10 Annoying Things About Makeup

So this post is a bit of a different one for me, I am usually raving about products I love or makeup looks or anything Makeup related, because quite frankly I am a bit of a beauty obsessed freak… Like anything else on this world, there are going to be things that don’t always appeal to us or please us how we would like. Since blogging I have tried a lot of makeup and a lot of brands and there are some things that I have found that just make you go.. ‘what the…?’ or ‘where’s the logic in that?’ so today I wanted to share with you a few things that drive me insane about makeup!


When face products start with shade 2…

Where is 1?! What about us fair people?! We need a 1!! Surely it is just common sense that if you are going to name shades by numbers, you would start with one and work your way through 2, 3, 4 etc? Well apparently not. I find this a lot with high street brands like Maybelline concealers. WE NEED A 1! Although this is not as nearly annoying as this next pet peeve…

When your shade numbers do not go in order…

Yes, again I am talking about you Maybelline! This one is aimed straight at the Fit Me Concealer. You have shades 10, 15, 20, 25.. ok cool. Being fair I am going to go with shade 10 as it would make sense right? Just for shade 15 to actually be the lightest shade and 10 to be too dark for me, making no damn sense at all?! The mind boggles..


What is this?!!?

When all high street nude lipsticks are practically concealers…

I love a good nude lipstick and I feel like high street/drugstore brands are stepping up their game, but I am quite fair so finding a nude shade for me proves far more difficult than it should be. I can either find a shade that is practically a concealer or one that is pure orange or a bright in your face baby pink. On other skin tones, those colours would look great as nudes.. but they just don’t seem to suit anyone with very fair complexions..

Although I will retract that statement partially as I recently found the BEST nudes from a high street brand, and they will be getting shared with you very shortly.. about time! 

When all fair foundations have a pink undertone…


This one literally grates on me so much! If I try and find a foundation with a yellow undertone it is automatically too dark for me. Either that or it is light enough, but is then far to pink on my skin and makes me look ill. I just can’t win!

When I am applying mascara, and the only way to get to the root of my lashes is is smear it all over my eye lid…

So frustrating!! I mean, it is easy enough to wipe off after it dries… but then you have to touch up your eye shadow and it is just far too time consuming for me! Then you also have that problem that if you haven’t waited long enough, then it just smears and smudges further. RAGE! 

When you have eye shadow fallout onto your face AFTER applying all of your makeup already, and you accidentally wipe it off too hard causing all that colour to smear across your face…

At this point, I don’t even want to talk about it… honestly.

When you deep clean your makeup brushes, leave them to dry and when you go to use them, realise that they haven’t been rinsed out properly and are full of oil…

Yes, this did just recently happen to me. I had my own little cocktail of olive oil, baby shampoo and something else I cannot remember. I gave all my brushes and good clean and rinse, only for the oil to stay in my brushes meaning I cannot use them until I wash them… again! Are you feeling stressed by this post yet? Because I am!

When you run out of setting spray…

This happens to me far too often but I still do not learn. I seem to go through setting sprays like there is no tomorrow, and the one thing I absolutely cannot stand is when I am going to finish off my makeup with some setting spray because things got a little powdery.. and it spits at you the tiniest bit and then there is none left. I can feel my blood pressure rising..

When you’re having a great makeup day, and you can not get a good picture to save your life…

I feel like this is more of a beauty blogger problem, as we always want to share our makeup looks. But getting the right lighting, angles and a good camera to pick up the details is hard to find when you’ve got an iPhone and you have to stand staring out of your living room window hoping it’s a bright day… It is the most annoying thing when you cannot get a good photo of your masterpiece!

When you are trying to shop online, and the shades look completely different when they arrive to your door…

I always say I am going to give up on online shopping, as what you see most certainly isn’t always what you get. I remember about 3 of my Mac lipsticks I purchased as I assumed they were going to be nice neutral nudes, one is a deep plum, the other is a warm peach shade and the final one is a bright baby pink… Brilliant. Not.


Here is my example, I chose a classic Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 107, we all know it as a deep red with more purple undertones right? Well why are you showing me a pink/purple bloody lipstick Boots? Why? Just why?


So now I feel extremely stressed and kind of like I need to go start smoking again… I hope you enjoyed my pain! Don’t forget to be asking your questions for my next ‘Ask Billie’, and until next time,






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