Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation Review & 12 Hour Wear Test

I have been having a love hate relationship with foundation at the moment. I just can’t seem to find my perfect shade or finish all in one bottle, and since the weather is getting cooler and any colour that I may have gotten over the Summer has pretty much dissapeared already, I need to find something that I can wear comfortably and not worry about looking like one of Willy Wonka’s tribe. I found the new Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation in Superdrug and after debating whether to actually buy it or not, I gave in! The reason I gave in is because I know that Covergirl is the sister brand to max factor and I have heard amazing things about their Healthy Elixir Foundation so this foundation should essentially be the same thing.


It near enough has the same sort of packaging and that was enough to persuade me, so I bought it! I have been trying this foundation out and I wanted to give you a full review and wear test on it so you can see how it applies and wears throughout the day.



This foundation comes in a rectangular glass bottle, with a pump (thank god) and a clear plastic lid. I quite like the look of it but it’s nothing sensational, it’s just a regular foundation.


I have never really had the urge to buy any complexion products from Max Factor as you never really hear anything about them and they are more on the pricier side of spectrum when it comes to drugstore or high street makeup. This foundation retails for £14.99 but Superdrug currently have an offer on to get it for £11.99. The price isn’t terrible, but you could just grab yourself a £6-7 Maybelline Fit Me foundation which is an amazing foundation but for half the price.


I have very fair skin and most of the lightest shades are usually too dark for me, this is the same with this foundation. I picked up the lightest shade that Superdrug stocks, which is number 40 Light Ivory. I wouldn’t call this foundation Ivory by any means, it is about 3-4 shades too dark for me and runs very pink toned on my skin which I am not a fan of as I am more yellow toned. I did look up the shades online and so far I can only see that there is one shade lighter (35 Pearl Beige) but this was not stocked in store. I also looked on the Max Factor website and they show two lighter shades than 35, (33 Crystal Beige + 30 Porcelain) but I can’t seem to find these anywhere in store or online yet. If I was to pick my shade again I would probably go with 33 as that seemed to run more yellow toned, but you never know until you try. I also believe that this foundation comes in 18 different shades so far, which is a pretty good range for an affordable brand. I will say however the shades don’t seem to run very dark or very light and look to cater for more medium skin tones. I obviously only picked up the one shade but I did find these swatches of a few of the other shades if it helps.

I looked on the Max Factor website to see the claims of this foundation and it read:


24 hour hydration for nourished skin, sun protection (contains SPF 20), Oil absorbers for shine control, adapts to your skin needs throughout the day with added vitamins.

I find it really hard to believe that a foundation can be better for your skin that wearing no foundation, unless it has plenty of skin care in it and was very organic. If you go on the Max Factor website they show all of the ingredients listed in this foundation and a lot of them seem to be quite chemically, but at the same time the main ingredient is water so that might balance it out. I still struggle to see how this foundation is better than no foundation however. Just me? 


Upon first application, apart from the colour being very off for me, the consistency of the foundation was surprisingly thick. It wasn’t Dermacol thick but had a good hold to it which I am not the biggest fan off. When I applied it surprisingly it didn’t feel heavy or look heavy in the slightest. It was actually quite lightweight and looked very smooth and almost undetectable on the skin. I really loved how lightweight and skin-like it looked too. One thing I did notice was that it wasn’t sitting very well around the pores on my nose. I don’t have large pores and no foundation I wear has ever really emphasized them, but this seemed to show off my pores more than I am used to which I wasn’t so impressed with. I would say this foundation gave me good medium coverage, but I am quite happy with a medium coverage foundations as generally full coverage are a bit too much for me. It also has a natural – dewy finish which didn’t really set down. I found that I had to set it with powder to reduce the shine but that is something I do with most foundations. One thing that I noticed with this foundation is that it sunk into lines that I didn’t even know I had. If I wasn’t worried about wrinkles before then I was after using this foundation as it emphasized them around my mouth, in between my eye brows and even the tiny little ones I have on my forehead which never happens with any other foundation that I have ever tried before. Once I smoothed out the creases and set it with powder it seemed to help so I wasn’t too worried, it was just a bit strange. Over all I really loved how it looked on my skin as it looked and felt really smooth. I like the fact that it has an SPF 20 in it as that is always important and I do like how other products blended out on top of the foundation too, nothing looked heavy and everything blended well.

Check Ins

Time: 10:00 am | First application

Before and after application. I forgot to get a photo of my makeup once complete with powder and everything over the top, but it looked nice and didn’t look too heavy on the skin which I was enjoying!

Time: 2:30 pm | 4 h 30 m since first application


Excuse the awkward van selfie! I had an annoying fiance sat watching me and many other people in the car park, but I wanted to get a natural lighting photo. You can’t really see just how dark the foundation is on me as I wore a pretty high necked jumper to disguise it and blended it right down my neck! Muahah! It was baaad.. After wearing this for 4 and a half hours I noticed that I got quite oily on my nose area quite quickly. This is usually the first place that I get oily, but I also noticed that my chin was starting to look more and more dewy too. You can’t quite see it on the photo as well as in real life, but the creasing on my forehead was getting more noticeable and also between my eye brows and under my eyes. I did apply concealer under my eyes, but I used a new concealer from Seventeen that I have been trying out and I haven’t had any problems with it creasing so far except for this day which could be the foundation, or I might not of set it enough. My cheeks were still very matte however as I did set my face with a powder so everything else looked just as it was applied. I don’t think the foundation had oxidized much at all, and still looked smooth. Nothing had broken up so far.

Time: 6:10 pm | 8 h 10 m since first application



After 8 hours, I feel like the foundation hasn’t been horrible, but I’ve had better. The oil on my nose was quite ridiculous, as well as around my forehead and chin area, but my cheeks were still very much matte! I also wanted to show you my forehead and how it has almost sunk into the fine lines and creased between my brows. I do have combination skin too which might be handy to know. 


I also noticed that the pores on my nose still weren’t looking great and were almost highlighted by the nice oil slick I had going on. I understand that my pores aren’t bad, but for me this is something I am not used to! I tried not to blot however so I could show you my face at the end of the night. For an extra 4 hours I don’t think it has done too bad, and for 8 hours of total wear it still hadn’t broken down, oxidized or gone cakey which I was enjoying.

Flash Test after 8 hours of wear. I would say that this flashes back a little bit so wouldn’t recommend it for photography makeup.

Time: 10:45 pm | 12 h 45 m since first application


So I think for 12 hours this foundation isn’t looking completely horrible. I mean, I am a complete oil slick all down my t-zone, but my cheeks are still very much looking matte! I should also note that I didn’t wear highlight today! I feel like it had started to break up a bit on my forehead and look a little cakey but my chin and cheeks were still looking pretty good! I hadn’t touched up at all throughout the day so I was still looking creased from before, but over all I don’t think it wore too badly.


I will keep on using this foundation and testing it out with different primers or powders etc to see how I can make this work. I do like how skin like it looks when I first applied it, but there are some definite cons to this foundation such as the lack of oil control, creasing, emphasizing pores, settling into lines. I want to say that it is long wearing, but it also isn’t long wearing. The foundation itself looked good by the end of the night, it wasn’t the worst I had seen, but it didn’t stay matte for long enough on my skin. I probably would of blotted after 3 or 4 hours. They definitely need more of a shade selection and expand their lighter and deeper colours too! Over all I think this foundation would be much better suited to dryer skin types, it definitely has a nice finish but if you are oily or combination it can quickly get a bit too shiny. I don’t want to say I don’t like it because I enjoy some aspects of the foundation, but there are also things I really don’t enjoy about the foundation. Would I recommend it? I think this is a foundation that you would need to test out for yourself to see how it works with your skin. There are definite pros and cons which makes me want to say I wouldn’t recommend it, as you can get so many amazing foundations for less money, but this may really work for some people too! I will use it again to test it out but so far I think I prefer some of my other more affordable drugstore foundations!

How do you think the foundation looked after 12 hours of wear? Have you tried this foundation? What did you think? 

Until next time…




5 thoughts on “Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation Review & 12 Hour Wear Test

  1. I just reviewed the Healthy Elixir and it’s interesting because the shades have the same problem. The lightest ones aren’t even light enough! Your description sounds pretty similar to my experience with the CoverGirl!


    1. I remember ages ago hearing that CoverGirl and Max Factor were sister brands and seeing the two foundations made me sure that they were bound to be the same if not very similar! I was a little dissapointed as I know Raw Beauty Kristi loves the CoverGirl version so I was really excited to try this one but it didn’t quite go to plan haha! Never mind hey! xx


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