My Bright & Bold Spring Makeup

I am loving the spring/summer colours at the moment, and unlike my last makeup look I wanted to try something a little more bold. There is one lipstick in particular that I absolutely am in love with and wish I could wear every single day of my life, but it is pretty intense and takes a lot to wear it! I wanted to do something a little more dramatic so here goes…

For all the products that I have used on my face then you can find them right here in my Spring/Summer face routine. This post is simply for the eyes and lips.



For my eyes I used my Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. I love this palette and think it is seriously underrated! I started by using my favourite shade (1) and using this to set my concealer and highlight the brow bone and inner corner. I then started to build some definition in the crease with shade (2). On the outer and inner corners only I applied shade (3) as I wanted to create an intense halo eye. I repeated all these steps on the lower lash line also. For the centre of the lid I decided to use that gorgeous gold shade (4) and I really packed this on the centre of the lid and then just finished blending everything to make sure it was seamless, and applying touch ups of different shades here and there until I was happy with it.


For my waterline as always I like a cream shade. I used my Jelly Pong Pong Eye Brightener for this and then moved onto mascara.


I wan’t some drama in my lashes as this look was so bold, so I used my Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and applied a couple of coats to my top and bottom lashes.


For my lips, I wouldn’t usually go with a bold eye and a bold lip, but as the tones in the eye were pretty neutral I just decided to go for it and applied my Collection Coral Pop Matte Lipstick. I honestly cannot get enough of this shade and I have been wearing it as often as I can!



I hope you enjoyed this bold spring makeup look! I have many more spring looks to come as yet though! So until next time…


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