My Full Coverage Nude Makeup

I feel like before anything I should definitely apologise for my mini absence. I have not been feeling so great the last couple of weeks so decided to take it easy, and I have had this post up and ready to go for a while but just kept forgetting to post it! I love a good neutral makeup look as it will look great on everyone and even though it is nude and subtle, it can still be so stunning and such a head turner if it needs to be. I think the beauty with nude tones is that they are so universally flattering on every single skin tone and it is a way to make an impact but without having to slap on a red lip or put too much effort it. I can do this look with full coverage or even a little bit of concealer and some bronzer and it still looks really pretty, plus you can wear this everyday or for the evening time if you wish. I actually wore this look with my full coverage routine to my nieces 3rd birthday party… I might of gotten carried away when  I was doing my makeup that morning, so if you want to find out how I achieve my go-to neutral but full coverage and flawless makeup then keep scrolling!



I think the key to full coverage to me is to use products that have the pigment but are still really lightweight. I don’t like to add lots and lots of layers but keep it as simple as possible. I always make sure that I go in with lots of moisturiser and a good primer before hand also to make sure everything holds well. The other problem with full coverage is that if it wears off or gets heavy looking or oily you can really tell!


I used a mix of my Maybelline Matte + Poreless foundation to begin with as it matches my skin really well. I then added in a tiny drop of the Dermacol Makeup Cover as this stuff is intense full coverage but is so ridiculously lightweight and wears really really well during the day! Mixing these two foundations gives me the shade I need and the coverage I need whilst being really lightweight and flawless. I always use a damp beauty sponge to apply my foundation as it picks up any excess to prevent any caking. I then only concealed where I really needed to and highlighted under my eyes only a tad. I didn’t want to go full blown highlight as I already had amazing coverage with just one layer and I didn’t want to start piling it up. I then set my face with my Maybelline Matte Maker Pressed Powder lightly all over and made sure my under eyes were set to prevent creasing.


For my cheeks, I wanted to use products that I know blended well and worked for my skin tone. I started by contouring using the Ps Love Contour Kit. As you may know, I only really like that end shade as it is the perfect undertone for my skin. I use a large fan brush to contour as it is my favourite tool at the moment. I then highlighted my cheekbones with a mix of Champagne Pop and Pearl as I am obsessed with these both and was feeling a little high maintenance. I always like to add a little bit of blush just to add some colour, and I have gotten back into the habit of using my beaten up Gosh Rose Whisper Blush as it is my favourite blush of all time.



For my eyes I am using my Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eye Shadow Palette. I used some of the lighter browns in my crease before adding some definition on the outer edge with that darker brown. I then added a nude/champagne shade all over my lid but I decided it needed more of a pop so I went in with that gorgeous marbled white/bronze shade to give it a bit of life. I then used a matte white to highlight my brow bone and inner corners before going onto mascara. Today I used a different mascara purely because I am trying out a new one. This is the Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara which I am actually really enjoying. It is very much a more fluttery, natural fluffy kind of mascara but I think it really opened up my eyes. I also popped in a little bit of Barry M White Eye Liner and set it with my brow bone highlight shade as this one has a tendency to slide around a bit.


For my brows I used my trusty Makeup Gallery Brow Quad and filled them in as I usually would. I then neatened everything up using my Soap & Glory Brow Archery. Just to be high maintenance again!



For my lips I used my Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit in the shade Go-To. This is my favourite nude at the moment and wears so well!



I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and until next time…



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