How Can I Stop My Foundation Oxidizing? | Ask Billie

Welcome back to another Monday morning! I have had such a busy week at work that I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and blog, so today is my chance to really get typing and finally posting everything that I have planned. Starting of course with this weeks edition of ‘Ask Billie’. If you don’t know what Ask Billie is then you can click here to find out everything you need to know, otherwise let’s get in to this weeks problem..


How can I stop my foundation from oxidizing?

So this week I got another email through that reads as follows..

Hi Billie, I have noticed with some of my foundations that they can get dark during the day or even straight after I put it on which then makes me look to orange. I don’t think I can pull that look off so what can you suggest to help stop this or ways to fix it? Cheers, Nikki.


Being fair I have a constant struggle with not only finding the right foundation shade, but when I do find it, hoping it doesn’t oxidize or trying to fix it when it does. It can be so annoying but there are a couple of things that you can do to try and save your foundation…

  1. Buy a shade lighter or two shades lighter than what you actually are. If you are fair then this isn’t going to work but if you have more medium – deep skin tones then you should be able to find a shade. After you have applied it and it has oxidized it should then match you a little better.
  2. Use a lighter concealer to highlight the face and tone down the shade. You can then also set your entire face with a powder that is maybe a little light for you just to neutralize everything and hopefully match you better.
  3. Before you buy a foundation, do your research and find out which foundations are known to oxidize and ones that are not. There are so many foundations out there and with that comes reviews. You can then do a little research and find out the foundations that don’t oxidize so that you don’t get a surprise after you have purchased it, or so you can purchase it in a lighter shade for precautions.
  4. Test a foundation before you purchase it. If you can’t be bothered to go and look through reviews just to see which ones do and don’t oxidize, you can go into a store, pick out the foundation of your choosing and test it on the back of your hand. You only need a little, go for a little walk around the shop or what ever else you are doing and then keep an eye on that tester to see if it has got darker or not.
  5. Mix your foundations. If you own maybe a foundation that is a little light, and one you know oxidizes, mix them together to custom create a shade and hopefully stop the foundation oxidizing as much.
  6. My final piece of advice would be to purchase some shade adjusting drops or lightening drops. You can keep these on hand so that if you do come across a foundation that oxidizes, you can lighten it slightly first so that when it gets darker it will match you better. This tip is best for fair skin tones if you already own the lightest shade in foundation. This is also great for anyone who owns lots of foundations and needs something that can be mixed in with every foundation without altering the formula too much.


I hope those tips and tricks helped you out and you’ll be able to save your foundation in the future! Don’t forget to leave your questions in the contact form below so that I can continue with this series!

Until next time,


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