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If you missed my beauty column announcement, then you may be wondering what is going on right now. Today is Monday morning, which means it is my first edition of ‘Ask Billie’. I explained in the announcement that I would love to have my own column and give my advice and help with any problems people were having. Since I have a love of beauty and makeup, I decided to do just that but the beauty edition and today is my first question!

What Brushes Do You Recommend?

Asked by Abigail at freckledfashionista.


I could sit here forever and talk about all the brushes that I recommend, I definitely have my favourites that is for sure. Instead, I will talk about brands of brushes that I really enjoy and then show you a few of my favourites. I must admit however, my favourite makeup tool all together isn’t even a brush. It is my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I love beauty sponges for applying pretty much all liquid products. It is the quickest way for me to get a really smooth finish without streaks or patchiness, plus I find the coverage to still be really good. I love the RT one personally, and I always reach for it when it comes to my foundation, concealer and any other cream products that I use.


When it comes to actual brushes however there are a few that I really love. I think my favourite brush that I own comes from Spectrum Brushes. Not only are they gorgeous to look at but there are so nice to use too. They are synthetic, cruelty free and all that goodness and can usually be found online at places like BeautyBay. My favourite brush is the one pictured above! It is perfect for powder application, especially under the eyes because of the shape, but also for any type of bronzing/blush products.


The brand I own the most of is Real Techniques. These brushes are great for everything and they have every single brush you could ever want. Again, I have pictured a few of my favourites above, but these brushes work really well for both powder and liquids as again they are synthetic, and affordable! I have also listed what I love each brush for in the photo for reference!


When it comes to eye brushes I could name so many brushes that I love, but my all time favourite blending brush is the Morphe M505. It is the perfect shape, density and size to fit directly in the crease. I also mentioned it in my Best Of Beauty because I love it that much!


My last set of brushes I would recommend had a whole blog post dedicated to it, and they are the Wilko Makeup Brushes. I absolutely love these brushes, again they are synthetic but they are so good for the £4 they cost per brush!


If you have any questions, please leave them in the contact form above. As mentioned I will be answering questions every Monday morning, so until next time…



6 thoughts on “What Brushes Do I Recommend? | Ask Billie

  1. Hi there! love the post! I absolutely love Real Tecniques :)

    I have just started a blog of my own, please could you check it out? <3


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