My Sparkly Spring Makeup

I have been obsessed with Spring makeup looks ever since we got a little bit of sunshine, I have been non-stop playing with spring tones and looking up makeup looks for inspiration. I am loving the pastel trend at the moment also and I am kind of dying to get my hands on the Pastel Goth palette by Kat Von D! This makeup look is something more neutral but really spring appropriate and also a little more glamorous than your average everyday makeup look!

Everything that I used on my face can be found on my spring/summer face post, in this post I am just sharing what is on my eyes and lips!




For my eyes I wanted to do a daytime smokey eye with more champagne tones. I started by applying a cream base to my eye lid so that my shimmery shadows that I applied later on would have more of a pop. For my base I used my ColourPop Smoke ‘n’ Whistles Highlighter and applied this only to my lid.


I then went in with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I had already set my eye with a matte cream shade (1)  before applying that cream base from ColourPop. After I applied the highlighter to my lid I started with the shade Salted Caramel (2) and used this as a transition shade but built it up quite a bit as I didn’t want lots of dark shades in my crease. I then went in with a more neutral shade, Milk Chocolate (3) and applied this lightly to my outer corners for some definition and a little on my lower lash line. I then retouched my lid with that ColourPop highlighter as some of the blending had disturbed it, and then went in with a mix of Marzipan (4) and Creme Brulee (5) and applied this onto my lid.


I love a matte white highlight for my inner corners as I don’t think that shimmery highlights suit me, and as you can see I love my Makeup Obsession White Out Eye Shadow for this as it is super pigmented and really brightens up my eyes. I also add a little to my brow bone too!


For my waterline I wanted to neutralise it as my eyes have been a bit irritated recently and my waterline has been very red. For this I used my Jelly Pong Pong Eye Brightener Pencil and applied this to my waterline and open my eyes a little more.


For mascara I have been really enjoying the Maybelline Push Up Angel Mascara especially for when I want really light fluffy lashes, it does a great job of separating and giving lots of length.



For lips I think it is only right that I used my current favourite lip colour, the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Anthens. You can see just how pretty and peachy it is, perfect for summer!



There we have my first spring makeup look! I hope you enjoyed and until next time…



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