My Mascara Lusts & Busts

I have been having a bit of a thing recently for both mascaras and lipsticks. Those two products have just been doing it for me. As I have a sh*t tonne of lip related posts coming up I thought that this might be a good chance to change it up a little bit and talk about my current top mascaras, and some mascaras that just flopped for me. I have three in each category and I really hope you enjoy…


Let’s start with my top three, beginning with the mascara that you hear way to much about from me. The Urban Decay Perversion Mascara has been my go to for a good couple of months now, and I have actually just purchased the full size as I love it so much. It is kind of typical that after I buy the expensive mascara, I then find another mascara that I have been using more over the last couple of weeks (I will talk about that in a minute) but I cannot deny that this is a great mascara. I find it gives me really voluminous lashes without being clumpy, and the more I build it up the more seperated my lashes get. I just really enjoy this and it makes my lashes look good.. which is the most important thing in a mascara right?!


My second favourite mascara, which is very soon becoming my new favourite over the perversion, is the L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara. This is a new mascara that has recently come out and this is the first ever mascara I have bought from L’Oreal. I have been bloody loving this stuff.

As you can see there are two wands, your mascara wand and then the fibers and I have been loving how much more volume and length I am getting out my mascara and it is so inexpensive! I have been using this every single day for the last couple of weeks and I am obsessed I really am! I will say however that this mascara can quickly get clumpy, but if you use it sparingly and slowly build it up then it is really amazing!

My third favourite mascara and one I raved about for the longest time is the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and I still completely love this mascara. It is extremely voluminous but adds separation in a way that no other mascara can do. It is really strange but it is so beautiful. I have actually stopped using this recently not by any choice of my own but because it has dried up and I hardly have any left. I would love to repurchase this again however and I would without a doubt!

Now it is time to get to the mascaras that I am not really liking. I have a feeling that I may shock a couple of people but I will explain as I go along. I want to start with the one I have openly stated that I don’t like and that is the Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara. As much as I would love for affordable mascaras to work for me, but I can’t win them all and this one just doesn’t do it. I think because the wand is so chunky, but the bristles are pretty much non existent it just clumps and sticks my lashes together without adding any length or volume but just clumps. Not a fan of this one.

The next mascara that I am not a fan of is the Bobbi Brown Smokey Lash Mascara. I got this in one of my birch boxes and I gave it a fair shot but I have concluded that I am not enjoying this one. I find again that it is clumpy but the formula is really wet which makes it hard to get any lift and all my lashes just stick together. I do like the length it gives me however but all in all this one just isn’t for me. The brush is also too stiff for my liking and doesn’t grab the lashes, but more so just rolls over them.

The final mascara I am going to talk about is going to shock some of you, and it is not that I hate this one it is more that it is so disappointing to me. It is the Mac Extended Play Gigablack Lash Mascara. Everyone loves this mascara for the lower lashes, and I do really enjoy the effect it gives to my lower lashes, but I find that for my top lashes it just doesn’t work. I enjoy the length and thickness of the wand as it gets right to the roots of the lashes but it just isn’t a voluminous for me personally and leaves my lashes very straight and not curled. It is just very disappointing to me and I cannot justify buying a mascara just for the lower lashes when I can buy one for less money that will do my top and bottom lashes! I feel like I ranted a little there.. apologies! 


So there we have my top 3 mascaras, and 3 mascaras that didn’t work so well for me! I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you all tomorrow morning for my next edition of my ‘Ask Billie’. Don’t forget to check out my last ‘Ask Billie’ and don’t forget to leave your questions in the contact form as I am really enjoying this series and I would LOVE it if you could get involved!

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “My Mascara Lusts & Busts

    1. I know that is the only annoying thing! I still cannot put down that l’oreal mascara though! thanks for stopping by lovely xxx


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