Current Obsessions

I lost it for a little while. I know. But fear no more, I have a pretty impressive list of my current obsessions for you, and as you guessed they are all makeup and for the most part affordable makeup at that.

Just a little heads up too! I think I am going to give my ‘monthly’ favourites a miss from now on, as even though I do rotate through my collection quite often and I always tend to be buying new makeup, I never really go off the last months favourties in time to show you some new great products. Plus I don’t see the point in putting out the same post with the same products within a month of each other. So welcome to my first lot of current obsessions, every few weeks or whenever I obsess over new things then I might throw one of these into the mix just to let you know what I have been loving. Plus it takes the pressure off a little! 



I have had a breakthrough with my skin care in the last few weeks. I have been trying to stick to one brand and one really simple routine just to illuminate anything that could be irritating my skin. I have been having a lot of breakouts and my skin has been going through dry/oily phases near enough every other week. I wanted to bump it up a notch in the boujie scale and decided to try a couple of Olay products. I know Olay isn’t an expensive brand, but for me who usually goes for £3-£6 moisturisers, was now spending £10-£15 on skin care per item, so it was a small bump up on the scale for me. I have been using the Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm & Lift Day Lotion and the Olay Firm & Lift Eye Renewal Gel for a good few weeks now and I have fallen in love with them both. My skin has cleared up and my under eyes especially are looking really hydrated. I feel like my skin is never looking thirsty and even though I do need a little help with the odd breakout, my skin is nothing like it was. I am thinking of getting the night cream next and see how that goes for me!


Another reason I think my skin is clearing up is because I haven’t been using heavy foundations and instead opting for the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. Now, I mentioned before that despite having seen this in stores since the dawn of time I have never had an urgency to pick it up. I am big on packaging and it just wasn’t drawing me in. Not to mention I never really hear anyone talk about this foundation, or at least that wasn’t until recently. I saw a couple of reviews which caught my attention and decided to give it a go after all. This foundation is a more light – medium coverage but looks undetectable on the skin and just looks so natural. Skin like will be the word! I love how it wears and applies, and I feel like it gives my skin a boost without masking it. Plus, it doesn’t feel like it is clogging up my pores/breaking me out which is always a bonus!


Continuing down the line we have the Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer. Another product I know people love but never thought to pick it up. I have actually had this for a while but I have been so obsessed with my Essence Camouflage that I kept forgetting to try it out. Well, I soon ran out and needed something, so I tried this one and have really been enjoying it. It is so brightening under the eyes and makes everything look smooth and hydrated. I have noticed that this will crease on me throughout the day, so I have to make sure that I am really setting it well and occasionally I touch up the powder during the day as I am oily and this concealer is more radiant.


I have already talked about this powder in my Essence Hot Or Not but I needed to include this in my current obsessions as this has been my go-to face powder recently, and it is also a great product to touch up with. I don’t like it under my eyes but if I feel that during the day my foundation has rubbed off where my sunglasses have been resting on my nose, then a little touch of this tidies it right up. The only thing about Essence face products is that the shade range is so limited. I am not sure if they have a better shade range online, but in stores they literally have about 2/3 shades and this is the darkest one I have personally found and it is still a little light for me. Yes, me! 


This next product I actually didn’t like, and gave a bad review. OopsI recently used up my favourite contour and needed to find something else. So I picked this Makeup Geek Contour Powder up thinking ‘one last try’ and now I am a little obsessed. I still stand by the fact that this is very pigmented and you need a extremely light hand. But with a little extra blending and lots of dedication, I have finally managed to make this work and I am so happy as the shade is perfect for my skin tone!


Essence Matte Touch Blushes. So beautiful. I love these blushes as they aren’t overpowering but build up really nicely. Plus they are just gorgeous to look at and really affordable!


My only high end item that I will be talking about is my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. Now, I know I talk about these way more often than I should, but I have a new obsession. Mixing Pearl and Champagne Pop.


The swatch speaks for itself. *inserts heart eye emoji x 10* 


This next product I am not going to talk too much about as I have a full, in depth review coming out right after this with swatches, brush swatches and including a demo! My first time doing makeup on camera… slightly shitting myself. (It’s nothing fancy as I couldn’t talk to the camera for the life of me so enjoy the silence ha!) So stay tuned for that one!


Mascara. A girls best friend when it comes to fluttery long lashes. The Essence Volume Stylist Mascara is an actual dream. It gives so much volume at the base of your lashes but flutters them out at the end. You don’t have to build it as the volume and length is there instantly plus it only cost me about £2.50. Only thing is, it is a pain to get off! Could be good or bad which ever way you look at it! 


Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I have found my new holy grail brow pencil. My new holy grail affordable brow pencil. Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil is everything I have ever needed in a brow pencil. It is tinie tiny to mimic the natural brow hairs, the shades are amazing, it doesn’t bunch up, it isn’t too soft or too waxy, it has the right amount of pigment and actually makes my brows look natural and not ‘drawn on’ when obviously they are, but they look so natural! Perfect. Beautiful. Amazing. Phenomenal. A +.


Last but definitely not least… *receives sighs of relief from far and wide* I have been loving the Tanya Burr Lip Glosses. These things are just really glossy and wet looking, and I have been wearing them a hell of a lot lately. They make your lips look really juicy and don’t emphasize any dryness or cracked/chapped lips. I do find that these glosses apply best when a little warmer, so I like to either warm it up on my hand or pat them into the lips so they warm to my finger, I find they look a lot better that way and are more comfortable.


Congratulations, you have reached the end. I only just realised that I had a favourite for every area of the face! Go grab yourself a glass of wine… you deserve it after all that!

Until next time…




3 thoughts on “Current Obsessions

  1. Great post. I got the bourjois radiance reveal recently and found that it oxidises when it touches my skin to a peachy tone. This peachy tone does cover dark circles quite well but not as brightening as I had hoped! My skin must be a weird chemistry or maybe it’s my skincare?! Xxx


    1. I get the exact same but as soon as I blend it out it lightens up again and I don’t have any problems with it darkening throughout the day or anything.. it is weird though I do agree! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it’s fine when it’s blended out it is just so weird to see it changing a different colour almost instantly when it touches the skin! Xxx I have finally finished my uni course so I will be back to blogging soon xxx I have enjoyed following your posts on Instagram though xxx


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