My Vampy Valentines Makeup

Just in case you missed my last Valentines Day makeup look, I posted a look that was very natural and pretty with lots of blush tones. I think everyone wants to look and feel pretty especially on a day like Valentines Day. As much as I love something pretty, I also love something a little more vampy! I wanted to share with you this more vampy, colourful makeup look that is also very inspired by Valentines Day. This is something a little more out there, but I love looks like this so I would happily wear this!

For this look my base is exactly the same as in my Soft & Pretty look, which can be found by clicking right here! You can find all the products I used to create my base and you can also check out that look at the same time!




I love my eyes in this look, when your eyes are closed they look very neutral and natural, but as soon as you open your eyes you get that pop of colour which makes this whole look. To begin with, I start by doing my brows. This is no different to any other look, I used my Soap & Glory Brow Archery Pencil and filled them in until I was happy with them. My brows did get a bit bushy for this look, but I think it works with the end result.


For my eye shadow I wanted a basic brown semi-smokey eye. I used Makeup Geek Eye Shadows for this and started with the shade Peach Smoothie as my transition shade. I then built up the outer corner using Frappe and a touch of Vintage just to make everything more neutral and less warm. I then repeated the exact same steps for the lower lash line, making sure that everything is blown out and more round in shape. I then took White Lies as my inner corner and brow bone highlight.


For my waterline I used my Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in the shade Pink A Punch which is a very hot pink shade. I put this all over my waterline and on the outer corner of my lower lash line before blending it out with my Essence Silky Touch Blush in 10 Adorable. I really wanted the pink to pop and I was so happy with how it turned out.


I then coated my lashes with some of my fave Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and moved onto my lips!



For my lips I wanted to use a more vampy shade with a purple undertone to compliment the pink on the eyes. I ended up going with Colourpop Tulle Ultra Matte Lip as it is one of my favourite shades and I think it worked out really well in the end!


I hope you enjoyed this more vampy valentines look! Also don’t forget to be sending me your questions for my next edition of ‘Ask Billie‘, I have linked the page so you can find the contact form where you can send your questions, I would really appreciate if you could take part as I am thoroughly enjoying this series!

Until next time my lovelies…


8 thoughts on “My Vampy Valentines Makeup

  1. I like vampy looks. They’re becoming more and more popular for almost any occasion.
    I couldn’t help but notice your MG eyeshadow pans. Which shade is the one to the right of vintage? Lol. The burgundy looking one?


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