Palette Breakdown | Morphe 25B

I have come to the conclusion that I am just obsessed with eye shadow palettes, but not just any eyeshadow palettes but those gorgeous neutral ones! Don’t get me wrong, I freakin’ love a warm toned smokey eye but I also think that cool tones look quite nice on my eyes so I like a palette that can give me both. I have found my perfect palette, this is not a drill!

So for today’s palette breakdown we have the Morphe 25B. This palette and the 25A were both released in the US a couple of months ago, and it recently just popped up on beauty bay. I have had my eye on this palette since the moment that I saw it because it was just utter perfection. I only received this palette a few days ago, but I literally have not put it down. Usually I would like to give myself a good few weeks to try and test all the different shades but I have been non-stop playing around with these eye shadows so I already have a pretty good opinion on them. Let’s get into the breakdown…



First thing first, let’s talk about the packaging. Now, this eye shadow palette doesn’t have 35 shadows like their other main palettes and has 25 instead, so this palette is more square shaped than the other palettes. When I received it, I realised that it was a lot smaller than I was expecting just as they look so damn big in the beauty videos I was watching. You still get good sized eye shadows in this palette however, don’t get me wrong! What I love about this palette is that even though it comes in the same black plastic on the back, which does feel pretty cheap, the front is made of clear plastic which I love! It means that you can see all of the shadows clearly and I really like that touch. It also has the Morphe logo on the bottom just like normal. Overall, I like the packaging as you can see the shadows through it which looks much more pretty than just their average black plastic top which I have never really been a fan of. It isn’t too weighty and does feel kind of cheap, but I just like to tell myself that the money was spent on the formula and getting the eye shadows really creamy and beautiful. You can’t win them all hey! 


Once you open the palette you will be greeted with 25 eye shadows. You get 5 rows with 5 shadows on each row. I love the layout of this palette and the way they have set out the colour scheme as it really draws the eye in. At the top of the palette you have your lighter neutrals, transitions and crease shades which have both cool and warm undertones. Although that middle row is the one that your eyes are drawn to first as it homes all of those gorgeous foiled shades ranging from golds coppers and pinks with a rich brown in there too. You then have your deeper shades along the bottom two rows with some purple tones thrown in too. I absolutely love the shade range of this palette and I think it is one of those everyday go-to palettes that you can create any eye look with. It will be amazing for day time looks but it has the deeper shades to take it to a smokier level if you choose. I really feel that this palette is suited to a great range of skin tones, I am very fair and get very good use out of this palette and I feel like very deep skin tones will also be able to get a good use out of this palette too as it does go rather deep.  Let’s do some swatches…

Top Row (L-R)


  • A light warm vanilla with a satin finish
  • A light peachy transition with a satin finish
  • A light bone-taupe with pink undertones in a matte finish
  • A warm light tan with a matte finish
  • A light warm brown in a satin finish

Second Row (L-R)


  • A warm mid tone brown with a matte finish
  • A cool mid toned taupe with a matte finish
  • A cool mid toned taupe with purple tones in a matte finish
  • A mid toned neutral brown with a matte finish
  • A red toned brown with small gold flecks

Third Row (L-R)


  • A bright yellow gold with a foiled metallic finish
  • A light champagne pink with a foiled metallic finish
  • A rose toned pink with a foiled metallic finish
  • A deep rich brown with a foiled metallic finish
  • A warm deep copper with a foiled metallic finish

Fourth Row(L-R)


  • A mid toned chocolate brown in a matte finish
  • A deep brown with red undertones in a foiled metallic finish
  • A rich neutral brown with a matte finish
  • A deep warm red-brown in a matte finish
  • A deep purple with a shimmer finish

Fifth Row (L-R)


  • A deep cool blackened purple with a shimmer finish
  • A deep rich brown with neutral-cool undertones in a matte finish
  • A deep chocolate brown with neutral undertones
  • A deep plum in a matte finish
  • A dark very cool grey-brown in a matte finish

First of all, these shadows are incredible for the price. I paid £19 for this palette from BeautyBay and had to pay around £3-4 shipping (around that), and I couldn’t be happier with them. The formula of the Morphe eye shadows are so good. They are buttery to the touch, creamy, pigmented, so soft. They don’t cause any major fall down on my eyes, they are so easy to blend and are just great eye shadows all around. I feel like I could sit and just touch them for hours as they are so buttery to the touch. The shades are complete perfection and I would easily choose this palette over my Chocolate Bar or my Zoeva palette as it just has every thing I need and it is such good quality. You can create so many different looks with a palette like this and I am so happy with my purchase.


Shadows in use

I feel like I just need to take a moment to address this as this is a Morphe review and I understand that there always seems to be a stigma around Morphe as a company. I also understand that a lot of the ‘drama’ that goes on is to do with codes and sponsorship etc so you never know who to trust when it comes to taking recommendations of anyone. I think everyone just needs to chill out a little bit if you ask me. Makeup is makeup. It should be fun and easy going, but everyone seems to get so uptight about things these days. Just because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another. It is just about doing your research and trying things for yourself! If you don’t like something, you can always take it back and get your money back. From my experience, I have never had a problem with Morphe and have enjoyed most things that I have tried with the exception of one brush. I don’t get the drama I really don’t. All I know is that I bought a palette and I really bloody like it!


I hope you enjoyed this palette breakdown and until next time…



4 thoughts on “Palette Breakdown | Morphe 25B

  1. This palette looks amazing. I just wish they offered a smaller one with some of those shades for beginners. I wouldn’t know what to do with a palette that big haha. Great review!
    Stop by my space sometime,
Mena 🌻✨


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