Palette Breakdown | Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eye Shadow Palette

It feels like such a long time since I last done a palette breakdown. I feel like a good spending spree is needed soon as there are so many palettes I am dying to try and so many new products I want to get my hands on to review! This palette was on my wishlist for a good while before I finally grabbed it. I have now been using this palette for a good few months and I have had a real good chance to play around with it and test it out. I have gotten a pretty good opinion on this palette and there are some definite pros and cons, so let’s dive into this one as soon as possible!



So as usual, I will start with the outer packaging and work my way inside to give you the full experience. as you can this palette comes in the same standard packaging as the other Makeup Revolution palettes such as the Flawless or Flawless Matte, but this one has gold packaging rather than that black. For some reason I just much prefer the black packaging more than this gold as I find that this one looks a bit more ‘cheap’ so to speak, it isn’t like that glossy or mirrored gold but instead has quite a matte finish, and I find that this one feels far more like plastic whereas the others have a bit more weight behind them. Don’t get me wrong however, this palette still has weight which then brings the quality back up for me, but just on first impressions I wasn’t insane about the packaging. It wasn’t as sleek in my eyes. Also on the front you have the mirrored symbol and the black writing displaying the brand and the name of the palette. On the back of the packaging, one thing I really enjoy is that they have ingredients already displayed on the packaging. A lot of products don’t display their ingredients and it isn’t the easiest to find on the internet for some products so I like that they have put them out there for all to see. This also shows me that there are two different formulas in this palette, your normal eye shadows and then they also have some baked eye shadows.


Like some of the other Makeup Revolution palettes, when you open it up you are greeted with that big glorious mirror. I love that they put a good sturdy mirror in there and it is a really great size too. You are also then greeted with those gorgeous eye shadows.


So in this palette you have 30 shades, split over four rows. In the centre you get a brush which I have misplaced, but from what I remember the brush wasn’t exactly bad, but it wasn’t something i’d reach for either. As you can see there are various colour groups in this palette which I think makes it really versatile, you have your neutral browns, golds, champagnes which then blends to your pinks, bronzes, greens and blues. You have a good selection of purples too which I love. This palette has a few different finishes from mattes, shimmer, metallic and some really gorgeous marbled shades. As I have been using my palette, I really couldn’t do the marbled shades justice so I have found this photo of google which shows the shades and finishes more true to colour. I will also list the all the shade names and finishes below if you are interested including some swatches:


Top Row, left to right…

  • Glimmer- a shimmery champagne
  • Buffer- a matte neutral/cool transition shade
  • Peachy- a shimmery peachy pink
  • Hope- a metallic chocolate
  • Fortune- a metallic gold with green undertones
  • Skylight- a blue/gold marbled metallic
  • Transformer- a matte teal
  • Midnight Rainbow- a shimmery royal blue

Second Row, left to right..

  • Ice Cold- a metallic white
  • Golden Coins- a metallic bronze with gold and copper marble
  • Cashmere- a shimmery cool brown
  • Tip Top- a matte olive green
  • Yes Please- a metallic deep green
  • Green Machine- a metallic soft green
  • Smoothie- a matte forest green


Third Row, left to right..

  • Caffeine Fix- a deep matte chocolate brown
  • Latte- a warm matte transition shade
  • Pink Diamond- a metallic frosty baby pink
  • Creme- a matte cream shade
  • Drama Queen- a deep matte plum
  • Lonely Planet- a metallic deep purple with red marble
  • Blacqua- a matte black

Fourth Row, left to right..

  • Soft- a matte white with pink tones
  • New World- a metallic white with bronze marble
  • Favour- a metallic lilac
  • Sunset Hour- a metallic rose gold
  • Super Gold- a metallic bronze/gold marble
  • Winning- a matte Cadburys purple
  • Brave- a shimmery deep purple
  • The Revolution- a shimmery mid-tone purple.


As you can see from the swatches, these shadows have some mixed formulas. Some are really super pigmented and metallic, and others just don’t show up. I firmly believe that you can’t really judge anything purely based on swatches, and it is only fair that you actually apply the shadows to see how they perform and wear on the eyes. I find that some of these shades are so gorgeous and blendable. Especially the mattes. I don’t have a problem with blending and none of them are patchy in my opinion. They also aren’t my favourite mattes ever. I think that the metallic shades including the marbled shades are so stunning in the pan, and they also swatch really beautifully, but they can take a bit of building up on the eyes to get full pigment. I have tried using both my fingers and a brush and I find that there are a couple that are a bit harder to work with than others. The rose gold shade has probably been my favourite colour out of the whole palette, but I really struggle to build it up on my eyes, and if I do go crazy and apply loads of it, it will look quite chunky on my eyes. I have quite mixed opinions on these shadows if I am honest, I think they are quite hit and miss and lacks consistency. Overall I think this palette is ok, it’s not my favourite despite having a gorgeous colour selection and layout, but the shadows themselves are a little underwhelming. I do however still continue to use this every so often if I want a specific shade, but apart from that this palette is alright to me but I am not head over heels, but I also don’t hate it. Will I continue to use it? Yes of course, but I think because I was so excited about it, it was just a little underwhelming for me personally.


Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it? Did they lack consistency for you? 

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Palette Breakdown | Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave Eye Shadow Palette

  1. The colours are really pretty! You seem to get quite a lot with them! I find with the Sleek palettes that the colours aren’t very consistent in terms of pigment but I don’t mind a bit of extra blending when I know the rest of the palette is great. I like this one though, I’ve never tried Makeup Revolution before xx


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