My Spring Makeup Wishlist

Am I the only one that is completely obsessing over the latest spring trends. There are so many products that have come out that I am just drying to try and also a few other products that aren’t new, but I feel would be beautiful for spring! I actually also have just one product that isn’t makeup but more body care, but you can keep reading to find out what that is… if you’re interested that is! 



So first off I have one palette that I am dying to try. This one I have already talked about, and that is the Kat Von D Pastel Goth Palette. I am crazy inspired by pastel tones at the moment and there are so many looks I really want to create, but I literally have no shadows that I can create them with. All the more reason to go shopping eh?! 

My next product was recently featured in Tati’s youtube video and I can’t seem to think of anything else except this highlighter. That is the Lorac Pro I Love Brunch Light Source Illuminating Powder. Notice anything different about this one? No? This highlighter is only the most beautiful mint shade I’ve ever seen! I mean, it’s not practical and would probably look ridiculous but I want it nonetheless as I am truly fascinated.


This next product I have wanted to try for so long, I mean you can see how bloody stunning it is?! There is something about this YSL Lipstick that just makes me think of spring. I think it is because I know some of them have a more sheer finish and I love a more sheer lightweight lipstick for the Spring. I will get my hands on one of these one day!


I know everyone, their mothers and grandfathers are talking about the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eye Shadows but I must admit that they do look absolutely stunning. I always think that if a product is too over hyped then it will disappoint me, so I tend not to go there, but I can feel myself going there with these!


I am not a big blush person, I mean sometimes I will add a pop of colour to my cheeks but I always find that it does nothing more than round my face out which isn’t great when you are already a big girl. However, the Benefit Galifornia Blush is calling my name. It might just be the pattern but it is so beautiful!


My final product that has made it to my wishlist for spring is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I love a good setting spray and I have heard great things about this one. I feel like there is something about it that is so different to any other setting spray and I am dying to try it out! Roll on payday! 


So there is my Spring wishlist 2017! Please let me know if you have tried any of these products and if they are worth it?! p.s I will be taking donations this time around to fund my makeup addiction. It’s an illness I swear! 

Until next time my lovelies…


7 thoughts on “My Spring Makeup Wishlist

  1. I really want the Kat Von D palette, it’s so pretty, and that highlighter looks really interesting. As you say it might be one that looks ridiculous on but I still just want to try it as it’s such a nice mint green colour.


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