Revlon Sculpt & Highlight Kit Review

I was so damn excited when Chloe Morello first mentioned this product and that she helped co-develop this contour kit. This is so crazy to me, but I often think to myself if I ever made a makeup line, a contour kit just like this one would be what I would create. The matte highlight, shimmery highlight, a bronzer and contour shade. You have everything you need in one place, so when this product was released I was so happy that someone had almost answered my prayers! What had me even more excited was that this was from a drugstore/high street brand which meant it would be affordable… perfect right? Almost. At first I was under the impression that this kit was only going to be sold in Australia, so when I was wandering around Superdrug like I do, and I saw this kit sat there on the shelf I grabbed it and ran. I did have to double check that this was the same palette that she helped develop, as there was no advertising for it in my Superdrug and no mention of Chloe herself. When I looked on one of the displays, in the corner it mentioned that it had been created with a major beauty vlogger so I knew it was the right one. I have been playing with this kit now for a couple of weeks and I definitely have my pros and cons to share with you so let’s get into the review.


 I am a sucker for good packaging, and I really enjoy this packaging. It seems a little basic, just the black plastic with white writing but I enjoy that sleek look. I love the font on the front of the compact and I really enjoy that it feels good quality. When you open the compact you are greeted with a beautiful mirror, not a cheap one that disfigures your face, and then the four pans of product. You get a matte banana powder, a shimmery highlight, a matte bronzer and a matte contour.


I bought the shade Light/Medium and I believe there is one more for Medium/Deep. I think we are at a point now in the beauty world where brands need to be more inclusive and cater to more skin tones. From what I have seen, the medium/deep doesn’t look that much deeper than the light so again this isn’t really catering for the deeper skin tones. I have fair skin however and the light kit does work for me, but the banana powder isn’t my first choice as it can look a little dark on my skin tone. I will get into all that later however.


So this palette retails for £14.99 which again is a little pricey for a high street brand, but this is a palette so I don’t think it is overly expensive. Especially considering most people are willing to pay around £50 for a KKW contour kit, this palette really isn’t bad at all. Is it worth it however?


I am going to start with the banana powder and work my way through the shades giving you my thoughts as we go. In the pan the banana powder looks like it could work for me, but it doesn’t look like it will be brightening on me as I have very fair skin. I have used this to try and balance foundations that look too pink on my skin tone, to see if it will correct the tone of my foundation but it doesn’t seem to do much. When I applied this under my eyes it did look quite obviously yellow, but it was wearable. I can’t say that this would be my first choice in under eye powder because it really isn’t. Another issue I have with this shade is that it has a slight sheen to it. It isn’t a shimmery highlight, but it has a soft glow to it. For anyone else this might be quite nice, but for me I need something matte as I can get quite shiny in the t-zone and this really didn’t help. Over all I don’t really like the banana powder as it just doesn’t work for my skin tone or type. If you had more light-medium rather than fair skin and were more of a dry skin type you would probably really enjoy this.


Across from the banana powder we have the highlighter. I was really excited when I saw the shade of this highlight as it looked like it had a more pink toned base but with some gold reflect to it. I love highlights that mix that pink and gold tone as I think they are quite flattering on my skin personally. To me this highlight was a bit of a fail. I have seen Chloe apply it and it looks beautiful, but when I first applied it I found it was hard to pick up much pigment and look a bit dull on my skin. This highlight just doesn’t pop in the way I want it to and looks a bit muddy and textured on my skin. I have tried use it with some setting spray to see if that gives it a little boost, which it does slightly, but it still just doesn’t do anything for me. I even tried rubbing off the top layer of product as sometimes the top layer can be quite scratchy, but even after that the powder still felt a little dry and lacked the pigment and shine I am used to/prefer. I have swatched this highlighter next to a few of my other favourite highlighters just to show you what I mean and how lack luster it is.


I feel like this highlight is trying to be similar a Too Faced Champagne Truffle shadow, where it has that pink and gold mixed, but I have compared the two so you can see the difference it pigment and shine. I am not saying that they are the same shade or dupes, but they both have the same tones throughout them and I wanted to show the difference.


You’ll be happy to know that there is something that I do like about this product, and that is the bronzer and contour shades! Finally! I really appreciate the tone of both the contour and bronzer. The bronzer has the right amount of warmth without looking orange on my skin, it applies smoothly and blends beautifully too. I like the pigment in the bronzer too as it is easy to work with and doesn’t take much building up to get it where I want it to be. As for the contour, I am in love with the shade of this contour as I am very fair and cooler toned contours work really well on my skin tone to act as a natural shadow. I have to be a little more careful with this product however as this one is quite pigmented and if I go in with too much of a heavy hand then I do find it a little harder to blend, but overall I really enjoy both the contour and the bronzer.


Overall I am pretty torn on this product. I love the contour and bronzer, I think that they are beautiful powders and the tones are perfect, but the other two shades just didn’t work for me. I think that the highlight would be really great for someone who isn’t into a more intense highlight and has deeper skin than me, as it would compliment them better. For me personally I just can’t get on with the first two shades, which is a shame as I was so excited for this palette and it always looked amazing when Chloe used it. I do find the shades to be quite powdery, but I think that it doesn’t effect the use of the powders when applying them to the face. The powders themselves are very creamy and soft, but more so in the matte shades than the highlight. I enjoy that they aren’t the most pigmented powders as you can work with them and not worry that you are going overboard. I can’t say that I would recommend this product as I think paying £14.99 to only enjoy two shades and waste two shades is a little pointless, especially when I still have other products that I do enjoy more. I will also admit that the bronzer and contour have been part of my daily routine ever since I have owned it, so it is a hard choice. I think I will enjoy it whilst I have it, but once it is gone I won’t bother to repurchase it. I do love the concept of it however and I love that an affordable brand has created something simple and easy to use for the everyday person.

Have you tried this product? What did you think? How did the highlight perform on you? 

Until next time…


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