Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

I have this terrible habit at the moment of buying too many liquid lipsticks to review.. and then not reviewing them and having them all build up waiting for their spotlight! I have a couple of new liquid lipsticks and today’s one of choice is the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick. I picked this up last week sometime and I have been really excited to share my thoughts with you as Rimmel is a really affordable and easily accessible brand so I wanted to see if they were any good or not. I will say outright, that in Superdrug they had a pretty good range of shades. I didn’t get to have a good look but I did notice that they had a fair few nude shades. If you didn’t know, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a drugstore brand brings out one ‘nude’ which is basically just a pink. I did notice a few nudes in the collection which got me really excited! I picked up the shade ‘Latte To Go’ and here is what I thought of it…




So like mentioned this is a liquid to matte formula which Rimmel describes as:

A Liquid lipstick with high intensity colour and velvet matte finish

  • Bold matte colour in one stroke
  • Kiss-proof
  • Touch-proof
  • Waterproof

via Rimmel.co.uk


These liquid lipsticks retail for £5.99 which is an amazing price. You can also get offers in your local Superdrug or Boots so you may be able to nab these up for less! What is also great is that Rimmel is an international brand and is well established in lots of different countries so it is available to many different people.



I love the packaging on these liquid lipsticks as they are so simple but look really sleek and sophisticated. They come in this frosted ‘glass’ (pretty sure it’s plastic) with the ‘Stay Matte’ on the front and a black lid. What I really enjoy about the lid is that the shape makes it really comfortable to hold whilst applying the product. I think that these lipsticks just look really modern and I love that you can see the colour through the frosted glass tube.


As for the wand, it comes with this really slender, thin wand which is quite nice. I don’t like it as much as my Jeffree Star wand, but it does have a nice shape and allows you to be quite precise with your application. It also picks up a good amount of product but I did find myself to go back in a few times just to get the coverage I desire.


So let’s get to the important bit shall we?! First of all, these liquid lipsticks have almost a cake batter/chemically scent but it isn’t ridiculously overpowering and I don’t actually mind it so much. Like I mentioned I did enjoy the wand but the first problem that I encountered with this shade ‘Latte To Go’ is that it was quite streaky. I hate having to layer up liquid lipsticks as I feel that is when they start to crack and flake. Instead I tried to blend it with the wand with no additional product, but when that didn’t work I just used my finger to pat over my lips and it worked just fine. What I also really enjoy is that these dry down pretty quick, but you still have enough play time with them too. I will also say that these are incredibly matte and completely dry down with no tack on them at all. They did feel a little bit dry at first but strangle enough they weren’t uncomfortable and I haven’t found myself to be licking my lips a whole lot through the day. Here are some check ins so you can see how they wore during the day. During the check ins I won’t reapply until the end of the day just so you can really see how well they stay in place, I also eat and drink as I normally would. I don’t take any extra precautions or try to be especially careful (not that I’m sloppy ha!) because I feel like you don’t really get to see how the lipstick performs during eating and drinking. Food is there to be enjoyed after all and you can’t properly do that if you are worrying that your lipstick might come off! Putting it through it’s paces!

When first applied at 11:40am. 


After 2 hours of wear: 01:50pm. (Ps in the above photo I was in pjs and then got dressed and done my hair so the photos show different clothes etc, but still the same day!) 


After 5 hours of wear: 04:40pm. 


After 8 hours of wear: 07:30pm. 


After the last check in I decided to reapply the liquid lipstick so that you could see how it layers. 


I think that this liquid lipstick layers quite well and it doesn’t feel chunky or uncomfortable which is the main thing and I feel like you could easily get away with topping this up and it looking good providing that you don’t apply too much.

Personal Opinion


So what do I think all in all?! I really do enjoy this liquid lipstick, especially for the price. Even though the formula of this particular shade is quite patchy (yet to test more shades) it is still workable and wearable. Throughout the day it wasn’t overly drying on my lips and actually felt pretty comfortable to the point where I would forget it was on half of the time! I love this shade as it is a beautiful nude especially if you are fairer in complexion. I think during the day it lasted well considering I wasn’t being particularly careful when eating or drinking and I still didn’t get that ring on the inner part of my lips even if it did wear away, it didn’t look overly noticeable. I also want to confirm that I did find these kiss/touch proof but as for waterproof I am still not sure as they did wear off during drinking etc but that could also be down to any oils in my food so I will have to continue testing that one out! For £5.99 I definitely want to try more shades and would recommend that you try them! I will be wearing this again for sure as it has worked out quite well for me, but again this isn’t my new favourite liquid lipstick formula and there is definitely room for improvement.


Thankyou so much for sticking until the end! I hope you enjoyed this review and be expecting some additions to this series coming soon!

Until next time…



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