Top 10 Makeup Habits I Have That Drive Me Insane..

So, I have noticed that since posting my 10 annoying things about makeup, that I am now noticing SO many annoying habits that I do myself when applying my makeup. Some things won’t be so bad to some of you, and others may be terrible to you, but I suppose we can just laugh at them together, or get a giant wash of anxiety.. we’ll see!


  1. Forgetting to dampen my beauty sponge…
    I have this awful habit of walking all the way to the bathroom in the morning, washing my face etc, going to my dressing table, applying all my skin care and getting ready to slap my foundation on.. and only then will I realise that I didn’t take my sponge to the bathroom with me so I have to walk aaalll the way back again. I mean, this one is just pure laziness but still, it’s so annoying!
  2. Forgetting to apply primer…
    I have combo skin and I can get pretty oily on my nose area throughout the day and I have primers sat waiting to be tried, yet every time I sit down and do my makeup I just always forget and go straight in with foundation. By then of course I am too lazy to remove it etc so I just have to deal with it, but this one drives me insane!
  3. Applying powder and then realising that you wanted to apply more cream products…
    I have gotten myself into this routine of 1. foundation, 2. concealer, 3. powder. I have a lot of cream contours, highlights etc that I always want to use, but by time I have powdered it becomes too late! I would just break the rules and apply them anyways but they say never apply creams on top of powders for  reason! void! 
  4. Setting myself up for an unblended contour…
    This one has to be the most annoying to me, because it is so easy to avoid but it just skips my mind so often. I know that if I want a smooth blended contour/bronze/blush etc then I need to set my face with a face powder first. A lot of the time I set my under eyes first with a powder and then I change my powder for my face. Now, this routine becomes annoying when you set your under eye, forget that you haven’t set the rest of your face and then go in with powder contours/bronzers etc and it is the most patchiest experience of your life. I do this way too often!
  5. Applying too much blush and ruining everything…
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of blush but only in small doses. I feel like as I am so fair and naturally have a lot of redness in my skin that blush just brings out my redness again and doesn’t look the best on me. I have a couple of blushes that I love for my skin tone as they don’t look ridiculous, but other than that I have to be really careful as it is soo easy to go overboard on the blush and it is a mistake I make quite regularly.
  6. Wiping off your makeup brushes on your shirt rather than washing them…
    I have got into this awful habit of instead of cleaning my brushes, especially when it comes to eye shadow brushes, I will just wipe of what ever eye shadow there is on my clothes. It is the most annoying habit ever as I then have to wash everything and it’s messy and horrible but I just can’t seem to stop! I need help ok?!
  7. Attempting winged liner after you have finished your makeup knowing full well it doesn’t suit you and you’re shit at them anyway…
    Does this one really need an explanation? Even though I have hooded eyes and winged liner looks ugly on me, for some reason every so often I just get the urge to give it a go! Of course it is after the rest of my makeup is done, and it never goes the way I planned but I can’t seem to kick the habit!
  8. When you practice your makeup skills in the evening for them to be perfect, but when you try the next day it is worse than what my 3 year old niece could do…
    I love sitting by my dressing table before taking my makeup off, and just practicing and trying out different techniques or colours. I am always so proud when I think I have succeeded but then when you go to repeat the same thing the next day it completely goes to shit! What is with that?! I don’t appreciate it whatever it is!
  9. Getting carried away…
    I am incredibly guilty of this! For some reason, whenever I just want to slap on a bit of concealer and some brows it turns into a full on routine. Concealer isn’t enough so I add the foundation, then I have to set it, then I am too pale so I add some bronzer, then I’m too matte so the highlight comes out, then my eyes look weird so I add shadow, and mascara, and lipstick… I just can’t do a touch of concealer!
  10. Forgetting to top up on your must have products…
    Now, this last one has got to be the most annoying of them all. I know what I like when it comes to my makeup, and I definitely have those products that I cannot live without. I hate it when I set myself up and run out of things and completely forget to replace them. My worst product for this is setting spray. I feel like without setting spray my face can look quite dry and crusty depending on what powder I am wearing. I always manage to run out of setting spray and completely forget to buy another or back up on setting sprays! Then I go for ages without it because I do my makeup, tell myself I need more, go about my day and then wake up the next morning and repeat it all over again. It’s a vicious circle!!

There are serious lessons to be learnt here people!

Until next time,

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