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Welcome back to another addition of ‘Ask Billie’! I tell you what I am thoroughly enjoying this little series, I know this is only my 3rd week, but I really love the idea of this and I am having so much fun with it. This week, I got send a whole email from a woman named Kirstie… it read:

My lipstick is evaporating, help me please!

Hi Billie,

I love the idea of your Ask Billie series, and I have a problem that you might be able to help me with. No matter what I do or what lipstick or colour I wear my lipstick just evaporates of my lips. Not literally but never seems to last for a whole day or even part of a day, it just disappears. I wondered if you had any tips for keeping my lipstick on longer, I have tried liquid lip things but they are way to dry and I can’t stand the feeling on my lips. I want to be able to go to work and not worry that my lipstick has vanished by lunch, any suggestions you have would be great thank you.

Kirstie x

I think everybody wants a long wearing lipstick that isn’t uncomfortable during the day, and I definitely see where you are coming from. If you prefer more comfortable, creamy lipsticks then they can tend to wear off quicker throughout the day and topping up every hour can be very annoying! I definitely do have a few tricks that may be able to help you.

Don’t give up on liquid lipsticks just yet..


Although I completely agree that liquid lipsticks can be drying, there are ways that you can wear them so that they are more comfortable and wearable. My first tip would be to apply plenty of lip balm before hand, this will just moisturise your lips and give a bit of added hydration so that it doesn’t feel as dry on the lips (make sure to blot of the excess before applying your liquid lipstick however, as this could affect the drying down process which won’t make it as long lasting). Once you have done this and applied your liquid lipstick, wait for it to completely dry down and go over the top with a gloss. I know not everyone likes glossy lips, but you can apply some over the liquid lipstick so that it feels a little more comfortable, then blot of the excess so that it isn’t overly glossy. This will leave you with a creamier finish but won’t be matte and drying at the same time!

Lip liner will be your best friend..


If you are dead set against liquid lipsticks, my next trick would to be applying a lip liner underneath your favourite lipsticks. If you completely line and fill in your lips before putting on your lipstick this can prolong the wear time of your lipstick and it won’t come off as quickly. I mean, if you are eating and drinking throughout the day then touch ups will be required, but not as often.

Be aware..

This may seem a little strange, but I often catch myself doing this by accident although I never mean to. Sometimes if you are just going about your day, we can get carried away and our bodies can do things without realising. I may lick my lips if they are feeling dry, wipe the sides of my mouth if I feel there is something there, and sometimes I also tend to find and try to get rid of any dry skin using my teeth which will scrape off the lip colour. Try and be aware just in case you are over doing and in turn, removing your lipstick without realising!

When all else fails, buy the lip stain!


Now, I am not the biggest fan of lip stains as I feel they are dry and just have a strange texture to them, plus they do exactly that.. stain!! If you are having serious trouble with your lipstick fading however and you really want it to stay in place, try and buy a lip stain. It will feel horrible at first, but all you have to do is go over top with a lip balm and you will have long wearing lip colour all day long… and maybe for a couple of days afterwards too!


I hope that this hoped you in some way and you are able to solve your lipstick troubles! Don’t forget to quickly pop any of your questions in the contact form below, I would really really appriciate it as I am really enjoying this and would love more questions to answer!


Until next time lovelies..


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