The BEST Drugstore Nude Lipsticks

I love a good nude lipstick, it goes with everything, it doesn’t draw too much attention and it is just a great everyday staple. What I also love is a good drugstore lipstick, what is better than affordable makeup? I mean, C’mon! What bugs me the most however is that I can never seem to find a good nude lipstick, that is affordable… until now!

I mentioned in my ‘10 things that annoy me about makeup‘ post that it really drives me insane when affordable brands think 2 nudes are enough and they are either the shade of concealer or a bright baby pink. Especially on fair skin tones as the slightest bit of colour shows up like a neon mess, at least against my skin tone. I also mentioned in that post that I may have to retract part of the statement as I have in fact found some amazing drugstore nude lipsticks and you may be hearing about them soon… and here we are!


So the lipsticks that I am actually talking about come in the form of Maybelline Colour Sensational Matte Lipsticks. It hasn’t gone unnoticed to me that Maybelline has been adding in a few extra lippies and as soon as I saw the full row of nude lipsticks I dove straight in. Some people may say I was like a kid at a toy store, others may say I was a lion hunting my prey, either way I checked out with 4 brand new gorgeous nude lipsticks and I want to share them with you! Of course, I didn’t pick up every single nude as I know they weren’t all going to work for me and I just went for the ones that I liked the look of.




The first shade that I came out with was the lightest and it is the 981 Purely Nude. Now this one is nude nude but the reason I bought it is because it has a soft pink undertone, it isn’t like mac snob where it is a vibrant nude but it actually works against my skin tone as a nude nudeIt also has a lot of beige undertones in there without being like a concealer. I was so shocked that this colour actually worked for me, but I do like to mix it with the other nudes I purchased to lighten them or use a lip liner.


The next shade we have is 938 Beige Babe. Now this one is more of a pinky nude on me but again it is a muted pink shade that is slightly darker than Purely Nude. I love this one for every day wear and I feel like this one will be their best selling shade as it is that staple pinky beige nude, it honestly has the perfect tone to it.


Next we have my favourite of the four, 930 Nude Embrace. Now this shade has a little more brown/beige tones to it and runs a lot cooler than the other two. I love a 90’s nude and this shade is everything I have ever been looking for. It isn’t too peach/orange toned either and I love it against my skin tone, but I also think this would be amazing against more medium skin tones too!


My final nude shade is 988 Brown Sugar and it is pretty clear that for me this is not a nude. I wanted to purchase this 1) because I love a good deep and vampy 90’s brown lip and 2) I wanted to show the range and colours they had to suit the different skin tones. This one is so super deep that it would look amazing on the deepest of skin tones, or you can just wear it as a vampy lip depending on your skin tone. I freakin’ love this one too!

Mini Review


Now, the other reason I was so dying to do this post is not only because the nude shade range is amazing, but the formula is just as incredible. I love that these lipsticks are matte but they are not at all drying. They are actually incredibly creamy and opaquely pigmented. They almost remind me of the Mac matte lipsticks as they have that smooth glide and rich pigment and I actually think that these lipsticks are great dupes. I also have a couple of colour dupes to share with you and a load more swatches so you can see comparisons in tones etc.

Swatches & Comparisons


So I have not only swatched again the four Maybelline shades, but I have also included 5 Mac nudes so you can get an idea in the tones etc. The first two shades swatched are Snob and Myth. As you can see Snob is a bright almost neon “nude” shade which is completely unwearable for me personally. Next to it we have snob which is a better nude but is far to orange/peach toned for me and completely washes out my complexion making it again.. unwearable for me. Next to that we then have Purely Nude by Maybelline and you can see that it has those beige undertones but isn’t too in your face and is more pink based than Myth making it a really great shade.


You can also see the comparisons with the other nudes I have from Mac, and I have also found a couple of dupes for you too! The first being Mac Honey Love which is my all time favourite nude lipstick, and the shade that dupes it is Beige Babe. Honey love is a little deeper and richer, but when it is on the lips you really aren’t going to notice. Plus the formulas are so similar so why not save yourself a couple of quid!


The next dupe I have for you is a bit of a cocktail, but it dupes Mac Velvet Teddy which is probably a best known nude for Mac. I found that by mixing Brown Sugar and Nude Embrace you get a very similar shade as you can see. I picked up these lipsticks 2 for £10 so even with two of them they are still cheaper than the Mac ones so it may be worth trying!


I hope you enjoyed this post and until next time…



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