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So here we are, yet another week has flown by. I first want to apologise that this post is going up so late, something went wrong with my email account and I couldn’t view my emails… therefore I couldn’t see what questions had been asked! I finally managed to sort out that problem though and that is why this post is so late! Don’t forget to leave your questions in the contact form below so that I can answer your questions in another week of ‘Ask Billie’, you can leave questions anonymously if you prefer! I had a couple of new questions this week and this one really stood out to me:


How do I control my oil during the day so that I don’t have to touch up as often?

Sent by Anonymous.


I can really relate to your problem as I myself have combination skin and especially more recently, I have to be careful about what I am putting on my face as I can get oily around my nose, forehead and apples of cheeks pretty quickly! I do have a couple of tips that may work for you however, and there is one tip in particular that is my saving grace when it comes to trying to cut down on touch ups. I will also include some snaps of the products I love for each step and why!


  1. My first big tip would be to moisturise heavily. I like to apply an excess amount of moisturiser (preferable oil free but what ever is your preference) and leave it on my skin to sink in for about 5 minutes. If your skin is dehydrated it can start to overproduce oil to make up for that lack of hydration, so don’t be afraid of moisturiser. This is also great under makeup as the more moisturiser you apply, the nicer your makeup will look and the more makeup you can apply without it looking cakey. Once that moisturiser has soaked in I then rub in as much of the excess as possible, then most importantly blot off any remaining moisturiser. This will reduce shine for a more matte finish.
  2. My second tip is the one that will help to reduce your touch ups, and even though it goes against all makeup rules.. it works!! Take any loose powder you have (it will have to be matte) and apply a sheer layer over your moisturised face. If you want to use a matte primer, I would apply that first and then go in with your loose powder but this almost creates a barrier and a smooth matte finish for your foundation to glide over. This trick is honestly so good and really keeps oil at bay during the day. Make sure you are only applying a very sheer layer with a big fluffy brush, as you have got to apply foundation over top and you do not want to have a cakey finish.
  3. Use a matte foundation. This step is very important as the second you apply a dewy foundation, all of your hard work is for nothing. You will look greasy a lot quicker, where as if you prefer a more natural/satin finish you can apply a matte foundation and apply highlighter where you want a bit of a gleam. I also like to set my foundation fully with a matte pressed powder (or that loose powder) just to lock the foundation in place and create another barrier to prevent your oil throughout the day.
  4. Once your foundation is complete, you can use a long  wear setting spray to keep your makeup in place all day. This will again help the longevity of your makeup and will leave you matte for longer so you require less or no touch ups. This setting spray is really good and it is oil free which is a major bonus!
  5. Of course, depending on your level of oiliness it will depend on how often you need to touch up. I have a set routine with my foundation at the moment that I have been trying out which literally leaves me matte all day long! Whereas other people, no matter how many matte products they use, may still need a couple of touch ups throughout the day. I would recommend first of all blotting the excess oil off your face. You don’t want to trap that oil underneath more makeup as it will become cakey and can clog your pores. Once you have blotted off the excess, I would keep two products on hand. A pressed matte powder and a setting spray. Once you have powdered the areas that you get a little more oily, you can then give your face a quick spritz to extend the wear time of your touch up (be wary not to use a dewy setting spray however).


Those are my main oily skin tips and tricks! I hope this was helpful to whoever sent in this question and any one else who has problems with their oily skin! Don’t forget to leave all your questions in the contact form below as I would really appreciate it! If I don’t get any questions then I cannot continue this series that I am thoroughly enjoying! Thank you to everyone who has already sent questions in and I will work my way through them asap!

Until next time lovelies..


3 thoughts on “How Can I Stop Getting Oily During The Day? | Ask Billie

    1. I do love it for my oily skin, but it’s a funny one as I wouldn’t say it dries down completely matte on me but is more of a satin/natural finish, I still love it though! xx

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