February Lusts & Busts

So we are already another month down and I’m still thinking that it’s new year! This month has been an extremely busy one when it comes to birthdays and celebrations, and I have also been treating myself this month too which means lots more products to talk about! I have decided to do this months favourites in the form of Lusts & Busts as there are a few products that i’ve purchased this month that have really dissapointed me in one way or another, so let’s get going…




I have been trying out lots of new products this month including some new skin care. Two skin care products have really stood out to me, the first being the L’Oreal Micellar Water. I love a good micellar water to remove my makeup before washing my face or to give my face a quick clean if I am in a rush. I love the Garnier one but there is something about this one that I have been really enjoying. It is amazing and removing mascara without smearing it everywhere and it literally melts your makeup off with minimal effort. A definite lust for me this month!


My next skin care item is the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Moisturiser. You all know that I am head over heels for the sheet masks in this line, and I am also using their night cream but this day cream is really beautiful. I love how rich it feels but it doesn’t sit heavy or gunky on my skin, I love using this under my makeup too as I find it gives my skin a good boost and I have been really enjoying it. Plus is comes with a good ole’ pump so I don’t feel like I am getting bacteria all over my face like I do with the night gel.


Now, let’s talk foundation. I am extremely fair with combination skin. I have recently noticed that my nose especially gets very oily during the day. I used to have dry skin but my skin has slowly been transforming and now my most oily places are my nose and the cheek area beside my nose. I had this foundation for a while but the shade was never right so when I found the shade 100 I was so excited! It is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. Even though I have put this in my favourites, there are some definite things I don’t like about it, but I still continue to use it which deep down tells me I love it really. First of all, the shade on me is a perfect match  Yes, the bold underlining was absolutely necessary indeed! Even though I have been lead to believe that this stuff has some good coverage, I find it has pretty light/medium coverage on my skin but I can get a good medium if I build it up slightly. That may also be because I like to use a damp sponge though. I love how smooth my skin looks with this foundation and how it matches my complexion really well. I does tend to grab a tiny bit at my dry patches, but my skin doesn’t have that many very often so it isn’t really a problem. I will say that this foundation still gets me oily on my nose during the day even when set with a powder and I don’t really find it to dry down completely matte, but I have really been enjoying it and I have been using it every day!


I feel the need to just let you know that my fave concealer has come back to me again and we have been reunited… I don’t need to say much else but just a little update. Muhahaha… 


My next favourite comes in the form of a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade pearl. I love this highlight for my fair skin and even though it is white it doesn’t transfer onto the skin as a white stripe but just looks like a really natural healthy glow. I love the formula of these highlighters they are so gorgeous!


The next two products I have recently done reveiws on. You can click here to get my full opinion of the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits but just know that you will be £6.99 poorer afterwards!


As for the other review, which you can find here, it is based all around my L’Oreal Super Star False Lash X Fiber Mascara which is another amazing mascara and I have been using it every day non stop. Today is the first day when I am trying out another mascara but this one so far is my new holy grail!


Now, lets talk about some products that didn’t quite work for me.. I am just going to say it as it is for this part otherwise we will be here forever, but just know that if you love these please don’t be offended as everyone is different!


First of all, we have the Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit in the ‘lightest’ shade. I love the idea of this contour kit and think that it will work really well for many people, but those people will have to be about 7 shades darker than me! These colours are far too dark for my fair complexion and  I find the middle shade far too red toned to be a contour or even a bronzer. They look really muddy  on my skin and the highlight shade is even too dark to be a face powder for me. Maybe if they bought out a lighter version it might do the job but for now this one is a bust.


My second bust comes in the form of a Mac lipstick dare I say, and it is called Myth. I bought this shade so excited as I thought it would be a gorgeous beige toned nude which I have been on the hunt for, for so long! I love nude nude lipsticks but they either look far too pink or way too dark and I just cannot find a good in between as I am so fair. I saw Mannymua wear this lipstick and I honestly thought it was everything I have been looking for, so I ordered it as you do and when it arrived I was soooooo dissapointed! This colour is a straight up orange beige against my skin and makes me look ill. The same could be said for Snob as that was also a major disappointment to me. The formula however is still gorgeous as are all the Mac lipsticks it’s just the colour really didn’t work for me!


My third and final bust is the Collection Sheer Loose Powder. So far, from what I have tried this powder doesn’t actually have that bad of a formula, it kept me matte pretty well and it wasn’t overly cakey. My problem lies again with the shade names and numbers. I got the shade 2 Translucent. Now, if you had a translucent powder surely you will number that 1 and then go darker and darker (2,3,4… etc). The first shade was called 1 light something, and the second shade was called 2 Translucent and also looked lighter in the tub!! So I picked up shade 2 TRANSLUCENT for the bloody thing not to be translucent but to actually be pretty dark with an orangey/beige undertone which ruined my makeup. I used it to bake under my eyes after highlighting and my under eyes were darker than the rest of my face…. no thank you. I’m out.


So that is it for my February lusts and busts! I hope you enjoyed this favourites and possibly picked up some inspo for your next shopping spree! Also don’t forget to send your questions in via the contact form on the last ‘Ask Billie‘. I answer all questions every monday so I would really appreciate it if you could join in and get involved!

Until next time,



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