My Work Makeup Routine

I am not usually the type of person that dolls themselves up for work and want to look flawless no matter what I do. I am more than happy to go to work with absolutely nothing on my face and my hair slopped up in a bun. Most days I do! There are days however when I may have a little extra time on my hands and I just want to look put together. This look has actually been a go to of mine for a few weeks now even when I am not working. I have a few different products to talk about in this post as a few weeks ago I had a good root through my makeup collection and started bringing out different product for me to try and use up. Surprisingly I had forgot about so many products that I loved so I have bought them back and popped them on my dressing table to use more often!

If you want to find out how I do my makeup for work, and how I like to look pulled together but not too over the top… keep on scrollin’!



It is important to me that what ever base I use is 1) quick and easy to apply, 2) longwearing, 3) able to hold in the heat/cold etc as my job does get me sweating from time to time! I have been rediscovering and absolutely loving my Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation again! I haven’t used this foundation in the longest time as it was far too dark for me, but with the help of my trusty shade adjusting drops this foundation can finally work for me! This foundation has good coverage to it, and I find I can slap it all over with a sponge and it looks really good.


You may want to take a seat when I admit to this next part, but I don’t wear concealer… *gasp*.  I have found with this foundation that it provides enough coverage for me underneath my eyes to help me look more awake and bright, but what I do instead is apply by Makeup Obsession White Out Powder underneath my eyes to brighten and set the foundation in place. It works all the same although I am still guilty of being a concealer addict. It just saves those couple of minutes especially when I am really not in the mood to do my makeup in the mornings!


For the rest of my face I apply my trusty and well loved Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder and apply this all over my face and also a little under the eyes so that everything blends in and it isn’t stark white under there from the previous powder.


On the cheeks I have fished out this little guy. My Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Kit! I used this as my bronzer and highlight as they are both very soft and light in tone so it wouldn’t leave me looking harsh. Plus the highlight is perfect for work as it is more subtle and you won’t leave the house looking like a disco ball!


I got really excited about this blush as I had forgotten I even owned it! It is the Sleek Suede Blush. This colour is doing things for me recently! I love the apricot, warm orange tone of this blush and the fact that it was matte finished me off. I have a feeling I will be using this in plenty more upcoming looks!


You all know I love my Soap & Glory Brow Archery Eye Brow Pencil, my eye brows need a good grooming so they are looking a little full recently. I just fill them in and however they turn out is how they stay, I am not too much of a prune when it comes to eyebrows. Besides I think it looks better when they aren’t perfectly sculpted and carved out.


For my eyes, I completely skip the eye shadow and just head straight for mascara. Of course, the love of my life Urban Decay Perversion saves the day as always. When I get paid I can already feel UD stealing my money with how much stuff I need to replenish haha!


Finally for the lips I have been using my Makeup Gallery Lipstick in Choca Mocha. If there is one thing that you take from this post, take the lipstick. It is from Poundland’s makeup line and even though it doesn’t look like much in the tube when you apply it it’s so stunning. I apply a little bit to the centre of my lips and pat it out. I swear this shade is the exact colour of my natural lips, making it the perfect rosy nude and it is just so comfortable and natural. Highly recommend!



I hope you enjoyed this look, something simple but put together for those working days! In case you missed my last post all about my beauty column announcement, tomorrow is my first ‘Ask Billie’ post so stay tuned tomorrow morning for that post! You can also click on that link which will bring you to my contact section where you can ask me anything! Until next time…


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