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Welcome back to another Ask Billie Monday! Today’s post is going up a little later than originally planned as clever clogs me forgot to push publish didn’t I! It wasn’t until I just wrote my last blog post that I realised it was still in my drafts! Anyways.. back to the topic! Today’s question was based more around the blogging side of things…

How can I get more followers?

Asked by anonymous.

I know when I first started my blog, I didn’t think anybody would ever read what I wrote. I was purely doing it because I wanted to ramble about things I enjoy and if someone enjoyed what I was saying then it was always a bonus. I am not someone who is dead set on getting loads and loads of followers, I just go with the flow and every time I reach another milestone it still comes as a shock to me! As I have been blogging more and more however I have noticed that there are ways you can boost your views and draw more people in to reading your blog…

1. Content


I started my blog just writing about things I enjoyed, I think it is really important to actually have an interest and believe in what you are writing. It is a good idea to have a variety of topics within your blog for example, I have a beauty blog so I won’t just talk about my favourite foundations, I will range into skin care or reviews or makeup looks just to give a bit of variety. Pictures are a big part of creating good content. The more pictures the better, it’s great reading about something but it’s even better seeing it. What’s the point in describing a smokey eye when you can drop a quick selfie and every one can see it instead. Also post regularly, people like continuous fresh content. But I’m rubbish at this so don’t take any leaves out of my book haha! 

I do have a whole post on some post ideas in case you’re a little stuck and need a boost in the inspiration department!

2. Personality

I know it can sometimes be hard to show your personality through a computer screen, especially when you are just typing up a few words, but personality is another important factor. Everyone is different in their own little ways so why not use it to your advantage. I tend to type as if I was speaking those words to someone. I often leave little extra comments just because it shows a little bit more of my personality. Use all of your other hobbies or interests to your advantage and just be yourself. For example, again this is a beauty blog but I bloody love Gossip Girl so I might do an inspired look from one of the characters. Videos are another great way to show your personality as everyone can see you in person and catch snippets of your personality.

3. Be Kind & Supportive


This next tip is a pretty obvious one, but if you’re going to be nasty then people aren’t going to follow you. I cannot stand it when people are horrible just for the sake of it. Be nice to people, reply to your comments, look at other blogs and get involved in the community.

4. Social Media

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.

If you have your heart dead set on aiming for loads of followers then social media is a great tool. I am bloody rubbish at social media, but if you can create a platform where loads of people from loads of areas can find your blog and you are constantly sharing your posts and creating lots of traffic then you’re going to want that twitter account, instagram, facebook, bloglovin’ and all of those other sites which make it easy for people to find your blog. Add links, tags, post regularly and be annoying in a good way so that people see you and get interested.

5. Do It For You

My last bit of advice for gaining more followers would be don’t start a blog just to get a big following for the sake of it. It won’t work. If you are creating content that you love and you believe in then the rest will just come naturally. I just cruise through cheering slightly every time I get a new follower, followers are definitely bonuses to me, but they aren’t the reason I made this blog. Start up a blog for you and the rest will come eventually, but you can take the other little steps in helping to boost your following but make sure you are doing it for you.


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