ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

So it is only about bloody time that I get around to another liquid lipstick review. My last review was based all around the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks and if you read that one then you will know my thoughts, but today’s review is on a more affordable version from ColourPop! I have been trying these out for a good couple of months so I definitely have my opinions on these liquid lipsticks. Let’s get started!




So like any other liquid lipstick this has a liquid to matte formula that is supposed to be super long wearing and have full opaque colour. The ColourPop website describes these as:

This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips leaving SUPER intense colour with a bold, ultra matte finish. It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof!


These liquid lipsticks retail for $6 USD, which converts to around £4.79 GBP which is incredibly affordable. I just want to warn you that if you are ordering directly from the website there will be shipping charges and also customs charges! I spent over the $50 to get the free shipping, but like I explained in my Highlighter Trio Review I didn’t see anything about customs (which was my own fault) but you will get charged custom fees. I didn’t know how much that would be until my local post office was holding my package and sent me the bill that I had to pay on collection.


Left: Trap
Right: Tulle

So I wanted to show with you both the full size product and also the minis as I purchased 1 full size and then the ‘It’s Vintage’ collection which had 5 mini lipsticks. I love the simple packaging, it has a silver cap, a see through plastic tube so you can see the shade and then a holographic effect writing. On the full size tubes you can see that the writing will and has wore off, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with my mini ones and I wear the mini ones way more than the full size.


The wand on the full size lipsticks is really nice, they are quite fluffy which means it can hold a good amount of product to coat all of your lips. It is also a nice shape and is slightly fatter and chunkier than your average doe foot.


As for the mini lipsticks however, the wands are completely different. I think it is important to share this as I found application so much more difficult with the minis. The wands are incredibly stiff and hard. The hold product but can make application quite tricky, so just be warned that the wands are not as nice as the full size product, but it’s good to just test a colour before getting a full size I suppose.

Over all I do like the packaging, but I wish the pretty writing didn’t wear off so quickly and the wands were consistent.


So how did the lipsticks perform? The million dollar question!


When first applied (shade is Tulle)

When I first applied the product it was very opaque in colour, but wasn’t the thinnest of formulas. It wasn’t horrifically thick but it was thicker than say the Jeffree Star ones. What I did notice however was how quickly they dry down, I have to work pretty quick with these liquid lipsticks as they do dry down very quickly and I want to be able to fill in my lips fully before it drys to give myself some play time in case I make any mistakes. I am not always quick enough but I do my best! I have noticed that a couple of shades can dry a little patchy, but I honestly barely notice and it is easily fixed. I noticed after I took the photo’s that my lips do look pretty patchy but I must also admit that I don’t exfoliate my lips before hand and my lips are pretty dry at the moment!

I think that these liquid lipsticks do wear really nicely. I mean, they can be a little drying and I feel myself licking the inside of my lips just to get some moisture, but I love that I can wear a bold lip that won’t smudge or wear off really quickly. After a couple of months of wearing these, I have also noticed that they can tend to crust up on the inside of the lips which can be pretty uncomfortable. This is really don’t like but it is very rare and is usually when I am not drinking enough.


After four hours of wear.

The last negative point I have on these liquid lipsticks is that they can tend to bleed in my outer corners. I don’t have to eat or drink anything for the lipstick to do this, just over time it will tend to bleed. Now this is bloody annoying! 


I also done a little kiss test on the back of my hand just to show you how much transfer there is, as you can see it is all around the outside and I did not use a lip liner or anything underneath the lipstick.


After seven hours of wear with no touchups.

Over all, despite it’s flaws, I keep reaching for these lipsticks! I think the pros out do the cons and over all these liquid lips are really nice. I have shown you how they wear with no touch ups, but I do tend to touch them up when they need just as it is such a bold colour. They are super matte which I love, they feel bullet proof and for the majority of the day they will be really comfortable. I love the fatter wands on the full size tubes and I love the huge shade range that they have as there is so many that it is hard to choose! That is never a bad thing though! I just really enjoy these and I feel good when I wear them which is the most important thing!


I hope you enjoyed this review! I already have my next liquid lipstick ready to review so you won’t be waiting as long for the next one! It is a bloody gooden as well.. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dupe?! Stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

    1. I cannot put this shade down I love it so much! Between tulle and lovebug I will never need any other vampy lip again haha! Such great shades! xx


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