L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara Review

First of all… what a mouthful that title is! I don’t understand the need for ten thousand names for one product, I mean the majority of the time I forget the full name and just call it the ‘L’Oreal fibre one’ but that’s probably just me! ha! So as you can see today’s post is a review all about the newest addition to the L’Oreal family, the L’Oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara.. and breathe. I personally was so excited when I saw this mascara and people starting to talk about it as it is a fiber mascara and that makes me really excited. Of course, I bet you have all heard about the Younique fiber mascara and how it is raved about, so this really got me intrigued as I wondered if it was the same concept as the Younique mascara. I haven’t tried that mascara personally as I am a little skeptical but this one got me really excited. So let’s get into the review!




L’Oreal describe this product on their website as:

Introduing new False Lash X-Fiber Mascara, for our ultimate false lash look without the hassle of false lashes or eyelash extensions. Extreme length, extreme volume, extreme buildability. False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara has a two-step formula. Step one is a volumising black primer that thickens the look of each lash to build extreme volume. Step two has lengthening fibers enriched with 20X more fibers (vs Superstar Original) for extreme length.

Lashes appear lifted and longer, for our most dramatic false lash look.

1. Natural False Lash Look: Apply one coat of the primer, then one coat of the fibers

2. X-treme False Lash Look: Repeat application, pressing fibers into the lashes for added volume.


This mascara retails for £10.99 GBP and can be found in stores such as Boots or Superdrug etc or online. I feel like this is a little more pricey for high street makeup as usually they range from as little as £3 up to around £7-8 but I mean, the price isn’t bad by any means!



So this mascara as you can see comes in a shiny purple tube and comes with two ends with two separate mascaras or ‘steps’. I love the colour and it has nice packaging on the outside. The wands on this mascara are also nice but I definitely prefer one over the other. The step 1 wand is hourglass shaped and has firmer bristles. I am not a huge fan of the hourglass shape as I find I have to coat my lashes a little more to get them all looking consistent. Otherwise the centre of my lashes are curled and seperated and the inner and outer corners are just coated and kind of clumpy so I have to work this one a little bit.


As for the second wand, it has a really nice curve to it and is a bit bushier than the first wand. I really like this one as it isn’t as stiff as the hourglass wand and gets inbetween each and every lash but also curls them beautifully. I don’t really mind the first wand in the overall scheme of things as I know I am going in with the second wand and that will really sort my lashes out.


One thing I am not to keen on about this packaging is that the ends on both sides are pointed. This is probably me just being a little OCD but even though I love the packaging, I find that the points on either end just makes it so annoying to store. I have all of my mascaras stood up in acrylic storage along with my other makeup. The rest of my mascaras have flat bottoms so they will stand in place no problem and look really neat and tidy whereas this one will fall all over the place and knock down all my neatly placed makeup! Yes, I am laughing at myself whilst I write this as it is ridiculous but I just had to get it off my chest! 



So as I have already mentioned, this mascara has two sides to it. A step 1 and step 2. Step one is your regular mascara and step two is another mascara but it is packed with fibers that are supposed to make your lashes longer and fuller for a false lash effect. My first honest thought when I applied step 1 for the first time was how clumpy it was. Like I mentioned the hourglass shape is a little odd and the chunkier parts of the wand were clumping up my lashes. It took a bit of work but I managed to get them sorted how I would like them. I immediately noticed that this is a very black and very voluminous mascara and I wasn’t mad at it by any means.


Close up of my lashes after applying step 1 & 2 to one eye. 

I then applied step 2 which I find so amazing as you can actually see the fine little fibers but it does come in a mascara form so they aren’t falling everywhere due to being in the mascara itself. I love the brush on the second wand like I mentioned and I feel like this step is where the magic happens because the second I applied this part my lashes just went boom. They were long, full, separated, voluminous, dramatic, deep deep black and I really liked it actually. I am going to be the person to say that it does take a little bit of time to apply as you really have to make sure you get this mascara on right, otherwise it can look clumpy or spidery or really cakey, but it is so extremely similar to the Too Faced Better Than Sex but packs a bit more of a punch! I mean just look at the difference!


Close up of the lashes after applying step 1 & 2 (2 coats on each eye). Just to show you how it looks with a couple of coats. 

They do claim that you can layer this up to get even more volume, and usually I like to wait until my lashes are dry and go in with the fibers again purely to separate my lashes further and make sure there are no clumps. I find that if you add any more than that then it does get a bit too much and also feels heavy on the eyes.

I do also want to quickly add in that the formula of this mascara is by no means waterproof but it tends to get a bit messy when apply just because of how close to my roots I was trying to get so that is why you can see little smears. That and I couldn’t be bothered to get rid of them! Even though it will smudge and smear if you cry or anything, it doesn’t budge if it stays dry. It is basically like any other mascara so when it is on and dry you don’t have to worry about it, but if you’re going to have a good cry then things could get pretty inky. It also doesn’t flake off during the day.

Personal Opinion


Mascara at a distance with just one coat on each eye.

So I bloody love this mascara! You may already know that as I have mentioned it before but this stuff is just incredible. I love the effect it gives my lashes, I most certainly do not need fake lashes or extensions when I use these that is for sure. One thing that also bugs me about companies is when they claim that it is a ‘false lash effect’, no matter how hard you try you will never get perfectly even lashes where every lash follows a pattern or is all the same thickness or length. I think putting lashes over these would do nothing because it is such a dramatic mascara, and it does look amazing by itself, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to be going out looking like you’ve just applied a fresh pair of demi-whispies because no ones eye lashes actually look that shape and they are all different and uneven in their own way. If yours aren’t then I salute you and will sit the hell down! I do however think that this is the most voluminous and dramatic mascara I own whilst being wearable and workable, I mean it does take a little longer to apply especially if you want to make your lashes look really good and separated. This would be really great for nights out or just your casual Tuesday.. what ever floats your boat! One thing I was amazed about with this mascara, I’m talking starred at my lashes for a good 15 minutes amazed, was how my lashes held a curl and almost got more curled during the day. My lashes honestly looked so good and mine have a tendency to weigh down, but despite this being a heavy mascara it didn’t weigh my lashes down and held a curl so bloody well! I really love this mascara and recommend anyone who loves a bit of drama to try this one out. I mean, I have been wearing it every day since over my Urban Decay Perversion so….. do you need anymore proof?


I hope you enjoyed this review and until next time,



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