My Quick & Easy Makeup

I think we all have mornings where we have either woken up late, or we just can’t be bothered to do anything fancy but still want to look our best. I wanted to share with you my ‘go-to’ look at the moment, it only takes 10 minutes (if that) to achieve and there are a couple of simple steps that make you look way more pulled together than you actually are!



First of all, I use a foundation that I know I love, is easy to blend and has a good amount of coverage so that I can get away with skipping concealer. Don’t get me wrong, I love concealer, but at times like this we may just want to skip out on that extra step. I use the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation and blend that using a sponge for quick application and a streak free finish.


I always powder my t-zone even if I am not powdering the rest of my face. I think powder is essential for longevity and I have been loving matte skin lately as I feel it looks so much smoother. I as always am using the Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder.


For the cheeks, I wanted something easily accessible where everything is in one place and I don’t have to root through different palettes etc. I used my Maybelline Master Sculpt and used both the bronzer and highlighter, can you tell I love this highlight?! I especially love this product for fair skin as it isn’t too warm or deep in tone and blends really easily.


Onto the eyes, I start of with my brows using my same ole’ Soap & Glory Brow Archery which is my absolute favourite brow item of life. I am not overly fussy when it comes to my brows and I don’t mind them being a little scruffy or uneven. I am over the ‘perfect sculpted brow’ look and just fill them in as they need and then forget about it!


In order to look bright and awake but quickly, I used my LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems. You can see how completely gorgeous this colour is and eye shadow sticks are perfect for these kinds of looks. I simply slapped some of this shadow all over my lid, inner corner and slightly under the inner portion of my lower lash line to really open up the eyes and make everything appear so much brighter. It also looks like you’ve put the effort in when really it took 0.67 seconds of blending.


I then of course added my favourite mascara to further open up my eyes and make them appear bigger and more awake. You just know how I feel about this mascara, I cannot get enough! This is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara incase you missed the other 38585637284 times I have raved about it *inserts innocent smiley face*.


My final tip for this look is to use a bold lip colour. Bold lip colours can transform your makeup and give the illusion that you have really put the effort in, or you have spent time making yourself look good. Just a little bit of trickery! I used my Barry M Russet Lip Liner which is a dupe for Mac Spice Lip Liner, and as this colour is pretty deep on me it does look rather bold and I love it. I think this photo got my most likes on instagram and it was such a simple easy look but I feel the lip just brings it all together and gives the illusion that I put in a load of effort to look good, when really I just slapped on a couple of products and a pretty lip colour!



There we have my quick and easy, 10 minute makeup which I also just realised is using all affordable/high street products! Another bonus! Don’t forget to be sending in your questions if you want to be a part of my Beauty Column where every week I will be answering any beauty related problems and giving my advice!

I hope you enjoyed and until next time…


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