brows, shadows, liners and mascaras. I didn’t include primers in this post as honestly I much prefer using my concealer as a base and I haven’t yet found anything I like more as of yet. Let’s get to it…



So let’s start with some brow products shall we? I surprisingly have a few products to get through, but all of these I have been using religiously and loving through 2016.


The first brow product we have is my Soap & Glory Brow Archery Pencil. I love this brow pencil so so much, I have gone through 3 just in this year! I love the colour, the texture and just the whole bloody thing in general! This is the pencil I will go back to time and time again, it is affordable and so great.


The next brow product we have I discovered half way through the year, it is the Collection Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder. Now this powder may not seem like much, it is just a simple brow powder.. but it’s the application that made this product amazing for me.


This powder has a clever wand that allows you to fill in your brows but keep them crisp and clean but also soft. It is such a unique concept but it really works. I love the colour of the powder also and I love how my brows look when I use this. When I ran out of my brow archery I used this and now I have run out of this one I am giving my microbrow my Nyx a go, but honestly I think I will just repurchase this one again and by brow archery as they are both amazing for the brows. And both affordable! 


Now when it comes to setting my brows with gel there are two products again that have done it for me this year. The first one being the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper. I love this brow gel for making my brows look super natural. It just emphasizes each and every brow hair to make them look naturally full without making them look heavy or like there is a bunch of product in them. Plus they stay put all day!


The next brow gel I have is the Model Co More Brows, this one I love for when I have gone in a bit too hard with my brow pencil or powder and they need lightening up. I also find that this gel makes my hairs appear fuller much like the L’Oreal one, but this one lightens the brows beautifully.

Eye Shadows


So I have tried to narrow this section down to palettes, with the exception of a couple of single eye shadows that I simply couldn’t not mention! My first #1 palette of 2016 is by far the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I have definitely got my moneys worth with this palette as I struggle to put it down! I love the shade range in this palette, I mean… chocolate AND makeup?! Need I say more? The shadows themselves are amazingly pigmented and creamy and they blend so well! I just love this palette!


I also love the fact that one of my favourite shades (Champagne Truffle) is a gorgeous highlight for my skin tone! I am actually wearing it as a highlight today and it is so gorgeous!


My next favourite comes in the form of a dupe! The Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette has been used on my eyes constantly since I purchased it. They are such beautiful mattes and I love the mix of cool, neutral and warm shades. There is literally a shade for anything in this palette and I love it! If you are interesting in some swatches, I have a whole post and review dedicated to it right here, where you can find swatches of all the shades plus a run down of my thoughts!


My next palette is the Morphe 12NB Palette. Again, I have a full review and swatches of this palette right here, so I won’t go into too much depth with this palette. It is just the perfect, affordable palette if you want something that you can wear every single day but still take your shadows further for the evening. It has every gorgeous shade you could possibly want in the form of beautiful buttery shadows that blend like no other… need i say more?! No? Okay..


The next palettes I am going to talk about are majorly underestimated in my opinion! I don’t really hear many people talking about them and I have no idea why! The Tanya Burr Eye Palettes are so stunning. The mattes for one are possibly the best mattes I have touched with my fingers. They are baby butt soft and blend so flawlessly.


The pigment is amazing too. Plus the shimmery/satin/glittery shades are also beautiful and so wearable. I own two of her palettes and I am dying to try more. For £5 they are really worth your buck and I love using these shadows when I know I need something really soft and blown out.


Now the next three products are individual eye shadows, but I just couldn’t help but mention them. First we have ColourPop Koosh Eye Shadow. I really don’t think that this eye shadow needs any explanation, I have used it in a couple of my most recent looks (Christmas Party & NYE Makeup) and it is just such a gorgeous shade!


I also love the texture of these eye shadows, I have been using them non stop since I purchased them as they are just gorgeous!


My next favourite eye shadow has got to be Makeup Geek Grand Stand Foiled Eye Shadow This shade again needs no explanation. I have seen this shade show up so different on so many different skin tones, but for me it is a rich warm copper bronze shade.


I love using this eye shadow all over the lid as it really makes my blue eyes pop, and this is probably my most used shade of eye shadow throughout the whole of this year.


My final eye shadow that has done it for me this year is Makeup Geek White Lies Eye Shadow. You may think that it’s a bit strange that I am talking about a plain white matte shade, but I don’t think I have ever gone through an eye shadow as quick as this one. I am not a huge fan of using shimmery shades to highlight my inner corner and brow bones. I think because of the shape of my eyes it just doesn’t look that good and I find it can look quite sloppy. I love using a matte shade as I find that it really brightens and highlights the area and doesn’t make it look as set back. This shadow in particular is super pigmented and I have never gone through an eye shadow as quick as this one, it is just perfect! I also love using this to set the concealer on the lid so that all other shadows blend beautifully on top. It’s just an all around must have for me!

Eye Liners

If you have seen any of my makeup looks, you may have noticed that I very very rarely if ever wear black eye liner either as a wing or on my lower water line. I occasionally wear a winged liner depending on how brave I am feeling, but as for the water line I practically don’t ever bother. The reason for this is because I have very hooded eyes and wearing a wing never looks good when my eyes are open (plus I am a bit of a perfectionist muhaha). If I wear a wing I like to change it up and do different colours or incorporate some kind of shimmer or glitter just so it isn’t as harsh and black. As for the water line, with the shape of my eyes I just feel like it closes them off way too much and I like something to open my eyes up and make them look bigger.


For those reasons I only have two eye liners to talk about. The first one being my Jelly Pong Pong Eye Brightener Pencil. I bloody love this eye liner for the waterline! It is the perfect nude shade that opens up and brightens my eyes whilst actually staying put! I have never heard of the brand before, but it is a super pigmented pencil and it doesn’t irritate my eyes when I apply it! I just bloody love it so much, if I put anything in my water line, it is this pencil always.


The next liner that I have been loving is the Collection Glam Crystals Glitter Eye Liners. I love these liners for anytime I want a pop of glitter. They have no fallout, they aren’t messy but simple and easy to use and have amazing glitter pay off. I have used these as liners as  well as lid colours and once they set, they’re not going anywhere! They have an amazing selection of colours and for a couple of pounds I really love these ones! I have used them in a couple of looks e.g. my Festive Nye makeup and my Christmas Party makeup looks if you want to check those out too!



I think there are two clear winners when it comes to my favourite mascaras of 2016. The first of course being my beloved Too Faced Better Than Sex. I still need to replace this as I used this up pretty damn quick, but it is just the most volumising mascara I have ever used and my eye lashes have never looked so good! This really is worth the hype that it gets!


After my better than sex ran out, I soon found another mascara that filled it’s boots until I replace it! You may have noticed over the last couple of months I have been religiously using the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. I actually wasn’t a huge fan the first time I used this one, but it has grown on me pretty quickly and now I cannot use anything else! These two mascaras are really great if you are on the hunt for volume, length and separation all in one with no clumping!



I wasn’t going to have a section for brushes, but honestly there was just one singular brush for me this year that has topped everything else. It is my Morphe M505 Blending Brush. This brush has been my savior on many occasions, it is amazing at applying product into the crease and blending at the same time.


I find it is the perfect size and shape to sit in my crease and is so soft on the eye. I find with a couple of my other brushes that it pricks at my eyes but this one is just so gorgeous I couldn’t not talk about it!


That is it! I am finished with my eye products. I will try and get my lip products up asap for you, but if I don’t see you before have a lovely evening and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Until next time my lovelies…



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