Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit Review

So, I am back again with another liquid lipstick review! Today’s liquid lipstick is one I am so excited about. I was shopping in boots and saw the words ‘lip kit‘ and of course, you instantly think of Kylie Jenner. Instead, this lip kit is the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit. After letting out a little squeal and being extremely excited I checked out with all three shades. I have been using these for a good few weeks now and I have a set opinion that I would like to share with you all..

P.s I don’t want to ruin it for you all, but it’s a gooden so you’ll want to stick around.. cool? Okay! 




So Barry M describe this product on their website as:

Reach pout perfection with the Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint and Liner. In 3 gorgeous, statement shades, its non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply and will leave lips with a gorgeously bold finish. Each kit comes with a matte liquid Lip Paint and Lip Liner.

The lip kits only come in 3 limited edition shades, but they do sell the matte me up liquid lips separately (not in a kit) in a further 5 shades.


So these lip kits retail for £6.99 each and are only available in Superdrug or Boots. You can purchase the single lip paints for £4.99 also but you will not be able to purchase any of the limited edition shades I am about to show you in the singles.


So as you can see these lip kits come in these slender little boxes which I love! On the front and back it displays the shade (although the colours aren’t exactly the same as the liquid lipstick) and it is black on the sides. I love the packaging of the box with the black writing as I feel it looks really pretty and sleek. I won’t lie, I don’t plan on throwing away the boxes.. they can stay with me! 


When you open up the box you are then greeted with your liquid lipstick and the matching lip liner. I love that they have matched the packaging and have stuck with the black and then the lipstick colour. They have also printed the names on both the liner and lipstick so you know what ones match easily. Again, I love the sleek look of both the pencil and lipstick and they feel really high quality which I love for such an affordable price.


I own all three limited edition shades in Go To, Pose and Runway.  Don’t be fooled by the packaging however, as I mentioned above the boxes don’t accurately represent the shade inside as ‘go to’ is actually a bit darker than ‘pose’ but it is definitely a nude, and pose is more of a pink as you can see from the swatches below.




So as I have mentioned you get both a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The lip liner is the first thing I started with. I love that they have matched the shades of the lip liner and lipstick really well so there isn’t a huge difference and the compliment each other. The formula is honestly one of the best I think I have ever tried and that is a pretty big statement! They are so creamy and have amazing pigment to them. A lot of lip liners can be really drying but these ones aren’t so it is a really nice base to apply under a liquid lipstick to prevent things from getting too dry. I decided to just line the outside of my lips however for the wear test as I wanted to see how the liquid lipstick performed on it’s own when it comes to wearing away in the center of the lips. I have tried these with just lining the lips and completely filling them in however and it works great either way but for the wear test I only lined my lips.


I really like the doe foot applicator on these as they are a good size and shape, pretty standard but they aren’t really stiff. They have a fluffiness about them but still are able to get a nice crisp line which I really appreciate.


The liquid lipstick itself shocked me honestly. When I first applied it my first thought and worry was how liquidy it was. It is incredibly thin so I was worried that it would be patchy or streaky. That wasn’t the case at all though. I find I have to really scrape off the excess product back in the tube before using it otherwise you apply way to much, but even when you scrape off all the excess you can still manage to cover your whole lips with one swipe. I start with the bottom lip, press my lips together and then fill in any gaps and it is full opaque pigment and looks really smooth. They also dry incredibly quickly. You have enough time to manipulate the product but once you are done they will dry very quickly and be fully matte which I love. I also love that even if you apply the lip liner or not, it doesn’t affect the formula of the liquid lipstick and doesn’t affect how it dries down or wears. I love the thin texture as it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips and feels like nothing.


When first applied at 11:15am.


Check In: 3:40pm, after 3.5 hours of wear.

I chose to wear the shade ‘Pose’ for my wear test. It turned out to be a really pretty nude pink and I actually looked good against my fair skin. Throughout the day it remained really comfortable and didn’t feel dry at all. I wore this when I was working just to really see how it wore when I would be drinking plenty and talking a lot like you do, and it didn’t crack or get gunky on the inner part of my lips but just felt comfortable. As you can tell I was pretty impressed.


Check In: 9:15pm, after 10 hours of wear.

I had a pretty long day this day so when I got home I decided to do a check in before I ate my dinner and afterwards. I had chilli with rice that night so it wasn’t anything that was easy to eat and was actually quite saucy, but as you can see from the after photo that the lipstick held up really well considering.


Check In: 10:15pm, after 11 hours of wear and eating my evening meal. 

Personal Opinion

Lip swatches of the two other shades.
Left: Go-To

Right: Runway

I bloody love these things! I would highly recommend them to anyone for the price and I think they can compete with higher end brands too. I think that the formula and texture reminds me a lot of the Jeffree Star Liquid Lips in the sense that they are very thin in texture but really opaque and pigmented. They also dry down so nicely and I feel like they don’t emphasize the lines in my lips too much. I love how smooth they applied and how comfortable they are and I am also a huge fan of the lip liners that come with it. As you can see they wore really well throughout the day and really really impressed me. I am loving wearing these and I think that the shade range will suit lots of skin tones. I wish they had more shades in the lip kits as they are just great little buys and I hope Barry M make more soon! I have wore them a couple more times since the check ins and ‘Go To’ has been my go-to conveniently! I will say if any then Go-To is just a little more drying throughout the day but it’s barely even noticeable! I am literally in love with these lipsticks!


I hope you enjoyed this review! Don’t forget to check out my other liquid lipstick reviews here if you are interested! I also have my beauty column so if you have any questions then you can find everything you need to know right here!

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit Review

  1. Oh my God I really wish I can get hold of these! I am going back to the UK in the summer I bet all these pretty shades are all gone by then :( maybe I’ll ask someone to buy for me hahaha looks so pretty! Have you tried any of the makeup revolution lip kit yet? x


  2. Love your reviews they are very honest and you even point out if lippy is useful colourwise x x
    Tell us what you think of our latest finds @verymakeupmad would love your thoughts x


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