How To Cover Blemishes & Break Outs With Makeup

I think as females we all get some kind of breakouts at some point in our lives, we have hormones, it’s bound to happen. Of course, every one’s skin is completely different, some people are more acne prone, where other people can have perfect skin and only break out once in a blue moon. There are loads of different reasons that we break out: bacteria from touching our face or using dirty brushes, reactions to ingredients in certain products, that time of the month.. but that is why we bloody love makeup! Not only do we get to be creative and experiment with products, colours and techniques, it is also pretty damn handy when you’re growing an extra head or two. For today’s post I am going to be showing you how I personally cover up my blemishes and how I deal with my breakouts. Not only do I break out quite often, but I also have a lot of darkness in my skin and redness so this is pretty much how I cover all of that without completely masking my face.. although that’ll do the job too! 


My very first step in this whole process is to wash my face and hands. You’re regular face wash will do just fine, hell even water will do, just be sure to wash your face and hands clear of any bacteria as we don’t want to be trapping that underneath the makeup we will be applying. I would recommend using some sort of soap however.. 


Awkward Before Shot.

If you would like to apply a primer then this is where you would apply that, the same as any moisturisers or creams or any other skin care items. Primers are a good idea as you want the makeup to hold up and not start melting away revealing anything we have tried to cover.


My first step after primer would be spot concealing. To do this I have used the Lord And Berry Conceal-It Concealer Crayon. The reason I am using a crayon is because the concealers in this format tend to be a little more heavy duty, and will have a little more hold and coverage to them. The same for pot concealers or stick concealers. You can of course use liquid concealer or any concealer that has enough coverage for you, but I personally like the texture of this one. It is creamy yet has a dryness to it which is enough to hold in place on the blemish, but not make it look dry and cakey.


I apply this over my blemishes as you can see there are many! Usually, anyone else will start to blend these but I personally don’t. I leave them looking dotty on my face mainly because I love looking like a cheetah but also because when I blend my foundation over top, I feel it blends my concealer further so it will sheer the concealer out further. Leaving it concentrated in those areas will ensure that the coverage stays where I put it.

Next up it is time for my foundation cocktail! I like to mix and match my foundations to make sure I am getting coverage and longevity. I mixed my Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation which actually has really good coverage (a high medium/full), with my Dermacol Makeup Cover which as you may have seen in the review I did here, this stuff is the definition of COVERAGE! I added a small amount of the Dermacol into the Rimmel for a couple of reasons, first of all it will boost the coverage which I need right now and secondly it lightens my Rimmel foundation as it is too dark for me! These two foundations actually work really well together and they do not look heavy or cakey on the skin.


After concealer and foundation.

The next point is extremely important. Do not rub or buff your foundation into your skin. The second you start to buff your foundation in, you loose your coverage and you are moving everything around. It is important to stipple or bounce your foundation over your face. I personally use a damp sponge as this will also help to pick up any excess product and reduce the risk of looking cakey. As you can see, once I pounced my foundation over my skin I look a little ill, but my skin looks much clearer and smooth.


The final step in ensuring that all your work stays put throughout the day is getting yourself a good powder. You already know that I am going to recommend my Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder and that is because it’s amazing and keeps me matte. I think if you are breaking out it is more important to keep at least your breakouts matte as if they are shiny or your skin is dewy then the light will pick up on the texture of the skin or the raised areas/bumps on the skin. I have included a photo of my nose with dewy skin and matte skin just so you can see how it is emphasized.


Don’t be mistaken though, no amount of makeup will get rid of the texture of your breakouts. If you are growing Mount Everest on your face then he will still be there but will just be less red and more discrete.


After applying the rest of my makeup.

Now you can go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup how you do and get about your day!


I hope you enjoyed this how-to and found it helpful in some way or another, or you enjoyed seeing my spot ridden face! Don’t forget to leave my you’re questions for my ‘Ask Billie’ column, you can find everything you need to know right here and you’re questions will be answered every Monday!

Until next time,


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