Beauty Advice Column Announcement

For the longest time I have been obsessed with the whole column idea, and I pretty much had my heart set on creating a whole new blog and being that kind of ‘agony aunt’ solving peoples problems. It has always been something I have really loved the idea of and I know I would really enjoy it. As you all may have guessed, I am a little obsessed with Makeup and Beauty and I wanted to create a column of my own on this blog where I can answer any makeup/beauty related problems or offer any advice. I want to stress the point that  I am not a professional, as much as I would love to be, but I want to offer advice coming from your average everyday girl and help out with any of your beauty problems. I am going to leave everything you need to know below and also leave a contact box where you can send your questions. I am really looking forward to starting this series and I would love for people to get involved. I hope you love the idea of this as much as me and enjoy this new and upcoming series…


  • This column is going to be a weekly series, every Monday morning starting 23/01/17.
  • You can ask me any beauty related questions or problems and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge, giving you advice and tips along the way.
  • You can ask questions anonymously or you can include your name and blog address if you wish, which I will include in the post when it goes live. If you don’t wish to leave your name just type ‘anonymous’ in the ‘Name’ section.
  • All questions should be asked in the contact form below, and will be directed straight to a email address set up specifically for this column.
  • I will leave a contact form at the end of every ‘Ask Billie’ post, so you always know where to find it if you would like to ask me anything!
  • I will be picking questions as they come in so it should be on a first come first served basis.
  • Depending on how well this series goes, I may do them more frequently or less frequently. I am going to trial this for a few weeks first to see if anyone is actually interested haha!
  • Enjoy & ask away…  please! 




9 thoughts on “Beauty Advice Column Announcement

  1. Cool idea! I have a question!
    Name: Abigail
    Question: What brushes would you recommend? I’ve been looking for good brushes for a while.


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