Makeup Misses

I feel like my makeup addiction has been on overdrive over the last few weeks and I just can’t seem to stop myself from buying makeup! As with anything else, you have to take the good with the bad and unfortunately I haven’t loved everything that I have bought so I wanted to share them with you. Just a small disclaimer that not all of these products are bad, but I will explain as to why I don’t like or can’t get along with each product and give you all my reasons!


First of all I am going to start with the w7 Mega Matte Lips. I bought this with the intention to do a full day review and wear test like I have been doing with other liquid lipsticks, but I had this on for all of an hour and had to take it straight off again. The colour was streaky and I really struggled to get even coverage, it was incredibly drying and cracked so badly on my lips. It just wasn’t good at all so this one has gone in the bad bin and I don’t plan on reaching for it anymore.


Next we have the L’Oreal Brow Artist Xpert Brow Pencil. Now this pencil I was very excited to try as it has the same shape and style as the ABH brow definer that everyone loves and raves about. For me this one just didn’t work as I found it to be too chunky and the product didn’t glide over my brows smoothly and would cake up in certain areas. When I would go to blend it out it would just smear all over my face so this one is also a miss for me. I think I am just way more accustomed to a skinny pencil for my brows, they look much softer.


This Seventeen Stay Time Concealer was not actually a miss for me in the same way as the other products I am speaking about. I actually quite liked the concealer, it gave solid medium coverage (not full, don’t be fooled!), it blended well and wore pretty good. My problem with this concealer is the shade. I have the shade fair and even though it was light enough for me, the tone of this concealer was so dull against my yellow skin tone that I felt it was making my under eyes look dark. It didn’t give me no brightness or highlight and just looked a little flat, even though the concealer itself wasn’t bad, the shade just didn’t work for me so this one is also a miss.


I have spoken about my dislike of the Essence Strobing Highlighter before so I won’t bore you. This highlight is just too powdery and chalky, it is more matte than it is shimmery and doesn’t give you any kind of highlight. I just didn’t like it and I think that Essence can do so much better as I know how good some of their other products are!


Again, I have mentioned how much I love other essence products but this white eye liner pen was another miss for me. I understand that white liners would be much harder to make than black eyeliners, but this one for me just didn’t pack the pigment that you’d like from a white liner. It needed going over too many times as it was quite streaky and would so easy blend in and mix with what ever eye shadow you have on your eyes already. The tip isn’t very good for precise makeup and overall I think that there is better out there.


Another product that I have already spoken about is the Max Factor Healthy Skin Harmony Foundation. I have a full review and wear test on this foundation already so you can always read that blog post and see how mixed my feelings were on this foundation. Since testing it out for that blog post I haven’t been reaching for this foundation at all. I feel like there are too many cons for me and I know I can get better results using one of my other favourite drugstore foundations. Not only that, for the £14.99 price tag, this is definitely a miss for me as you can get amazing foundations for £6! The foundation isn’t horrible, but it is not worth the money and you can get better for your buck!


Next up we have this Primark Matte Lipstick in the shade Insta Girl. I was very excited when I saw this lipstick as the shade looked beautiful and the bullet on the lipstick looked like it would hug the lips really well and apply beautifully. Again, this lipstick is actually really nice and applies nicely too as I thought it might. The reason it is a miss for me is because it isn’t actually matte on my lips and applies more sheer and shiny. I found it to look lighter and less pigmented. I think these lipsticks would be good if you like a semi-matte/satin finish but I prefer my mattes and due to the shade being off I probably wouldn’t wear this again therefore it is a miss from me.


Last but not least we have the L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Baby Roll Mascara. This may be a shock as this mascara gets a lot of good reviews, and again this is not a bad mascara in the slightest. My issue with this is that it is actually too voluminous for my liking. I love a bit of volume, but I also love my separation and length. I find this mascara to lack on the separation and I find my lashes look a little stumpy due to all the volume. It isn’t bad in the slightest, but I much prefer my lash paradise instead and I just don’t reach for this one!


I hope you found this post helpful and until next time…





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