Palette Breakdown | Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

If you are a follower of mine on the ol’ insta then I do apologise in advance for the Jaclyn Hill palette spam I have been gracing you with over the last couple of weeks. At the same time I am not sorry at all because I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and testing this little baby out for myself. I have decided to push back my Makeup Academy Fire Vixen Palette Breakdown back for a little while as even though it is all up and ready to go, I am having a few technical difficulties with the video that I filmed to go along with it. I really don’t want to publish that post until I have all the components ready to go, so I thought instead I will give you my much awaited review of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette. Yes, you did just hear the heavens open and the angels sing… and yes, I finally got my hands on one! Here goes…



So the palette comes in a basic white box which says ‘The Jaclyn Hill Palette’ just like the front of the palette. When you turn the box over you have the photos of Jaclyn and a little message on the back which is a really nice touch.


When you take it out of the outer box, the palette itself is white cardboard, which I personally like as I feel like it is quite sturdy. If you look really closely to the palette you can see that the white has a very subtle gold shift to it, but you would only be able to notice if you were holding it in personal and unfortunately my camera didn’t quite pick it up. You then have ‘The Jaclyn Hill Palette’ written in a foiled silver along with the Morphe on the bottom corner.


When you flip the palette over you have some more decoration and a few little details in the bottom corner such as the weight and 12 month shelf life etc. I personally love how the palette itself feels, as it is very heavy duty and feels solid. I heard some people were dissapointed by the cardboard packaging, but I personally feel that this palette feels a lot sturdier than some of my other palettes that are made of plastic. The only downside to the cardboard packaging is the fact that it is pretty hard to clean, and the fact that it is white means that it does get dirty easily. I mean, this doesn’t affect my opinion of the quality of the palette in the slightest, but it is annoying that it is a little harder to clean than a basic plastic palette, and the fact that it is white really shows every little mark. All in all though, that is just a minor detail for me.

I should also mention that you do get this little card in with your package that shows you all of the shade names and on the reverse side is a beautiful photo of Jaclyn with her palette, and it has a little bit of info down the bottom again such as socials and where to buy the palette. I would recommend that if you are someone that likes to use the shade names on Instagram or for any kind of videos, or you just like referring to shade names in general then I would recommend keeping this card as the palette itself doesn’t have the shade names written on there which I will get to in a moment.


Now now now. Opening this palette for the first time actually took my breath away if i’m honest. It is stunning! As you can see, this palette has 35 eye shadows in it, ranging from neutrals to pops of colour to deep smoky shades. It pretty much has it all doesn’t it?! I really love that even though there are so many colour options and combinations in this palette, the whole thing just works. You have every shade you would ever need in one place and it just works. Like I mentioned, you do not get the shade names printed on the actual palette which is why if you prefer to have them then I would suggest either taping that card to the back of the palette or to the inside of the palette. I pretty much have my shade names memorized (obsessed much) so I just keep it on my vanity in case I need a little reminder at any time. I have an illness ok?! I would of preferred to have the shade names printed on the palette itself however, especially as she put the effort into naming each shade.


On the top of the palette when you open it up it says ‘to all my loving subscribers’ which I think is another really lovely touch. I know Jaclyn is a bit of a controversial topic and this palette was definitely a 10 on the controversial scale, but you can see and feel just how much hard work has gone into this palette and I really think she done an amazing job. She has catered to so many skin tones, she has her warm shades in there which I heard a lot of people were almost criticizing, but you have to look at it as this is a Jaclyn Hill palette, and warm tones are her preference to what she loves wearing. She has also included some more cool tones to cater to other preferences and also some pops of colour too. I feel like this palette is her completely but also she has pushed her boundaries a little bit and gone for some more bold shades that maybe she wouldn’t use every single day. I really think that she has done this palette to cater for as many different people as she can and I think she has done an amazing job with the colour range. This palette has a total of 35 shades, 18 of which are metallics and 17 mattes. I love the ratio of mattes to shimmers as it gives you a good variety to create plenty of beautiful eye shadow looks.

Before we get into swatches I should probably mention that this palette is stocked on the Morphe website and retails for $38. I believe that this was the only place you could get it from (this is also where I purchased it from) and to get it shipped to the UK it cost me £52 in total. I really don’t mind paying the extra amount as I waited until the 3rd restock I believe and couldn’t wait any longer. I was actually waiting for Beauty Bay to stock the palette but as I hadn’t heard anything I thought I would just buy it from the Morphe palette, it turned out that they revealed the next day that they would be stocking the palette so I was just out of luck! I believe Beauty Bay will have the palette on the 22nd October if I remember correctly and will be around £32. (I couldn’t find that actual information but I hope I remembered that correctly!) I was so pleasantly surprised by the shipping however. I ordered the palette on the 22nd August, I got a shipping notification on the 26th and I had the palette in my hands by the 1st. Considering there was a little note that said shipping could take up to 3 months, I was pretty impressed with my week wait! The whole package was packed really well and there wasn’t any damage done during shipping.


I have swatched every single row for you with my finger but I didn’t bother with brush swatches as I think that there are enough out there and I don’t really agree with how intensely people are swatching their products. Swatches are not an accurate representation of how a product performs, it is simply a way of seeing the shades against your skin tone and getting an idea of the texture and colour. With that being said, these shadows swatch just as beautifully as they perform so there is no issues at all in my opinion. I will say that to the first touch they can feel a little rough, but once you get that top layer off the matte shades more than the shimmers, they are so buttery and soft to the touch. These are probably the softest shadows that I have played with which is a little worrying as you think they might be powdery or dusty.

As for the quality of the shadows themselves, you can feel and see just how much hard work went into these shadows. I can honestly say that I have never used an eyeshadow that is as blendable and effortless as these shadows are. I was so impressed at how buttery the mattes especially are, and how pigmented they are. This palette is fool-proof as you really can’t mess it up. The metallics are very pigmented even with one little swipe and pack a major pump when it comes to some shimmer. I can use these wet or dry, but of course like any other shadow they do perform more intensely when dampened with setting spray. I love the diversity of shades and how many different looks you can create using just this one palette. I have also been using the shade Beam as my highlight and it is pretty intense too! I just think that this palette is absolutely worth every penny I spent and if you have been following me on Instagram then you will see that I have been using this palette to death! It has gave me the inspiration and creativity kick I needed and I have been having so much fun playing with it. It really is an amazing palette and the fact that one of my favourite people created this with Morphe is incredible. These shadows are so well put together and are such a pleasure to work with and I am one happy customer! I will leave below a few snaps of some looks I have created using this palette so you can see how they performed on my eyes and maybe give you some inspiration for some makeup looks! Enjoy!



I hope you enjoyed this Palette Breakdown, let me know in the comments if you have tried this palette and what you think of it! Until next time…



8 thoughts on “Palette Breakdown | Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

  1. I haven’t minded your insta spam at all! XD I’m loving the looks you’ve created with this palette! It really looks like great quality and it has something for everyone. I agree that you can tell how much care and effort went into every detail of this palette.


    1. Oh good haha! Every time I post another look using this palette I think ‘oh god not another one’ but I am obsessed and can’t help using it. I haven’t been this inspired in a long time so I’m just going with it haha! She done such a good job xx


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