My Makeup Wishlist

There has been so much make up releases recently that I am struggling to keep up! I love buying new makeup, and I fully consider myself to be a makeup hoarder. I literally have no shame! Makeup is just a passion of mine and I love being experimental. There are definitely a few products that have been raved about or released recently and I have got my list building up. If you want to know what is on that list then keep on scrolling…



The first product will be no surprise to anyone with access to YouTube or any kind of beauty platform. The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer has got to be on the top of my list. If something is being highly raved about then there must be a good reason for it! I hate being stuck in the cold, but every time I go to purchase this little baby they never have my shade! Yes, you have permission to feel for me… 


The next product we have is another cult favourite, but I wanted to get these ones out of the way as they are so raved about and you don’t need me running on when there are thousands of other people telling you the same thing. The RCMA No Colour Powder is another product that gets raved about far too often, so I need to try it as it must just be the rules by now.. Or so I tell myself. 


Now, I have only recently jumped on the liquid lipstick bandwagon, but there has been a brand that I have been dying to try when it comes to liquid lipsticks as the reviews look amazing and everyone that wears them looks phenomenal. The Jouer Liquid Lipsticks will definitely be my next purchase when it comes to liquid lipsticks, I love the look of these as they are so dainty and cute. Plus the shades look to die for, I’m sold!


Am I the only one in the UK dying to try anything from Physicians Formula? My top pick of course being the Butter Bronzer. Anytime I have seen anyone using the butter bronzer it just looks like the perfect shade and tone for someone with fairer skin tones.. *cough* and I feel like they would work really well on certain people.. *cough cough*. Was that too obvious?


This next product you may be shocked at, as this is not my kind of thing at all! But I am slightly obsessed with the look of it, and I have seen a couple of people using it and I kind of really want to try it! The Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette just looks so beautiful and the colours do something to me. I don’t think I would get as much use out of this palette as I would say her original eye palette, but it is just calling my name for some reason!


Am I the only one on earth that still hasn’t tried the Benefit Roller Lash? Because I bloody well feel it! Either way this is another very serious addition to my makeup wishlist, and even though I am making myself quite the bill, one day I will definitely have to get my hands on it just to see what I am missing! Clearly I have quite a serious case of FOMO!! 


Let’s finish on a classic lipstick hey? I know for certain that I need to try Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks and even more so, I need to go to their lab in NYC! My ultimate dream is to go for like a month long holiday to NYC and the Bite lab is definitely on my list of things to-do, even if I have no plans on going just yet! God damn my bank balance! 


So there we have a few items on my wishlist, I have a couple of other wishlists but I haven’t done one in so long, and as there was so much makeup just sitting around waiting for me to try, I thought I would let you know what is on my agenda!

I hope you enjoyed this little post, and please let me know what you have on your makeup wishlist so I can more than likely add it to my own!

Until next time my lovelies…


9 thoughts on “My Makeup Wishlist

  1. What a great list! I own and have tried a couple things on this list. I love the Butter Bronzer. It’s definitely great for fair skin and it smells like coconut which is a bonus. The roller lash is great too but not a holy grail for me. I am definitely wanting to try the Shape Tape and the RCMA powder!!


  2. I think I’ll have to buy the physicians formula bronzer because I’m pale as f during the winter and my foundations make me look more pale even though they match my skin nicely lol


    1. I find that! Because of my freckles and I have dark areas on my face my foundation looks really light but then it still isn’t light enough to match the rest of my body haha! Xx

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  3. Shape tape is the bomb! I finally found it in my shade and snatched it! Believe me when I say the hype is real! I also have the rcma powder and love it for baking❤️ the Joeur liquid lipsticks are not my fave. I was so excited to get one of their holiday trio sets and was very disappointed with the formula and it’s lack of longevity:( however the butter bronzer is my fave! And yes it’s definitely perfect for pale and fair skin tones!! Have you seen the butter blushes ???? So eyeing them !


  4. I want to try all of the lipsticks you listed, especially the Jouer liquids! They look divine. Plus I’ve heard the shape tape concealer is amazing. I think I’ll be adding it to my wish list too! :-)


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