Palette Breakdown | Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Contouring Palette

I love me a good eye shadow palette, you may have already guessed by my love of ‘palette breakdowns’. For today’s palette I have one from Rimmel. It is not often that an eye shadow palette jumps out at me but this one by Rimmel did. When it comes to the main high street brands like Maybelline, Rimmel, Max Factor etc, I feel like I tend to stray away from their eye shadow palettes just as you don’t really hear much about them, or you hear bad things so I just tend to shy away and go for something else. This palette however jumped out at me and I loved the colour scheme! It is the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Contour Palette. If you want to find out more, keep scrolling…



Let’s first talk about the packaging of this little guy. The palette comes very compact and small but in a good way. It would be perfect to slip in your bag for on the go touch ups or to take with you travelling as it will take up no room at all. It has black plastic packaging which doesn’t feel the most durable but it does the job. I do love the metallic copper writing on the front however as I love me anything metallic and/or copper. You also get to view the shadows at the top through the clear plastic so you can see what you have got inside.


On the back of the palette you have the name of the palette. This one is called 001 Keep Calm & Wear Gold. It also shows you how to apply the shadows and a brief description of their shadows which reads:

Every-day-palette for multiple eye looks & eye shapes. Rich, intense colour. Crease-proof. Can also be used wet to line the eyes and give definition.


When you open the palette up you are greeted with 8 lovely shades. It was the shades that made me buy this palette as they had a mix of mattes and shimmers, a good looking transition shade, a couple of metallics and some shimmers all in a really wearable tone and I could see myself being able to create a few different looks with it. The shades do not have names but I can describe them to you and give you a run down of each shade from left to right:

  • First up we have a light grey toned beige in a matte finish. Too dark to be a highlight and too light to be a transition shade, a little too grey to act as a base shadow but may work for some skin tones.
  • Next up we have a really nice cool/neutral taupe in a matte finish. This colour is great as a transition shade especially on fairer skin tones and if you don’t want anything to warm or too mauve toned, it is the perfect in between.
  • Next we have a rose gold shade in a shimmer finish.
  • Then we have a deep gold shade in a very metallic finish.
  • After that we have another metallic shade but this one has more olive tones to it.
  • Next we have a deep chocolate brown in a matte finish, perfect for adding definition, again not to cool or warm.
  • Moving along we have another deep chocolate brown but this one has more chunky gold glitter running through it.
  • Lastly we have this deep deep brown in a shimmer finish, more on the cooler side.


When I swatched the palette I was slightly underwhelmed. As you can see from the swatches they aren’t as pigmented as they may look in the palette. The first shade didn’t even show up on my skin tone very well and was very grey toned which I wasn’t a huge fan of. I do love the second shade however as a transition shade and even though the swatches were pretty underwhelming when blended through the crease it is actually a very nice shadow. The same goes for the deeper matte shade six shades along, it is nice when you apply it to the eyes. As for those two more metallic shades in the centre, I was pretty dissapointed with these shades. To swatch, they were very similar to my Makeup Revolution metallic eye shadows or even the Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows, but they just didn’t transfer as well on  my eyes as other brands do. When I went to blend around the edges it just blended away the metallic and left it more of a sheer wash just around the edges and I had to really build them up, if that makes sense. I do love the shades in this palette, but I also think they need another deeper matte shade just to make everything more evened out and balanced. The shimmers I honestly don’t see myself using as they don’t apply greatly, and they are quite sheer. I got excited about the rose gold, but when I applied it, it was just so underwhelming. I have however been using those two matte shades quite often as they are unique in my collection and I really love how they perform. All in all I am slightly dissapointed, but I think the colour scheme is beautiful and the idea is beautiful, the shadows just need some working with in order to get good colour pay off. But it isn’t a terrible palette, but not one of my best ones either.


I hope this palette breakdown was helpful and you enjoyed it!

Until next time my lovelies…



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