January Favourite 2017

Not only have we gotten right into the new year, we are now also in a new month! Where did January go? I blinked and it just went.. just like that. I actually almost forgot to post my favourites and had to double check the dates to make sure that it was actually in fact the 7th of February. Today however, I am going to be showing you all of my favourite products from the previous month, and I will warn you that you probably would have heard me talk about these before. They are favourites for a reason let me tell ya! Stay tuned…



My very first foundation comes in the form of a foundation. You would have seen this foundation pop up on my blog quite a bit recently, and it is my Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation. This foundation is in my favourites because it’s bloody good that’s why! I do have to use lightening drops with this foundation, but the coverage and consistency is just what I like, it lasts hours apon hours and just looks so good on the skin whether you leave it or set it with a powder. It isn’t heavy or cakey looking and is so comfortable to wear. I just love this stuff, plus you can pick it up for a few quid which is always a bonus.


Next up we have another product that you have seen before. The Makeup Obsession White Out Eye Shadow. I love white powders for setting the concealer underneath my eyes. This is a really good tip if you are fair and want to ‘highlight’, although this is a white powder it doesn’t look too white. You can definitely build it up if you really wanted a stark white undereye, but I don’t want that I just want to brighten. This sets my concealer really well, doesn’t look heavy and just brightens up my under eyes just enough without looking ridiculous. I also love this powder as it can correct my concealer if it is too dark for me as I am so fair it is hard to find a light enough concealer!


I have been loving this contour powder from the Ps Love Contour Kit, there is something about the tone of it that is just perfect to sculpt my features but without looking too warm or cool and I can wear this alone with no bronzer or blush and still look alive. I am not a fan of the bronzer or ‘highlight’ if you can call it that but this contour shade is perfect!


Another cheek item I have been loving is my Sleek Blusher in the shade Suede. This matte blush has the perfect warm peach shade and would look great on anyone. This blush is extremely pigmented so it has lasted me so long as I barely need to touch it with my brush. Very blendable and smooth, I just love this one! Definitely need to pick up more of the matte shades as they are gorgeous!


My next favourite comes in the form of a lipstick! I have definitely spoken about this lipstick before but it is genuinely my favourite nude shade and it is so gorgeous for so many different skin tones. It is the Mac Honeylove Lipstick. I was put off in buying this lipstick for so long as I know Mac lipsticks have a tendency to look completely different on me than what they do on other people, and this one I was convinced would be a deeper warmer nude, but it turns out it is my all time favourite nude shade and I wear it non stop!


Another lip product that I have been obsessed with and I am sure you are sick of hearing about at the moment, is the Makeup Gallery Pout Matters Matt Lip Cream. This lip cream is £1 from Poundland and is exactly the same as the Nyx soft mattes but is the perfect cool toned nude! I bloody love this one either alone or on top of other lip products just to nude them down a little.


My last makeup favourite of the month is the Too Faced Champagne Truffle Eye Shadow aka the best damn highlighter of life. I absolutely love this shade from the chocolate bar palette for my highlight, I think it has such a unique tone to it where it isn’t to pearl, pink or golden toned, but looks so good with either a strong hand or a lighter hand.


Now I have two more favourites to share with you, one more music and the other is a film. I haven’t shared these kind of favourites in so long but there are definitely two items that are being watched/listened to 24/7! The first one being James Arthur Back From The Edge Album. Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed/in love with James Arthur and I have been listening to his new album ever since it came out in October. I am so gutted that I didn’t get tickets to go and see him in Norwich though! *inserts crying face and broken heart emoji*.


My final favourite is a film and what other film could it be other than Bridget Jones Baby. I am a die hard fan of Bridget Jones and this film definitely did not disappoint me. It is not often that I buy DVDs as I have netflix and nowtv etc so it is pretty pointless, but for this occasion I had to make an exception! I BLOODY LOVE IT! Must of watched it at least 10 times by now haha!


That is all for my favourites this month, I hope you enjoyed and until next time…


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