A Haul Lot Of Goodies!

I’m sorry for the cheesy and unnecessary pun but I couldn’t resist! My ‘no buy’ August was a bit of a disaster and I wanted to show you why!  I miss doing hauls and being the nosy bitch I am, I also love to read them too!

So this haul is very brand specific, starting with probably my favourite brand of the moment… Essence Cosmetics! I really truly do feel like Essence are very underrated and need more recognition as I currently do not know of any other brands (stocked in the UK that is) that sell makeup for the £1-5 price range, that actually have some pretty damn good products! My new favourite concealer only cost me £2.50 which is an absolute bargain, so every time I see an Essence display I am drawn in immediately! You may have also noticed that I recently posted a Hot or Not on this brand and since that post I have done further shopping, so here is what I got!


So as I am so obsessed I did pick up my favourite Camouflage Concealer but this time in the shade 10 as the other shade was very light. I also saw some of the Colour Correcting Liquid Concealers which were in the same packaging as the original concealer so I picked up a green one for redness and the peach/pink for under my eyes. I have only used them a couple of times but they don’t seem too bad. They are lighter than the original concealers and a bit more liquidy.


I also grabbed the setting spray as I love a good spritz and I really wanted to try this one out. I haven’t actually been using this a whole lot as the spray is very harsh and intense so I will keep trying it before I give my final thoughts.


This next product I was so excited about! Everyone knows and loves the Mac paint pots in either Painterly or Soft Ocre for an eye shadow primer. These 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer Pots come in the same yellow and pink tones and looked to be a dupe for the originals. I wanted to try out the yellow toned one and I actually have a mini review going up on my instagram at the same time that this haul is going live! Check it out! 


This buy was a bit of a random one, but I was browsing the Collection display and saw my old favourite concealers just chillin’ there. I haven’t actually used the Lasting Perfection Concealers in a very long time so I thought I would pick one up and try it out! I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have my old shade 1 (fair) in stock, but the new 1 was now called Lemon and was very yellow under toned (aka a yellow colour corrector). I picked it up anyways and have been trying it out. One word is all I have for this product… brightening!

Now from here on out I will be sharing all the new Nspa goodies I picked up!


I was so excited to see that they had revamped their whole line of products and bought out new sin care to try. I definitely have some new favourites in my skin care routine and I just freakin’ love this brand of skin care. By far my favourite from what I have tried!


There we have my little ‘no buy’ haul! I can’t promise that I’ll try harder this month as I already have a certain little beauty in the mail on it’s way to me! JHxM ;) 

Until next time,



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