Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup For Fair Skin

I am such an old lady right now, I am currently laid in bed with a cup of tea and a whole pack of rich tea’s feeling a little sorry for myself as I’m not feeling 100%. I’m okay though because I am watching Friends With Benefits which could quite possibly be one of my favourite films of all time! I thought now would also be a great time to sit down and show you a look that I have been dying to share for a while, but just haven’t got around to it! This look is my kind of ‘everyday’ look, and is very much Kylie Jenner inspired. I feel like even though the Kylie Jenner craze never really died down, there are so many tutorials inspired by her that nobody really does them anymore. I mean, the girl has some gorgeous looks but I think ‘Kylie Jenner Tutorials’ are so overdone! I however am going to push it just a little bit further and switch it up. I have decided to do a ‘how to’ on one of Kylie Jenner most known looks, but show you how I achieved the same effect for fair skin. The one thing that bugs me about celebrity inspired looks is when they have a completely different undertone or skin tone to you so the look is completely different on you than it is on them. I mean, it’s nice to be different , but it’s the over all effect of the makeup that we are after right?


I wanted to do show you this everyday makeup look, it is really easy and simple, but you still get the same ‘Kylie Jenner’ feels from it. I took inspiration from the photo above, which to me is very classic and neutral, and most importantly… wearable! I think since Kylie has started her own makeup line she will obviously be changing her makeup more than what she used to, so I wanted to focus on the more neutral side to Kylie Jenner that I remember including that nude lip that we all know and love! Let’s go!



The first thing I like to focus on is the skin. Kylie has very flawless skin which is sculpted and highlighted like I usually wear my base. I didn’t have to change anything about my usual base except the fact that my foundation shade is probably quite a few shades lighter than hers. I started by using my Dermacol Makeup Cover for foundation and blended a light layer over my entire face. I have a full review of this foundation here so if you were curious feel free to take a look! I then took my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer and applied just a little under my eyes to highlight and brighten that area. I then set my under eyes and the highest points of my face using my Makeup Obsession White Out Eye Shadow. For my contour I went in with my Makeup Revolution Mocha Love Eye Shadow, I haven’t used this in so long, but I forgot how much I love it! It is the perfect tone for fair skin without being harsh, and it is so super blendable! I then highlighted my skin using my trusty Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter in Pearl and just highlighted the cheekbones, bridge of nose, cupids bow and slightly on the chin. After I was happy with how my base looked, I set it with a good spray of my Maybelline SuperStay 24 Setting Spray which I am really enjoying!


Next up I wanted to work on my eyes. I started by filling in my brows and since running out of my latest brow pencil, I have been trying out the Bbrowbar Brow Pencil in Indian Chocolate. I do enjoy it so far, but it has been strange using an actual pencil rather than a retractable skinny pencil. I already primed my eyes with my concealer and set them with my face powder so I was ready for shadows. I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette as there are plenty of neutral shades in this palette to get the look I wanted. I kept this super simple and took the shade Milk Chocolate and blended that all over my outer lid and in the crease. I wanted it to be blown out but really light at the same time. This shade is great as it isn’t too warm or too cool and looks great on everyone. For more fair skin tones it can look really well done and quite smokey as the shade is still pretty deep and this one shade is a shortcut to get that Kylie neutral eye. I then took the tiniest bit of Triple Fudge and put that right on the outer corner and blended that until it was pretty and soft. What I love about this shade is that it is so much softer than a standard black. For fair skin black can look too much as there is more of a contrast, so I just use the tiniest bit of this deep deep brown and make sure it is super blended to create the same effect in the outer corner. For my inner corners and brow bone I used my trusty Makeup Geek White Lies and I then took my Ciate Liquid Liner and drew a thin line along my lash line and flicked it out ever so slightly at the outer corner. Kylie often does more dramatic wings, but for my eyes personally that doesn’t always look best so I like to keep it more tame. I then coated my lashes with lots of Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara to finish it off.


When it comes to lips then I have a few shades that are us fair girls equivalent to the Kylie nudes. My first choice and the shade that you will see in the  pictures is Mac Honey Love Lipstick. This is the perfect nude shade for us fair skin and gives that same effect that Velvet Teddy gives Kylie. Although, I purchased Velvet Teddy thinking it would be my perfect nude, and it was actually quite a vampy terracotta nude on me personally. I still love it though!


My second lip option would be Nyx Abu Dhabi Matte Lip Cream, this would be great for anyone with fair-light skin tones as it is a little more deeper and more beige toned. My final nude which is a love of mine is the Makeup Gallery Matt Lip Creme. This doesn’t have a shade but I believe this is the only one they sell. This shade isn’t as warm as the Nyx one, but is light enough for us fair skinned girls and is literally the perfect nude nude shade!


There we have all my tips and everything I used to create this look! I hope you enjoyed and found this post interesting! Until next time…



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